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Viable Intervention for At Risk, Title 1 and Special Education Students.

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1 Viable Intervention for At Risk, Title 1 and Special Education Students

2 Virtual Prescriptive Learning Intervention Programs VPL-The Complete Package A+ Software aligned to state standards Secondary educator developed off-lines Diagnostic state assessment preparation Academy of Reading Academy of Math Learning Letter Sounds – Early childhood Learning Link

3 Special Education Success In 2007, 94% of the SPED students at Washburn Rural Middle School scored proficient on the State Math Assessment. For the KAMM Assessment, one student improved his score 35 points using the VPL State Assessment Prep course.

4 Holton Elementary Title 1 targeted assistance All four subgroups exceeded their growth in both reading and math at the 5 th grade level! The goal for reading was to grow by 3 points on the RIT scale and for math, the goal was to grow by 4. After spending approximately 3 ½ months in the after school program, 8 students have caught up to the normed average of a typical grade level peer in reading.

5 Holton Middle School Math Tier 3 Student Results - Winter 09

6 Haysville Alternative High School KS Assessment Achievement VPL implemented Aug. 2004

7 Haysville Alternative High School Graduation Numbers VPL curriculum purchased Aug. 2004

8 Unmatched Value during Economic Crisis Funding VPL for your students At Risk funds Title 1 funds SPED funds Innovative program money

9 Offer new opportunities and options with limited resources Flexibility to expand programs without expanding personnel Enables districts to keep programs in this time of financial and staffing shortages Initiate innovative programs

10 VPL Support Team Educators helping educators develop and refine solutions for individual schools and students Research-based curriculum Diagnostic assessment and immediate instructional prescription for skill gaps Onsite training Easy access to highly qualified support staff For more information contact Sharon Hoch at 620.875.2584 or

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