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ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management System

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1 ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management System
Presented for The Madison Clean Community Presented by Dennis Welch June 14, 2005 © ART an affiliate of EuroQuest 2001

2 4 Environmental management system elements
Checking Management review Implementation and operation Planning Environmental policy Continual improvement

3 4.1 General requirements Establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve an environmental management system (EMS) as set out in in this international standard Define and document the scope of it’s EMS

4 4.2 EMS policy Management review Feedback from measuring Policy Audit
Planning Audit Feedback from measuring performance

5 4.2 EMS policy Policy must be defined by top management and they must ensure that within the scope of it’s EMS, it: is appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization; includes a commitment to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution; includes a commitment to comply with the law and other requirements; provides a framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets:

6 4.2 EMS policy is documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization; is available to the public

7 4.3 Planning Planning Policy Implementation and operation Audit
Feedback from measuring performance

8 4.3 Planning 4.3.1 Environmental aspects
Establish and maintain procedures to identify environmental aspects within the defined scope of the EMS that it can control and have influence over taking into account planned or new developments new or modified activities, products or services

9 4.3 Planning Determine aspects that can have significant impacts
Must document and keep information up-to-date Ensure that significant aspects are taken into account in establishing, implementing and maintaining the EMS

10 4.3.2 Legal and other requirements
Establish and maintain procedure to identify and have access to legal and other requirements that are applicable to aspects, and determine how these requirements apply to it’s aspects Ensure that these requirements are taken into account when establishing, implementing and maintaining the EMS

11 4.3.3 Objectives, targets and programme(s)
Establish and maintain documented EMS objectives and targets at each relevant function Objectives and target must be measurable, where practicable, and consistent with the EMS policy the commitment to prevention of pollution legal and other requirements continual improvement

12 4.3.3 Objectives, targets and programme(s)
When establishing and reviewing objectives, consider: legal and other requirements; significant aspects; technological options; financial, operational and business requirements; views of interested parties

13 4.3.3 Objectives, targets and programme(s)
Establish and maintain management program for achieving objectives and targets This shall include: designated responsibilities and authorities for achievement of objectives at relevant functions the means and time-scale for achieving objectives

14 4.4 Implementation and operation
Planning Checking Audit Feedback from measuring performance

15 4.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
Ensure availability of resources to establish, implement and maintain the EMS Human resources Specialized skills Organizational infrastructure Technology Financial resources

16 4.4.1 Resources, roles, responsibility and authority
Define, document and communicate roles, responsibilities and authorities Appoint management representative with responsibility and authority for Ensuring system is established, implemented and maintained Reporting on the performance of system

17 4.4.2 Competence, training and awareness
Ensure that people performing tasks for or on it’s behalf that can impact significant aspects are competent on the basis of education, training or experience These records must be retained Identify training needs Provide training or take other action and retain records

18 4.4.2 Competence, training and awareness
Establish, implement and maintain procedures to ensure persons working for it or on it’s behalf are aware of: the importance of conformance to the EMS; the significant impacts, actual or potential, of their work activities and the benefit of improved personal performance; the roles and responsibilities in achieving conformity with the requirements The potential consequences of departure from procedures

19 Communication Must have procedures for ensuring information on aspects and the EMS is communicated between various levels and functions; received and documented and for responding to relevant communication from external interested parties Must consider processes for external communication on aspects and record decision

20 4.4.4 EMS documentation Documentation must include:
the policy and objectives and targets; a description of the scope of the EMS describes the core elements of the management system, their interaction and a reference to related documents; documents including records required by ISO 14001; documents including records for effective planning, operation and control of process related to the aspects

21 4.4.5 Control of documents ensure changes and current revision status are identified; ensure relevant versions are available at points of use; ensure documents remain legible and readily identifiable; ensure docs of external origin are identified and distribution controlled; prevent unintended use of obsolete docs and apply suitable identification

22 4.4.5 Control of documents Documents required by the EMS and ISO must be controlled Records are a special type of document (see 4.5.4) Must establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) to: approve documents for adequacy; review and revised documents as necessary and re-approve;

23 Operational control Must identify and plan operations that are associated with significant aspects in line with policy, objectives and targets. Plan these activities, including maintenance, in order to ensure controlled conditions by: establishing and maintaining documented procedures where the absence could lead to deviations from the policy and objectives and targets; stipulating operating criteria in the procedures;

24 Operational control establishing and maintaining procedures related to significant aspects and communicating requirements to suppliers including contractors

25 4.4.7 Emergency preparedness and response
Establish, implement and maintain a procedure(s) to identify potential emergency situations and accidents that can impact the environment Respond to actual emergency situations and accidents and prevent and mitigate associated adverse environmental impacts Review and revise emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures, especially after an occurrence of incidents or emergency situations Must periodically test procedures where practicable

26 4.5 Checking and corrective action
Implementation and operation Management review Audit Feedback from measuring performance

27 4.5.1 Monitoring and measurement
Establish, implement and maintain procedures to monitor and measure, on a regular basis, key characteristics that can have a significant impact This includes documenting information: to monitor performance; of operational controls; Conformity of objectives and targets Monitoring equipment must be calibrated or verified and records retained

28 4.5.2 Evaluation of compliance
Establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) for periodically evaluating compliance with applicable legal requirements Records of evaluations must be maintained Must evaluate compliance with other requirements This may be combined with legal requirements or a separate procedure may be established Records must be maintained

29 4.5.3 Nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action
Establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) for dealing with actual or potential nonconformity(ies) and for taking CA & PA. It must define identifying nonconformity(ies) and taking action to mitigate their impacts; investigating nonconformity(ies), determining their cause(s) and taking actions to avoid recurrence; evaluating the need for actions to prevent nonconformity(ies) and to avoid occurance

30 4.5.3 Nonconformity, corrective action and preventive action
recording the results of CA & PA taken, and Reviewing the effectiveness of CA & PA taken Actions taken must be appropriate to the magnitude of the problem and the impacts encountered Ensure that any necessary changes are made to the EMS documentation

31 Control of records Establish and maintain records to demonstrate conformity of requirements and results achieved Establish, implement and maintain procedure(s) for identification, storage, protection, retrieval, retention and disposition of records OH&S records must be legible, identifiable and traceable

32 EMS Audit Establish and maintain audit program and procedures for periodic EMS audits to be carried out to: determine whether or not the EMS: conforms to planned arrangements for the EMS including the requirements of ISO 14001; has been properly implemented and maintained; provide information on the results of audits to management

33 4.5.4 EMS Audit Audit program, including schedule shall:
be based on the importance of the activity to be audited; review the results of previous audits Procedure must address Scope, frequency, methods as well as responsibilities and audit requirements and reporting results and retaining records Determination of audit criteria, scope, frequency, and methods Must ensure objectivity and impartiality

34 4.6 Management review Checking and corrective action Internal factors
External factors Policy

35 4.6 Management review Top management will review the EMS at defined intervals that it determines to: ensure continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness; ensure necessary information is collected to allow management to carry out evaluation; address possible need for changes to policy, objectives and other elements in light of audit results, changing circumstances and commitment to continual improvement The review must be documented

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