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Microsoft Power Point for beginners.

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1 Microsoft Power Point for beginners

2 Prerequisites Computer skills, such as the ability to use a mouse Understanding of windows software structure

3 You will learn: What PowerPoint is used for
Understanding the opening screen PowerPoint “views” How to create a simple presentation with text, clip art, and animation

4 What is PowerPoint? A presentation software program that allows you to create slides, handouts, notes, and, outlines. This presentation is a PowerPoint presentation.

5 Opening Screen

6 Outline View An outline of all the text that will appear on your slides. Used to edit the text ONLY!

7 Slide View The image layout of individual slides. Used to create and edit slides.

8 Notes Page View Smaller image of a slide with a text box below it for notes. Used to explain slides and guide the speaker.

9 Slide Sorter View Displays a smaller version of all the slides in your slide show. Displayed in the order they appear. Used to rearrange slides by dragging them in between slides.


11 Change View There are two ways to change views:
Choose view from the Menu Bar and make a selection OR Choose one of the three views located in the lower left corner of the screen Normal Slide Show Slide Sorter

12 Text & Graphic

13 Adding Text Title Text

14 Adding Clip Art Art clippings

15 Adding Animation Choose “Custom Animation” Click “Add Effect”
Find the Slide Show drop-down menu Choose “Custom Animation” Click “Add Effect” Click “Entrance” from the menu Choose an effect

16 Adding a New Slide Click “Insert” on the menu bar.
Then click “New Slide.” OR Click the “New Slide” icon on the toolbar.

17 Exercise Close all PowerPoint presentations. DO NOT Save them.
Exit PowerPoint. Restart the program.

18 Exercise Who you are Why you took this class And what you learned
Create a presentation consisting of three slides telling: Who you are Why you took this class And what you learned

19 Public Training Classes
Free demonstrations are given at Central Library and select branches! Pick up the Houston Public Library’s Calendar of Events. For more information Call (832) , or visit

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