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ANNUAL RETREAT 2009. Goal: Create a common understanding for facilitators on how to execute Community Cinema screenings for 2011 MLK Day of Service Outcomes:

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2 Goal: Create a common understanding for facilitators on how to execute Community Cinema screenings for 2011 MLK Day of Service Outcomes: 1.Provide Facilitators with planning and outreach tools 2.Engage Facilitators in a brainstorm on best practices for planning a service or reflection component for each film in honor of Dr. King 3.Provide Facilitators with a social media strategy and ideas for ongoing engagement opportunities

3 About ITVS and Community Cinema NATIONAL Broadcasts Reach an average 1 million viewers weekly COMMUNITY CINEMA national screening program in 90 cities/100,000 people COMMUNITY CLASSROOM national education program/50,000 students & teachers ONLINE social media, interactive features, companion sites SPECIAL PARTNERSHIPS veterans lending library, Girl Scouts, Americans for UNFPA, MLK Day of Service 2011 tures

4 HandsOn Network HandsOn Network is the volunteer-focused arm of Points of Light Institute and is the largest volunteer network in the nation It includes more than 250 HandsOn Action Centers in 16 countries It includes a powerful network of more than 70,000 corporate, faith and nonprofit organizations that are answering the call to serve and creating meaningful change in their communities. Annually, the network delivers approximately 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at about $600 million.

5 Campus Kitchens Launched in 2001, The Campus Kitchens Project (CKP) engages students to recycle unserved food from school dining halls and use that food to prepare and deliver meals to those in need in their communities. Our parent organization, DC Central Kitchen (DCCK), operating in Washington DC since 1989, established this innovative model of food recycling and meal delivery, which has received widespread recognition and serves as a national model for efficient, effective hunger relief for low- income people. Together, more than 24,000 volunteers at 25 Campus Kitchens in 17 states have recovered 1.2 million pounds of food and delivered more than 1 million meals to our 200 community partners across the country.

6 North Carolina Campus Compact NC Campus Compact, a coalition of 45 campuses in North Carolina, builds the capacity of colleges and universities to produce civically-engaged graduates and to strengthen communities. NC Campus Compact is a member of Campus Compact, a national coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents who are committed to fulfilling the civic purposes of higher education. Campus Compact is the only national higher education association dedicated solely to campus-based civic engagement.

7 Film is a powerful tool Common cultural praxiseveryone goes to the movies! Film can have a profound effect on audiences by creating a shared experience Film can reframe debate or advance discussion past sticking points Film has become a basic tool of education and popular knowledge sharing Film can set the agenda, create buzz around an issue FILM CAN INSPIRE REFLECTION, ACTION, AND SERVICE!

8 Program Overview All events feature discussion, audience involvement, local partners, resources Broad range of topics Comprehensive promotional and program materials provided Flexible program model adaptable to all markets

9 2011 MLK Community Cinema Benefits honors the life and legacy of Dr. King Builds awareness, engagement, and connections! Creates significant reflection and service opportunities around MLK Day of Service Raises visibility of your organization in YOUR community! Grows network of community partners Connects communities with information, resources, and opportunities to get involved in ongoing service Provides a platform for reflection and service

10 Two Screening Timeframes November 28th-December 12th January 9th-January 22 nd

11 Free Program Resources Comprehensive promotional and programmatic materials will be provided including: A planning toolkit (electronic) two copies of the film (mailed) a discussion/facilitators guide (mailed) customizable marketing materials (electronic) and popcorn! (mailed)

12 Program Guidelines All screenings must be free and open to the public All points of view are welcome All partners/presenters are encouraged to share their opinions/positions and distribute their materials No political action on-site (e.g. No petition signing) No fundraising on-site (but fundraising materials may be distributed) Basic program model should be followed Reflection and Service aspect to commemorate MLK Day of Service Orientation

13 What does engagement look like? Provide a service project for participation immediately after film and reflection Plan a service project in the future based on the issues addressed in the film Provide a list of volunteer opportunities in the community during the event and promote your MLK Day/other upcoming service projects Provide a Pledge to Serve (__hours/week from 2011 MLK Day to Global Youth Service Day/Earth Day)

14 2011 MLK Community Cinema Toolkit 1.Watch the Film 2.Find a Venue 3.Find event partners 4.Form your engagement and reflection activity 5.Form your post-screening panel (if applicable) 6.Invite, promote, create buzz 7.Day of: Set up, program 8.Follow Up: Reporting and Thank Yous

15 Discussion Guide - Filmmaker Statement -- Background/Context - Facts and Figures - Sample Disucssion Questions - Ideas for Action - Further Resources

16 Marketing Materials Customizable fliers and postcards can be downloaded from the web: TAKING ROOT DEEP DOWN A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES THE CALLING GARBAGE DREAMS

17 Social Media Strategy: Developing Buzz Build Buzz: -Fan us on Facebook: -Invite friends to the MLKCine Event (our goal is 500 attendees!) -Follow us on Twitter: #MLKCine -Add a Like button on your blog or website: -Embed the films trailer on social media, blogs and newsletters:

18 Start a National Conversation: -Upload photos to the Flickr stream -Check out the national google map 14168720668590083334.0004944e00428eb9a5abe&ll=49.95122,- 124.716797&spn=44.914842,135.263672&z=4 14168720668590083334.0004944e00428eb9a5abe&ll=49.95122,- 124.716797&spn=44.914842,135.263672&z=4 -Respond to discussion prompts on the Facebook page Social Media Strategy: Developing a National Conversation

19 Campus Outreach Social media Invite a professor or faculty member to speak on a panel related to the themes of the film Get your college newspaper to cover the screening Invite professors to bring their classes for extra credit Get co-sponsorship of clubs (environmental, Future Teachers, etc..) and ask them to turnout members and commit to a number goal.

20 Deep Down Themes: Awareness around energy consumption, preservation of (Appalachian) culture, environmental sustainability, community organizing, David vs. Goliath Service engagement Ideas:, tie to local environmental issues, energy reduction pledge, energy efficient lighting, home weatherization

21 Garbage Dreams Themes: Recycling, Re-use and waste management, environmentally sustainable solutions Service engagement ideas: Recycled fashion show or art project, recycling drives, examining local recycling initiatives for efficacy, Garbage Dreams game:

22 Taking Root Themes: Environmental Stewardship and Preservation versus corporate interests, community organizing, womens empowerment Service engagement Ideas: Tree planting, eco resource fair, community gardens, environmental advocacy and awareness…

23 The Calling Themes: Interfaith dialogue, community service, finding your calling, religion and modernity, young people and faith, faith based activism Service engagement Ideas: Visit, invite audience members to share their calling, service projects focused on youth, Interfaith councils, faith based suppers


25 A Village Called Versailles Themes: Community Organizing, David Vs. Goliath, Youth and civic engagement, intergenerational bridge building, disaster preparedness, Hurricane Katrina aftermath, environmental justice Service engagement Ideas: Tie to a local environmental justice issue, invite the local Red Cross to do a disaster preparedness training, build disaster preparedness kits, inform audiences how they can support Katrina/Haiti rebuilding efforts, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) training

26 After Your Event: Reporting Upload Pictures to Flickr page: Share thoughts on Twitter/Facebook or blog about it! Stay connected through social media with other individuals passionate about the same issues Submit required report on: December 17 th (for December screenings) and January 21 st (for January screenings) through online link that will be provided

27 Data collection Date of screening Location of screening How many people were in attendance? How many outreach materials were distributed (i.e. fliers, etc.)? List partner organizations (if applicable). List speakers, names, organizations. List local media. What type of service activity was incorporated? What are next steps? How many volunteers were engaged? How many people made pledges to serve or signed up for future volunteer opportunities? Include a short narrative with leading questions like audience quotes.

28 Review Overview of Community Cinema and Partners Why Film? Materials provided Brainstorm ideas for Taking Root, Deep Down, Garbage Dreams, The Calling, A Village Called Versailles Social Media Strategy Questions?

29 Main Contacts ITVS: Roseli Ilano, National Community Engagement Coordinator (415) 356-8383 x247, Points of Light/Hands On Network: Khyati Desai, Civic Engagement Manager, (202) 729-8202, Campus Kitchens Project: Maureen Roche, Director, (202) 789-5979 x105, NC Campus Compact: Leslie A. Garvin, Associate Director, (336) 278-7198,

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