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Good Practices in Library Programming Section B March 14, 2012.

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1 Good Practices in Library Programming Section B March 14, 2012

2 6. Women Reaching Women: -Publicize in local women’s organizations -Have an information table in the women’s park -Information table in women’s market -Invite women to a health fair to get them into the library

3 6. Women Provide Socializing Opportunities: -Tea time -Current events discussion groups (use newspapers to discuss news items) -Ask women to bring a relative or friend -Poetry readings

4 6. Women Consider Accessibility -What hours are women most available? -Can childcare be offered by a volunteer? -Have women-only designated hours -What services & programs will draw women into the library for the first time? -How can the library be friendly and un- intimidating?

5 7. Men Activities for men: -Lecture series or guest speakers on topics for which information is in demand -History classes -Film screenings -Poetry readings

6 OUTREACH STRATEGIES CREATE A DISPLAY -Gather some interesting books to display -Arrange them on a table or display case in a shop, mosque, clinic, classroom, community centre, NGO office or other space -Include contact information for the library -Explain these are samples of what one can find in the library






12 OUTREACH STRATEGIES HOST A COMMUNITY MEETING -Explain the purpose of a library -Explain the functions of a library -Explain how the librarian helps visitors -Explain the library’s role as an archive of heritage, local information, literature & history -Engage the community in planning for the library -Ask their ideas, interests and requests

13 OUTREACH STRATEGIES FORM AN OUTREACH COMMITTEE -Invite influential community members to establish a committee -The committee spreads awareness of the library and its activities -The committee finds out what kind of reading material and activities people want

14 OUTREACH STRATEGIES DISPLAY BOARDS IN THE LIBRARY -Have a display area with information that is regularly updated -Have special information for special events like International Women’s Day, World Health Day, Mother’s Day, Human Rights Day, etc -Announce community events there -Display creations of library patrons such as poems, artwork or writing -Display handicrafts or cultural artifacts

15 [graphic]

16 OUTREACH STRATEGIES LIBRARY NEWSLETTER -Newsletter can include schedule of library activities -Announce new books in the collection -Feature work of patrons: poems, stories, art -Competitions, puzzles, games -Announce local events & opportunities -Invite articles from community members & institutions (like schools, shuras, businesses)


18 OUTREACH STRATEGIES SCHEDULE -Publicize the library’s program of activities, including dates, timing, registration information, incentives, etc -Distribute copies through the Outreach Committee and local institutions -Have the schedule displayed in the library -Consider publicizing it in local media

19 OUTREACH STRATEGIES VOLUNTEER PROGRAM -Establish a “Friends of the Library” club of volunteers -Volunteers can be youth or adults -Volunteer tasks include: fundraising, clean up, hosting events, publicity, planning, other -Ensure that volunteers are recognized and appreciated for their contributions

20 OUTREACH STRATEGIES WORK WITH SCHOOLS -Encourage teachers to give assignments to students that requires library use -Ask teachers to give presentation in class on how to complete a form to get a library card, how to sign out books, and library activities -Give a workshop to teachers on library resources

21 Key Messages The library belongs to the community Books aren’t owned, but shared The library welcomes everyone There are more than books in the library The library is a place for knowledge seekers! “to seek knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim” - Islamic Hadith

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