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Steps to successful building and diversity: the 1st thing is to care.

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1 Steps to successful building and diversity: the 1st thing is to care

2 Caveats The opinions I will offer are my own and do not necessarily represent those of any organization with which I am affiliated. My opinions are the result of an unspecifiable mix of hard evidence, expert teachings, anecdotal experiences, and general training as a statistician and psychologist.

3 From Inauguration (2001) to Present Our Success and Room for Growth

4 What Does Diversity Mean? A commitment to diversity includes, but means more than, promoting those ethnic groups that the government has traditionally recognized as meriting extra efforts toward promotion in science and education.

5 The First Step is to Care Think about something else you care about. Your scientific research? How about your children? After that it becomes fairly obvious.

6 Have a Plan Disavowing Discrimination & Adding the Minorities Encouraged to Apply to Job Adverts Is Not enough. Would you run your scientific program that way?

7 Publically and Regularly Affirm Your Values: Talk the Talk Truth Honor Courage Camaraderie Benevolence Beauty

8 Leadership If everyone is in charge, no one is in charge. Get people involved who really feel it. Get people for whom this is self- serving in the best sense of the word.

9 Leadership - II Have a complementary alter ego. Jose Fernandez, Ph.D.

10 Recruiting – Initial Contact Web Presence – A chance to show your face, literally and figuratively. Print ads Mass Mailings Recruiting at Conferences Mass Emailing Personal Emailing Incidental Exposure – Your first chance to walk the walk. Word of Mouth – Where your reputation walks the walk (or doesnt).

11 Recruitment: Selection as an Optimization Problem and the Spirit of the Supreme Court Decision Tokenism Blindness

12 The Trickle-Up Theory Everyone in the organization is part of the family. Another chance to walk the walk.

13 What Happens After Recruitment? Respecting differences vs Stereotyping - All Distributions are Overlapping The cultivation of diversity. By Anastasi, Anne American Psychologist, Vol 27(12), Dec 1972, 1091-1099.

14 Celebrate Diversity (SMA and Self-Driven Evolution)

15 Show Your Values: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, but whose picture?

16 Show Your Values At Every Step: Walk the Walk UABs Student Professorship

17 Promoting Diversity Earlier: The Pipeline Problem & the Zero-Sum Game

18 Our Beginning Attempts To Seed the Pipeline Grew out of PAESMEM Connections

19 Handelsman, J. et al. Science, Vol 309, Issue 5738, 1190-1191, 19 August 2005 Recognize that diversity is an issue beyond the entry level

20 Bootstrapping the Role Model Problem. Janet L. Norwood Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Women in the Statistical Sciences History/Development Another chance to show your values.

21 Thank You

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