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Basic Presentation Design Concepts and Functions.

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1 Basic Presentation Design Concepts and Functions

2 Selecting Slide Layouts  Slides  Text layouts  Content layouts  Text and content layouts  Others  Media clips  Charts  Clipart

3 Designing a Presentation  Title Slide-Introduces the presentation to the audience.  Text Slide-Words and phrases that convey the message.  Bulleted List-A list of paragraphs, each preceded by a bullet.  Object Slide-Clipart, images, and graphs that assist in delivery of the message.

4 Title Slide

5 Text Slide

6 Bulleted List Slide

7 Object Slide

8 Creating a Design Template Choose a Design  Template  Color scheme  Animation scheme

9 Personal Color Scheme  To design your own color scheme:  Select Format from the menu options.  Select Background.

10 Personal Color Scheme (Continued) Choose from the color schemes provided or create your own color scheme by selecting the More Colors option.

11 Enhancing a Slide with Word Art, Clipart, and Bullets  Objective  Qualification  Education  Experience Word Art Clipart Bullets

12 Fonts  Use different fonts to enhance your presentation.  Select Format from the menu options.  Select Font.

13 Fonts (Continued) The font, font style, effects, size and color can be altered from the font menu.

14 Enhancing a Slide with Font, Color, and Graphics Font, Graphics, Background Color

15 Types of Views Slide Sorter View Slide View Master Views Notes Page View Outline View

16 Defining Views  Normal (Slide) - Used to compose and edit slides.  Outline - Used to organize and manage information.  Slide Sorter - Used to view and arrange slides.  Slide Show - Used to view a presentation.

17 Slide View

18 Outline View

19 Outlining Toolbar

20 Slide Sorter View

21 Notes Page View  The Notes Page View is used to type speaker notes for use during a presentation.  This view may be used as a reference during the presentation. Notes can be typed in this section for reference during a presentation

22 Saving and Retrieving Files  Save As Command  Click File, Save As  Enter a filename  The file will have a.PPT extension.  Retrieve  Click File, Open.  Browse to locate the desired file.  Click Open.

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