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Stephen Jacob Price School Psychologist Intern San Diego State University.

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1 Stephen Jacob Price School Psychologist Intern San Diego State University

2 Jacob Price Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma Kaw Nation of Oklahoma School Psychologist Intern Rural District in East SD County High NA population San Diego State University

3 About 50% of Natives Americans live in cities Relocation/Removal Struggle to maintain both Traditional Values Modern City Culture Large pop. in bay area

4 Largest pop. of any state in the nation Relocation to major cities Urban Indians in the bay area Indian centers in Oakland and San Francisco AIM occupation of Alcatraz


6 A Multidisciplinary University-School Collaboration for Culturally Competent Related Services Preparation in a Minority Institution Funded by OSEP 3 ½ years participating Open to School Counseling and School Psychology students

7 Native American Seminar High Quality Compatible Graduate Coursework Summer Immersions Institutes on Traditional Knowledge and Decolonization Work Native Mediated Learning and Curriculum Development Development of Culturally Consistent Models of Practice Work in Native Communities

8 The grant project is an addition to program Mentors from different tribes Readings from Indigenous authors Experiences in a Native community An understanding common issues that Natives face today

9 Whole School RTI Behavioral/Acade mic Needs Assessment School Culture / Environment Visible in the school Classroom/Family Consultation (Mental Health, Academic, Behavioral) Groups (Academic, Counseling) Indirect Interventions Home Interventions Community/Tribe Collaboration with outside agencies Resources Ecosystemic Approach Historical Trauma Advocacy Individual/Whole Child Direct Interventions Assessment for Intervention (Tool Kit) Dynamic Assessment & MLE Balance North Night East Morning South Mid-Day West Evening A Pawnee Decolonized Service Delivery Model Stephen Jacob Price Mental Physical Spiritual Emotional Belonging Mastery Generosity Independence Relationships

10 A high need in the field Todays youth have many needs Recognize the history between Native Americans and Schools/Education Over-identification in Special Education Relationship with community/school

11 Workgroup dedicated to Native Issues in the field Small numbers, still growing We need more Natives to work with the youth of all tribes Conceptual Framework

12 Conceptual Framework Developed Developing Position Statement for working with Native Americans An Indigenous Conceptual Framework Guiding School Psychology Practice with Native American Youth, Families, and Communities By: NASP Native American Workgroup

13 Components Center Culture and Identity Black Star Intentionality Sovereignty Language Reciprocity

14 Components Red Star Spiritual Cognitive and Academic Socio-Behavioral Physical Outer Circle Specifically Related to School Psychology Practice School Culture & Policy Advocacy Resiliency Educational Historical Foundations Legal Ethical Research Assessment Interventions Home, School & Community Collaboration

15 Develop Modules for NASP Assist with a Position Statement for Working with Native Americans Recruiting Natives to the Field Collaborate and Communicate with other members

16 Questions?

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