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The Professional School Counselor in Intermediate District 287.

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1 The Professional School Counselor in Intermediate District 287

2 District 287 School Counselors  Sherrie Dewey (West Education Center)  Steve Higgins (North Education Center)  Jimmie Heags (Edgewood Education Center)  Alicia Jensen (Omegon)  Jess Larson (Epsilon)  Kristin Solberg (North Education Center Alternative)  Melissa Winship (South Education Center Alternative)

3 District 287 School Counselor mission statement  The mission of the Intermediate District 287 School Counseling Program is to prepare and support all students in the areas of career, academic, and social/emotional development. We promote growth and opportunities that are unique to each individual. The goal is for students to develop the competencies necessary to lead productive and meaningful lives.

4 American School Counselor Association (ASCA)  The national professional organization that school counselors use as a guide in performing their duties and responsibilities as a school counselor

5 Guidance Counselor vs. Professional School Counselor

6 School Counselor Graduate School Courses Foundations of School Counseling Career Development Comparative Theories Counseling Children and Adolescence Principles of Research Interviewing/Counseling Skills Values and Ethics in Counseling Multicultural Counseling Developmental Psychology Practicum/Internship Group Counseling Master’s Project/Thesis

7 School Counselors help ALL students in the areas of:  Academic achievement  Personal/social development  Career Development

8 ASCA National Model

9 Delivery System  School Counseling Core Curriculum  Individual Student Planning  Responsive Services  Indirect Student Services

10 Delivery System: School Counseling Core Curriculum  Classroom lessons  Character Development  College/career preparation  Life Skills  Small groups  Anger Management/Conflict Resolution  Resiliency  Grief/Loss  Family Change  Chemical/sexual health  Empowerment/Self-Esteem

11 Delivery System: Individual Student Planning  School Counselors meet with students to discuss academic, career and personal/social needs or concerns  Assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans

12 Delivery System: Responsive Services  Meet students’ immediate needs  Counseling: School Counselors recognize and respond to mental health needs by offering planned and goal focused counseling to students, and referring to community resources when needed.  Help students to identify problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so they can make decisions.  Crisis Response: intervention and follow-up during and after student crisis situations

13 Delivery System: Indirect Student Services  Referrals  Consultation  Collaboration

14 ASCA Aligned and Non- Aligned School Counseling Activities  See ASCA handout

15 Support Staff Roles  What are the roles of the School Counselor, School Psychologist and School Social Worker?  See handout

16  Increased mental health and chemical health needs in our students  Bullying and cruel behaviors in schools  Need to increase graduation rates and post-secondary planning and preparation Current Issues in Schools that Increase the Need for School Counselors

17 District 287 School Counseling Vision Statement  Given the successful implementation of an innovative school counseling program, every District 287 student will graduate with a meaningful diploma, achieve their fullest potential, be successful lifelong learners, self-advocates and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.

18 Thank You!  Thank you for allowing us time to present today!  Any questions for the School Counseling team?

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