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The Professional School Counselor in Intermediate District 287

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1 The Professional School Counselor in Intermediate District 287

2 District 287 School Counselors
Sherrie Dewey (West Education Center) Steve Higgins (North Education Center) Jimmie Heags (Edgewood Education Center) Alicia Jensen (Omegon) Jess Larson (Epsilon) Kristin Solberg (North Education Center Alternative) Melissa Winship(South Education Center Alternative) Steve

3 District 287 School Counselor mission statement
The mission of the Intermediate District 287 School Counseling Program is to prepare and support all students in the areas of career, academic, and social/emotional development. We promote growth and opportunities that are unique to each individual. The goal is for students to develop the competencies necessary to lead productive and meaningful lives. steve

4 American School Counselor Association (ASCA)
The national professional organization that school counselors use as a guide in performing their duties and responsibilities as a school counselor Sherrie

5 Guidance Counselor vs. Professional School Counselor

6 School Counselor Graduate School Courses
Foundations of School Counseling Career Development Comparative Theories Counseling Children and Adolescence Principles of Research Interviewing/Counseling Skills Values and Ethics in Counseling Multicultural Counseling Developmental Psychology Practicum/Internship Group Counseling Master’s Project/Thesis Jess

7 School Counselors help ALL students in the areas of:
Academic achievement Personal/social development Career Development Kristin

8 ASCA National Model Kristin

9 Delivery System School Counseling Core Curriculum
Individual Student Planning Responsive Services Indirect Student Services Kristin

10 Delivery System: School Counseling Core Curriculum
Classroom lessons Character Development College/career preparation Life Skills Small groups Anger Management/Conflict Resolution Resiliency Grief/Loss Family Change Chemical/sexual health Empowerment/Self-Esteem Alicia

11 Delivery System: Individual Student Planning
School Counselors meet with students to discuss academic, career and personal/social needs or concerns Assist students in establishing personal goals and developing future plans Alicia

12 Delivery System: Responsive Services
Meet students’ immediate needs Counseling: School Counselors recognize and respond to mental health needs by offering planned and goal focused counseling to students, and referring to community resources when needed. Help students to identify problems, causes, alternatives and possible consequences so they can make decisions. Crisis Response: intervention and follow-up during and after student crisis situations Jimmie

13 Delivery System: Indirect Student Services
Referrals Consultation Collaboration Jimmie

14 ASCA Aligned and Non-Aligned School Counseling Activities
See ASCA handout Melissa

15 Support Staff Roles What are the roles of the School Counselor, School Psychologist and School Social Worker? See handout Melissa

16 Current Issues in Schools that Increase the Need for School Counselors
Increased mental health and chemical health needs in our students Bullying and cruel behaviors in schools Need to increase graduation rates and post-secondary planning and preparation Jess

17 District 287 School Counseling Vision Statement
Given the successful implementation of an innovative school counseling program, every District 287 student will graduate with a meaningful diploma, achieve their fullest potential, be successful lifelong learners, self-advocates and productive citizens who respect themselves and others. Jimmie

18 Thank You! Thank you for allowing us time to present today!
Any questions for the School Counseling team? Steve

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