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Developing a Strategy for Leader Development Across the University A Presentation for Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) July 18, 2009 Bill.

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1 Developing a Strategy for Leader Development Across the University A Presentation for Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education (CJBE) July 18, 2009 Bill Bassett, Director University Assessment and Planning and Emmett E. Perry, Ph.D, Rockhurst U.


3 Purposes of the Presentation 1.To describe our Universitys efforts since 2007 to move forward as an institution to more comprehensive leader development as part of our institutional identity. 2.To describe the strategy that has been followed. 3.To describe specific initiatives that have been developedand are being developed as pilots.

4 Presentation Structure -Why the change? Mission, Vision, Values -Strategic planning process -Principles for Leader Development -MBA Pilot (under construction)

5 Rockhurst University Mission and Vision Mission. Rockhurst University exists to transform lives by creating a learning community centered on excellence in undergraduate liberal education and graduate education. Rockhurst is Catholic and Jesuit, involved in the life and growth of the city and the region, and committed to the service of the contemporary world. Vision. Rockhurst University will be nationally recognized for transforming lives and forming leaders in the Jesuit tradition. Inspired by the example of St. Ignatius of Loyola, this Catholic university community seeks to make Gods good world better through learning, leadership, service, and the pursuit of justice.

6 Rockhurst Universitys Core Jesuit Values Finding God in All Things: Reflection and Discernment: Magis – More: Cura Personalis – Care for the Whole Person: Contemplatives in Action: Wisdom – Sapientia Aedificavit Sibi Domum – Wisdom Has Built Herself a Home

7 LEADERSHIP: The commitment to develop the gifts and talents of self and others to make a positive difference in the world. COMMUNICATION: The ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and with awareness of purpose and audience. INTERNATIONAL AND CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING: The appreciation of cultural differences and commonalities, and the ability to interact with sensitivity and alertness as citizens of the world. CRITICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING: The ability to search for knowledge, investigate questions, and apply information in a systematic, discerning, and innovative manner. ETHICS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: The commitment to create a more just world and to live with integrity, humility, tolerance, and empathy. ACADEMIC KNOWLEDGE: The capacity to assimilate and apply a broad range of skills, knowledge, and abilities to a chosen field of study. SELF FORMATION: The discovery and cultivation of spiritual, physical, social, and emotional well-being. Strategic Direction 2 Strategic Direction 2: …Rockhurst creates an integrative experience for students to develop skills, competencies and values in these seven areas:

8 Essential Elements of the Universitys Strategy for Leader Development 1.Ensure a common set of experiences for all students. 2.Provide optional or elective programming that builds upon the foundational base. 3.Engage the entire community. Provide opportunities and encouragement for staff and faculty development as well as students. 4.Emphasize the development of life-long skills in self- examination focused on aligning actions with core values and personal goals.

9 Guiding Principles and First Steps 1.Use the White Paper to engage and focus the community. 2.Be intentional about using the Model for Leader Development in and out of the classroom. 3.Ensure that both the individual student and students faculty and staff do some form of early and late assessment. 4.Employ pilots. Share results. Example: Pilot use of a Learning, Leadership and Service e-Portfolio in the Honors, Education, OT, CSD, and Executive Fellows MBA programs.

10 The following is an example of one pilot that is currently being developed for implementation in August 2010. It includes a foundations component as well as optional component. Pilot: MBA Program Helzberg School of Management (HSOM)

11 HSOM MBA Leader Development Initiative Program continues to be developed and is designed for implementation in fall 2010 (portions piloted in fall 2009).

12 University and HSOM: MBA Leader Development Objectives Understand your uniqueness. Develop your capabilities, your values, and your worldview; Develop life-long skill in self-examination focused on aligning actions with core values and personal goals; Motivate yourself and others to recognize and pursue worthy aims; Confidently innovate and adapt to lead with integrity in a changing world; and Through service to others, learn to engage others with a positive, loving attitude. [i] [i] [i] From Rockhurst University White Paper, adapted from Lowney, 294-295.

13 Program Design 1. Program Orientation 2. Leadership Foundations (all students) - Workshop - Mid-course Compass Check - Capstone 3. Leadership Horizons (competitive selection) - Readings and reflections Component - Service Component - Mentor Program - Work-site Visit Program

14 Program Orientation - Occurs near enrollment - Social event - Components: - Orientation to Program: - Integration of development in coursework - Setting expectations - An Introduction to Ignatian Pedagogy: Anchoring - Leader Development In Jesuit Tradition. - Adult learning: Undergraduate v. Graduate Studies - Introduction to Foundations and Horizons - Introduction to Learning Teams (3X1)

15 Leadership Foundations Components - All students participate - Program Workshop (with Orientation) - Individual preparation (see slide below for example) - Reading Assignments (Read, Reflect, Record) - Self-assessment exercises/inventories (Complete, Reflect, Record) - Learning Team discussion (3 students & 1 staff/fac) - Course integration of assignments, Self- assessments. - Compass Check - Focused review of program to date; new assignmentsreflect, record, discuss. - Capstone

16 Leadership Foundations Components (continued) - Capstone - Development of Leadership Philosophy (ver. 2) - Development of Individual Development Plan - Completion of Individual Project: Paper/Portfolio - Participation in Integrative Exercises with Learning Team

17 Leadership Foundations Specific Assignments: - Self-awareness exercises: StrengthQuest, Leadership Practices Inventory, Values and Goal-setting Exercise, others? - Articles (fictitious titlessuggestive of content): Leadership in the Jesuit Tradition Developing a Leadership Philosophy Self-Leadership and Personal Development Others? - Complete Reflection and Record Observations for Each Assignment. Share Report with Learning Team - Meet with Learning Team to discuss observations

18 Leadership Horizons Components: - Optional/Competitive Selection Process - Occurs in parallel with Foundations - Facilitation of Mentor Identification/Assignment - Worksite Lunch Program with Area Executives Program - Readings Assignments (articles and books) - Team Service Project Alternatives under consideration - Conference attendance - ??

19 Your Role ! - Suggestions and Feedback is VERY much appreciated. - Specific ideas might include: - Particular articles you might suggest (undergrad v. graduate student focus) - Must-have assessments - Attend our Roundtable. F ollowup discussion scheduled today: Table # 1 in the Rock Room at 3:15 With our thanks, Bill and Emmett

20 Conclusion Thank you for your participation With our thanks, Bill and Emmett

21 Thank you for your participation With our thanks, Bill and Emmett

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