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By Mohamed Hassan Bell High School, Los Angeles, California.

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2 By Mohamed Hassan Bell High School, Los Angeles, California.

3 The village where I was born, raised and educated. The place where my childhood was, and where I would like to be buried

4 Al Makhzan is a small village, located on the highway to the famous city, Luxor. Its about half an hour north of Luxor.

5 Population of Al Makhzan The population of Al Makhzan is around 60,000 Most of them work on farming, especially growing sugar cane and wheat.

6 The total area of my village is about 25 square Km. The whole area is good for farming and we dont have any desert land because we are close to the Nile and its branches.

7 All the people of the village are muslims(100%).

8 Most of the population work on farming, although 10% work in the governmental sector and as teachers.

9 There are around 12 mosques in the village

10 1- Gamal Anwar: An expert teacher of Arabic. He is a professional Arabic calligrapher too. He is highly educated and he has a magic way of attracting the students attention from the first to the last minute of class.

11 2- Shawky Abdel Shafy : He is an excellent teacher of Arabic and all students in the village know him and love him so much, sometimes I feel jealous from him. I learned a lot from this person.

12 3-Mohamed Abdelbaset: He is another professional teacher of English who is working now in an international school. He has been to UK and studied an extensive course in Teaching English as a second language. We used to work together in the same school and in translation.

13 4- Sayed Abdel Aziz: He is a wonderful teacher of English. He has been to UK too and Now he works in United Arab Emirates. We used to work together in an International Academy for languages.

14 5- Sayed Radwan: This is an amazing teacher of Arabic. His way of teaching is unique and he loves his job so much and considers it as a message. All his students love him so much

15 1- Professor Nobi Mohamed Hassan Engineering( King Fahd University,KSA) 2- Professor Sobhi Abdel Shafy: Agriculture( The International institute for researches, did some researches in France) 3- Professor sayed Ahmed Tohami: Agriculture (The International institute for researches, Cairo)

16 4- Professor Ahmed Hussein: Agriculture and desert sciences( New Mexico university, USA) 5- Professor Yousef Abdel Baki: Commerce and Business (Helwan university)


18 شكـراً

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