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By Mohamed Hassan TCLP teacher of Arabic Bell High School.

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2 By Mohamed Hassan TCLP teacher of Arabic Bell High School

3 An Outreach at Harbor College Los Angeles- CA


5 The objectives of my presentation:

6 To know one another

7 To create mutual understanding

8 To create tolerance and acceptance

9 To create mutual respect

10 The world turned into a small village

11 Its the place where the greatest kings of Ancient Egypt are buried (Seti – Ramses 2 nd – Tohotmos – Tutankhamen,…….) A world of treasure, mystery and magic

12 Its in in the west bank of the Nile in the city of Thebes ( Luxor), the capital of Egypt in its Golden Age and where I live now.

13 Valley of the kings is around 3,500 years old and they started digging for it in 1922.

14 There are 62 tombs

15 1-To preserve the kings body and make sure that the dead pharaoh will be moved safely from this life to the next. 2- It was the place where the process of mummification used to take place.

16 Mummification is the process of preserving the body of the pharaoh to prepare him for the next life.

17 Its a complicated process which used to take 70 days. It depends on dehydrating the body and to get rid of moisture, palming the body and wrapping with strips of linen and finally putting it in stone coffin.

18 The Pyramids

19 There are over 100 pyramids in Egypt, the most important are the Giza Pyramids. They were built to be tombs for the pharaohs.

20 It took many years and thousands of slaves died during the construction of this massive buildings.

21 Huge blocks of stones had to be brought. Then they had to put these one on the top of the other using sledges as some archaeologists mentioned. They built tunnels and chambers inside the pyramids. Finally, they smoothed off the sides and the pyramid had to be finished.

22 Cairo Tower

23 The Red Sea Resorts



26 Every letter has a meaning: E……… Emotions G………Generosity Y………Young P………Peace T………Treasure


28 شكـراً

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