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Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure My Vision Article III.1.c of the Treaty XXIII ATCM Resolution 4 (98) Recommend That.

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1 Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure My Vision Article III.1.c of the Treaty XXIII ATCM Resolution 4 (98) Recommend That

2 Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available (Art. III)

3 Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure Achievements / Collaboration SCAR ADD – geographic / topographic information SCAR CGA – gazetteer of names (36012) SCAR map catalogue – thumbnails, extents, publishers Distribution maps Data available via web Free distribution satellite imagery and derived DEMs

4 SCAR CGA Achievements / Collaboration Gazetteer of names – 26 countries 36012 names 17,500 features Linked to SCAR Map catalogue SCAR Feature catalogue SCAR MarBIN Biology database Developed to include photos, origin of coordinates, source of information – 26 fields - future work KML format- GoogleEarth Future – Service enabled Subantarctic gazetteer - extension - SCARMarBIN

5 Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure How has this been achieved? COLLABORATION SCAR ADD – major sponsor – BP Working together on national projects Sharing data Sharing methods to distribute data Being open to discussion about problems with data Commitment to SCAR Community Projects

6 Antarctic Spatial Data Infrastructure SCAR Data and Information Strategy Ownership of Strategy by SCAGI members SCAGI needs to implement it Show leadership within SCAR

7 SCAR DIMS Implementation? Not prescriptive How do we go about it? Build on what we have? Revise metadata in SCAR ADD? Complete fields in SCAR CGA – source of data New data – adhere to ISO Standards Method of Delivery?

8 KGI – GIS / WMS Probably nowhere else in Antarctica is the need for a co-ordinated approach in research activities and environmental management more evident than on King George Island. This is reflected by Scientific Committee on Antarctic Researchs (SCAR) recommendation SCAR XXVI-6 adopted at the XXVIth Meeting of SCAR in Tokyo, July 2000, that called for efforts to integrate scientific objectives and for collaboration among the nations working on the island.

9 KGI – GIS / WMS Recommendation SCAR XXVIII-6 July 2000 SCAR Tokyo Meeting Concerning the King George Island Geographic Information System (GIS) Noting SCAR Recommendation XXVI-6 concerning rationalization of scientific activities on King George Island; Recognising that a Geographic Information System for the whole island has been produced and is now available on the internet; SCAR recommends that Countries with programme activities on King George Island should make use of this integrated system for science activity, environmental planning and logistic operations; and National Committees, through their National Programmes, should continue providing spatially referenced data to the Geographic Information System for the mutual benefit of all National Programmes with activities on the island.

10 King George Island GIS 12 stations + refuges on KGI AR, BR, CL, CN,CZ, KR,PE,PL,RU, UA,UY, USA 6 ASPAs (125,128,132,150,151,171) 1 ASMA (1) Numerous buildings Runway - +/- 1200m Fixed wing aircraft and helicopter facilities Tourist facilities and landing sites Visitors – island and station (IAATO)

11 King George Island Tourists Admiralty Bay – 897 landed (total on ship 9174) Arctowski Station – 2065 Ardley Island (ASPA) – 251 Arturo Prat station – 116 Bellingshausen – 987 Comandante Ferraz station – 199 Presidente Eduardo Frei – 1353 Great Wall – 29 King Sejong – 102 General San Martin - 59




15 King George Island STATUS Developer has departed – no communication Host web site – unable to edit data KGI nations – not one has taken up the challenge to take it over, or keep it functioning COMNAP – interest ? SCAR – Excom Committee – August meeting

16 King George Island CHALLENGE SCAGI Leadership – COMNAP / SCAR Ex Com meeting KGI nations / COMNAP / SCAR / SCAGI reps Plan - Resurrect the KGI / WMS Project leader and active collaborators Encourage others –to join in Web Map Services – King George Island Distant Future – develop Web Feature Services (WFS)

17 CHALLENGE SCAGI Antarctica Commitment to sharing of data Joint mapping proposals – SCAR / COMNAP / National mapping agencies Sponsor – ESA / SPOT / Digital Globe / CNES Bi-lateral agreements in mutual areas of interest Distribution of data via WMS and WFS

18 IDEAL Web Feature Service Distant future Web Map Service KGI – resurrect Collaborate - Share and distribute data Sponsor - find

19 IMPEDIMENTS Collaboration - more active Data sharing / distribution- timely Delivery – mechanism Leadership – SCAR DIMS Sponsor

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