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Week 1: Program Development CAE George Siemens February 5, 2008.

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1 Week 1: Program Development CAE George Siemens February 5, 2008

2 Overview of todays session Introductions Course outline Instructional schedule Expectations of learners Assessment for the course Teaching and learning...and a splash of epistemology

3 Introductions Department Why are you here? How far along are you in CAE?

4 Course outline

5 Instructional Schedule Week 1: Introduction, thinking about learning and teaching Week 2: Needs assessment and task analysis Week 3: Learning gaps, learning targets, and CLOs Week 4: Philosophical foundations and support structures

6 Instructional Schedule Week 5: Learning and instruction: different context, different approaches Week 6: Engaged learning and teaching for understanding Week 7: Facilitative learning, meta-cognition, and life-long learning Week 8: Multimedia and open education resources

7 Questions?

8 Expectations Time outside of classroom – reading, researching, viewing Group work and collaboration Research on own... Involvement in discussions Challenge your current views of teaching, learning, and program development Application

9 Assessment Group work Portfolio Concept map Reflective journal (weekly)

10 Questions?

11 Blog: Wiki:

12 What is program development? Why is this course included in a CAE program?

13 Program development: Ensures key curricular areas are addressed Learners skills are relevant to needs of marketplace/employers New programs align with existing New programs are contextualized with college wide outcomes

14 The model Gathering: NA, DACUM, TA Analysis: what does it mean? Learning targets: what do we want to achieve? Relation: how does this program relate? Outcomes: what do we want learners to do/know? Methods: how will we teach/deliver?

15 Teaching What? Why? Your experiences?

16 Learning How is this different from teaching? Your best, personally-motivated learning?

17 Instructivist/constructivist Finding balance: – Learner-centered – Teacher-centered – Guidance vs. Self-directed

18 What is the role of Program development with regards to T & L?

19 Upcoming week Readings (see blog) Journal Download CMAP

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