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Week 3. Your philosophy of teaching and learning.

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1 Week 3

2 Your philosophy of teaching and learning

3 Todays session 1.Review previous concepts discussed 2.Explore learning gaps 3.Explore learning targets 4.Cooperative learning 5.Review portfolio requirements 6.Explore CWLO 7.Detail group work 8.Review CMAP

4 Review What is a needs assessment?

5 Define Task Analysis How does it differ from NA?

6 How do NA and TA translate into outcomes?

7 Define process of conducting DACUM

8 Curriculum Validation What are RRC stages?

9 Learning gaps What is a gap? Performance below standards Who defines standards?

10 How do you determine gaps? Observation Testing and assessment Product review Peer Review

11 Content gaps Gaps for the designer/educator to address Requires ongoing revision of course resources Informal and formal evaluation

12 Learning targets Common core of essentials LT in: knowledge, reasoning, skills, products, dispositions How do LT differ from Learning Outcomes?

13 How do we correct we address gaps? Group discussion

14 Environmental Scan An analysis Internal and external Factors that may impact outcome of program Focus areas: – Learner profile – Demographics & economics – Existing options/programs – IT access – Additional impacting factors

15 College Wide Learning Outcomes m m

16 College wide learning outcomes In groups of 2 or 3, review the CLO and provide strategies for each of the elements in the three general categories

17 Group Work What is the group work for this course?

18 Examples of CMAPs

19 Example of portfolio work

20 What can you do in your portfolio? Last week: 1 – 4 This week: 5, 12, 13

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