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Industrialization vs. Agrarianism Kevin Young, Sterling Simpson, Ron Pileggi, and Dylan Smith.

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1 Industrialization vs. Agrarianism Kevin Young, Sterling Simpson, Ron Pileggi, and Dylan Smith

2 Opening Statement Industrialization was what began the start of a new world. It started to produce the world, as we know it today. This is a life with the luxuries of machines to do the labor-intensive jobs in factories, a life with powered cars trains, and now airplanes. Industrialization would also lead to the use of electricity, which is a very important source of power that is often taken for granite today. All of the things mentioned were a result of industrialization, and many of the things like cell phones and computers that would come much later in the world were developed from the machines and knowledge learned in the time of industrialization. All of the luxuries that were produced in this period of time and after are luxuries that almost everyone in today’s world would not be able to live with out. That is why the benefits and luxuries given by industrialization outweigh any of its negative factors.

3 Statement of Evidence Inventions of the industrial revolution helped improve life in Britain and many other countries. The improved steam engine, powered machines in cotton mills; lightening the work load for all the workers. It led to the first factory system, early assembly lines, and rapid growing production. The steam engine is still used today to power ocean liners, pile drivers, and electric generators. The steam powered locomotive revolutionized transportation because it moved faster and carried heavier loads then a horse. People were able to travel long distances at a time, take vacations, and see relatives with this great invention. It created demand for iron to use for rails and trains, and giving more people jobs. The Dynamo created electric currents that helped people in their every day lives. The Industrial Revolution leads to the largest inventions in history. James Watt invented the Steam Engine, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, Samuel Morse, invented the telegraph, Alexander graham bell invented the telephone, and these are used to day with such thankfulness to these people.

4 Statement of Evidence continued The production of machines let industries expand their markets, no longer keeping businesses local. There was growth of a nationwide transportation network based on the railroad.There was also a growth with the communications network based on the telegraph and telephone. A steady increase in the size and population of cities began. Industrialization was the best thing that happened for manufacturing. Before the industrial revolution, it took many hours of hard work to produce or build anything. Mail was sent to places that were close by rather than being traveled to far away places. Before the industrial revolution, there was no such thing as technology. Communication was a big break through in the industrial revolution. The telegraph was first introduced in the industrial revolution this made it possible for people in different countries to communicate. The railroads were one of the biggest inventions of the industrial revolution. Railroads made it possible for people to travel anywhere. Mail was now for the first time able to be sent over a distance.

5 Closing Statement As you can see industrialization is superior to agrarianism. Industrialization has made so many things possible that many people wouldn’t even realize. The ability for us to take a warm shower in the morning and to be able to do this by twisting a knob is all possible because of industrialization. Going home and relaxing in front of the TV with a cold glass of juice or milk is because of industrialization. All of these things make our lives so much more enjoyable that almost anyone would say life without industrialization would be miserable. You would have to produce your own food you would be a farmer most likely and you would have little or no social life. Your health would be much worse due to a lack of nutrition and you wouldn’t have any of the luxuries of today, for a example a warm shower another would be entertainment. Another disadvantage would have been having no hobby nothing that you could do to enjoy yourself like playing baseball or football since you would be struggling through life working on your farm from sun rise to nightfall. Some might argue that industrialization has caused a significant amount of damage, but the life before the industrialization would have been much more boring and it would also be miserable since your life would resemble a life of a slave. Also the technology of today will hopefully reduce and one day eliminate all of the pollution created from the industrialization. Life in the present is now more enjoyable and fun due to the luxuries of electricity, running water and technology.

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