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Industrial Revolution Test World Civilization 2014.

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2 Industrial Revolution Test World Civilization 2014

3 Who Improved the cotton gin

4  Eli Whitney

5 What was the first invention of the Agricultural Rev.

6  Seed Drill

7 What was the production method, where each person has one job known as

8  Assembly Line

9 What came first- the agricultural Revolution or the Industrial Revolution?

10  Agricultural Revolution

11 Fencing areas that were once common lands

12  enclosure

13 Another word for cloth  Also: the 1 st product that used technology.

14  textile

15 French word, belief that governments should interfere as little as possible in the economy” Hands Off”

16  laissez- faire

17 What are the 3 parts of an economic system?

18  Capitalism  Socialism  Communism

19 Regulates (controls) production in a Command economy

20  the government

21 large building where goods are made

22  factory

23 First invention to change textile industry (John Kay, 1733)

24  Flying Shuttle

25 Invention that started a “revolution in communication”  Alexander Graham Bells contribution.

26  telephone

27 Goods are made by hand in the home

28  cottage industry

29 Regulates (controls) production in a Market economy

30  supply and demand

31 Another name for natural resource

32  raw material

33 Improved the steam engine

34  James Watt

35 Prevents a person from getting deadly diseases such as small pox

36  vaccinations

37 Invented the light bulb

38  Edison

39 Movement from rural areas into the cities

40  urbanization

41 The Industrial Revolution began in:  (what country)

42  England

43 The Industrial Revolution began where it did because that country had a lot of

44  natural resources  colonies  people

45 Why did the cottage industry end?

46  it couldn’t keep up with demand for products

47 Why was child labor used in the factories?

48  Children are small  Children are cheap  Families were desperate for money

49 Where did early factories have to be built?

50  on or near fast-flowing rivers

51 Refusing to work until certain things are done is called a

52  strike

53 . Conditions in the factories were __________, the hours were _________and the pay was often __________.

54  dangerous, long, bad

55 What is one good thing about urbanization?

56  Variety and Cultural Diversity

57 3 things the factories of the industrial revolution

58  Used interchangeable parts  Used raw materials  Goods made by hand

59 Which of the following was Not an invention of the Industrial Revolution?  The television  Steam Engine  Cotton Gin  Flying Shuttle

60  The Television

61 How did urbanization affect jobs?

62  People could find work with steady pay

63 By the middle of the IR what was the source of power?

64  Steam!

65 An ___________system is the way a country produces and uses goods and services.

66  economic

67 A ______________is a “perfect society” where everyone is equal in their condition.

68  utopia

69 When a person buys a product, he or she is showing a ___________for that product.

70  demand

71 What was the 1 st industry to move into factories?

72  Textile industry

73 ________________is a system where the government owns all industries and runs them for the benefit of all the people. It is a stepping-stone to communism

74  socialism

75 A market economy where entrepreneurs invest in business is called _____________.

76  capitalism

77 Place a “T” in the blank if the statement is true and an “F” if it is false. . _____The world would not be what it is today had we not had the Industrial Rev.

78  True

79 Place a “T” in the blank if the statement is true and an “F” if it is false. . _____Everyone benefits equally under capitalism  ______ Capitalism has government owning businesses  ______ There has been many improvements to people’s working conditions since the IR

80  False  True

81 Place a “T” in the blank if the statement is true and an “F” if it is false.  Wool was the only fiber used for making clothing.  The middle class grew in size during the IR  During the IR machines and factory owners ran the lives of workers

82  False  True

83 Place a “T” in the blank if the statement is true and an “F” if it is false.

84 Alternating the plants.  Fertile soil  Increase amount of food.

85  Crop Rotation

86  Helped bring positive changes to the workplace.

87 .  Unions

88 Here is the order of some of the main inventions in the IR: 1. Seed Drill 2. Crop rotation 3. Enclosure 4. Spinning Jenny 5. Steam Engine 6. Interchangeable parts 7. Steel Making

89 Essay  Can you compare and Contrast the industrial revolution to the Cottage Industry. Give positives and negatives for both. In your opinion one better than the other? Why?

90  Best of Luck!!! I know you will do great!!!  You can come in at any time to go over any of these questions!!!!

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