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Two Components IMAT consists of two components

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1 IMAT – IEEE Meeting Attendance Tool Meeting Management & Attendee Instructions

2 Two Components IMAT consists of two components
1. Manager System (IMAT Manager) Web-based IEEE system which Sets up the Session and Meeting structure links to IMAT Attendee Retains all historical data on meetings and WGs Allows some data to be shared with myProject Can be used as a stand-alone system to upload meeting rosters URL access is 2. Attendee System (IMAT Attendee) URL for access is : Uses Session Meeting structure defined by IMAT Manager Gathers attendee data (from attendees) Provides management services (for WG Chairs) *NOTE: 802 Wireless Interim and Plenary sessions may use MURPHY

3 IMAT Manager This system is considered the management tool which can be used either : before or during the session (to set up or change individual WG Meetings) or after the event (to view the attendance results)

4 Before the Session Setting up Meetings for a Session Each screen has HELP available. If you need help, please click the link in the upper right hand corner for more information.

5 IMAT Manager: Event/Session Selection
After logging, select Events you can: View details & Edit an event Add a new event

6 IMAT Manager: Add a New Event
This is where you set up the event details like location, time zone, and session access code.

7 IMAT Manager: Set up Time Slots
Timeslots regulate when meetings should be occurring during your event and prevent attendees from logging their attendance in multiple meetings

8 IMAT Manager: Add a Meeting
The Meeting name (e.g. TG3c or TGN) The Meeting is associated with a PAR or the WG in myProject The Day of the Meeting The Start and Ending timeslots Normally both will be the same thing for a regular 2-hour timeslot. The example shows this for AM0. If your meeting does not align with the defined timeslots, you must select the overlapping timeslots to create the meeting, click OK/Done and then edit it. What credit value to assign to this meeting – normal, extra or zero. If something else, then select other then OK/Done and edit the meeting The Facilitator is the person who will be chairing or otherwise responsible for this meeting – by default it is the WG Chair Fill out all fields and click OK/Done to return to the detail screen or OK/Add New to add another session

9 IMAT Manager: Enter/Edit Meeting
Event/Session Timeslots for the week Add New Meeting Export or copy meeting Edit or delete previously added Meeting Note that you can only edit meetings that you ‘own’ and not common meetings belonging to the Sponsor

10 IMAT Manager: Designee Access
The designee is given access to IMAT Managerto assist the Chair with managing the attendance tool. The designee being assigned must have an active IEEE Web Account to access IMAT Manager. Log onto IMAT Manager Click “Setup” Click “Assign Designees and Planners” Enter the Web ID for the designee. Designees have full access to IMAT Manager.

11 IMAT Manager: Meeting Planner Access
The meeting planner must have an active IEEE Web Account to access IMAT Manager reports. Log onto IMAT Manager Click “Setup” Click “Assign Designees and Planners” Enter the Web ID for the meeting planner. Meeting Planners have limited access to reports only.

12 IMAT Manager: After the Event
Attendance Management Tools Viewing and managing attendance records Downloading reports

13 IMAT Manager: View Attendance Accessed from Sessions  View Details  View Attendance
These functions are only available from the main maintenance screen after the Session is complete and all of the data has been uploaded. Attendance can be viewed historically or on a by-meeting basis for a specific Session

14 IMAT Manager: View Attendance Accessed from Sessions  View Details  View Attendance
Click on the View Attendance link for a specific breakout. All attendees will be shown for that breakout along with the date/time they signed in, their and their affiliation To add attendee (if missing) you will need the individual username and affiliation

15 IMAT Manager: Change Attendee Data Accessed from Home  Attendance Summary
From the Home page, click on Attendance Summary link

16 IMAT Manager: Change Attendee Data Accessed from Home  Attendance Summary
To change involvement level you must do so in myProject Rosters Click on meeting percentage to override %

17 IMAT Manager: Daily Report Accessed from Home  Event Reports  Daily Attendance
This screen displays the Meeting attendance detail All meetings and the credit accrued for the person will be displayed Export daily attendance data is available

18 IMAT Attendee Tools Use your IEEE Web Account credentials to log in. When the chair logs onto this site he has privileges to help manage attendee data.

19 IMAT Attendee: Attendance Screen
After logging in, you will be taken to your personal individual attendance registration page just as all other attendees – don’t forget to log your attendance To enter management mode, click the manage link

20 IMAT Attendee : Management Screen
In this management screen you can: Reset User Password Export User List Export Attendee List Export Attendance Records Missing Web ID Report Attendance will allow you to download a .csv file to your local machine for your own records To return to your Individual page, click Home

21 IMAT Attendee: Manage Attendees
Chairs can manage attendee meeting attendance on this screen. This page is exactly like the normal registration page except that all days and timeslots are active – be careful!!

22 IMAT Attendee : Attendee Instructions

23 Intro There are three steps to using this system, only one of which is recurring – the first three are onetime. Prior to or during the meeting (one time) Get a free Web Account if you don’t already have one. Keep your contact data in this area up to date. During the Meeting Log onto IMAT (the chair will provide you with the URL to access this system) (Each Meeting Breakout) Register your attendance and affiliation

24 Step 1: Get a free Web Account
If you already have an IEEE Web Account you can skip to the next step Otherwise log onto and click on the link to get a Web Account Note that you must have an IEEE Web Account in order to get credit for any breakouts you attend.

25 Step 2: Log onto IMAT Attendee
Make sure you have an IEEE Web Account per Step 1 Log into IMAT using your IEEE Web Account username and password. The chair for the meeting will advise the URL to log into for this meeting.

26 Step 3: Register your attendance by Selecting the Breakout
Select the Day and Breakout you are attending and update the screen Note that you will only be able to click a single button in the active timeslot column for the current day Once updated, the column will turn green and your selection will be locked in. Selections may not be changed once the timeslot closes Repeat Step 3 for each distinct breakout you attend

27 Step 3a: Supply your Affiliation
You must provide an in order to receive credit for your attendance. You will be asked your affiliation once for the WG and once again for each unique TG or SG you attend. Start typing your affiliation/company name and either choose from the dropdown list or continue typing to add.

28 Summary Prior to the meeting During the meeting
Get a free IEEE Web Account if you do not already have one During the meeting Use IMAT to record attendance, your WG Chair will supply the URL Login to IMAT and register your attendance at each breakout you attend

29 Christina Boyce IEEE-SA Standards Solution Services Manager c
Christina Boyce IEEE-SA Standards Solution Services Manager

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