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1 Website Tutorial

2 Administration  Log on by clicking Login on the footer of almost any page  Your Username is your first initial and full last name  Your initial Password is first1  During the first logon, you will be required to reset your Password  Forgot your password? Just click Forgot Password and it will be emailed to the email address on file

3 Administration  Utilities  Update Users  Clicking Update Users will open a list of all users who have administrative permissions for this site.  To add a user, click the Add a User link at the top of the page.

4  Edit a User by clicking on the User’s name.  For now the only relevant Permission level is System Administrator.  To give permission to a User to edit a category of articles, click Add Pages to Maintain.  The pages available for maintenance will have a link. The pages already being maintained will not be a link.  To add a picture to your profile, click Select Photo.  Click Upload New Picture to upload your photo.  Refresh the Choose User Picture page by pressing F5 or clicking the Reload button on your browser. Administration

5  Click the round radio button next to the picture you choose, then click Update.  Once you have made all the changes you need for the User, click Update in the bottom right corner of the page.  To navigate back to the website control panel, click «Back to Control Panel in the top left corner.

6 Administration  Categories  Articles on this website are organized in Categories.  To add a new Category, click Add a Category.  Enter the name of the category and click Next.  If you want the category to appear on the top navigation, click the Top Level check box.  Enter a whole number in the Sort Order box to determine what order the Category will be displayed.  If the Category you’re adding needs to be a sub-category, click Select next to Page Parent. (Optional)  Select the Parent Category.  Once you’ve added a new Category, don’t forget to go to the Users and add permission to those Users who need access to that Category.

7 Administration  [Edit] Categories – Next to each Category listed is a link to [Edit] the properties of that Category. After making the changes needed, click Update in the bottom right corner of the page.  Photo Galleries – In the Utilities box, click the Photo Galleries link to add and edit as many Photo Galleries as you’d like.  To add a new Gallery, click »Add A New Gallery.  Enter the name of your new gallery and click Next.  Click Add Pictures and Captions to add your photos.  Click Add Your Photos at the top of the page.  Click Upload New Picture to upload and resize your pictures.  Once you have uploaded all the photos you would like, close the Upload Photos window and refresh the Add Photos page. The images you have uploaded will appear here. Click the check boxes next to the images you want to add to the gallery.  Click the Add Selected Photos to Gallery button to update the Gallery

8 Administration  Photo Galleries (continued)  Add and edit captions by clicking the [EDIT CAPTION] link under each picture.  Enter your caption and click Update Photo Captions  To navigate back to your list of galleries, click «Return to Gallery List  Add a description and a representative picture to your gallery by clicking Edit Description. Here you will also be able to set the Sort order. Once your changes are made, click the Submit button.  To Delete a gallery, click the recycle bin button on the far right of the Gallery list.

9 Administration  Add and Edit Articles by clicking on the Category name. This will bring you to a list of articles in that Category.  To add a new article, click »Add a new article.  To Edit an existing article, click on the Article’s title.  Choose a Start Article date by either typing the Start Date into the Start Article field or click the calendar icon and select a date.  Choose an End Article date the same way  Enter a whole number for the Sort order.  If you’d like the article to display on the website’s home page, click the Show on Home check box.  Enter a Headline  Enter a summary in the Teaser Text box  Enter the body of the article in the Body Text field

10 Administration  If you have a related link to go with the article, enter that link in the Related Link field.  HINT: If you open the page you want to link to in another browser window, you can click and drag the link into the field.  If you want the reader to go straight to your hyperlink upon clicking on the article Headline – without seeing an article page, click the radio button labeled Go Straight to Hyperlink.  To link a file, click Link to File.  Click »Upload file to upload a file from your computer. Here, you’ll be able to upload as many as four files at a time.  Once you’ve uploaded your file, return to the Add Files page and click on the file you want to link to your article.  Click »Back to Article  The Related Link will be labeled by whatever you put in the Link Tag field. NOTE: If you put nothing in the Link Tag field, the link will not display.

11 Administration  Attachments - You may attach as many files as you like to any article through the Attachments tool.  Click Select under Attachments  Upload files for this category by clicking »Upload file  From the Add Files page, click on each file you want to list as an attachment to the article.  Click »Back to Article to return to the article.  The file name and path will serve as the name of the link.

12 Administration  Picture  To add a picture to an article, click Get Photo next to the Picture field.  Upload your picture by clicking the Upload new Picture link. This will resize your image as it uploads.  To see your newly uploaded file, refresh your Add A Photo page by pressing your F5 key or clicking your browser’s page reload button.  Click the check box next to the picture you want to add to your article and click the Add Select Photo to Article button.  If you have a caption for the picture, enter it in the Picture Caption field.  Click Update on the bottom left corner of the page.

13 Frequently Asked Questions  Q: Can I link straight to another web page or download?  A: Yes! When setting up or editing an Article or Assignment, click the radio button next to the word Hyperlink and the user will be taken directly to the linked page without displaying an article.  Q: Can I use spaces in my file names?  A: You can, but we don’t recommend it. Spaces can be confusing for the computer to work with and frustrating for the user who doesn’t understand why the computer won’t perform the desired task. Use an underscore _ or dash - instead.

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