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Future Directions Committee Region 9 Meeting

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1 Future Directions Committee Region 9 Meeting
Roberto de Marca Chair, IEEE Future Directions Comm. 2012 IEEE President Elect Candidate

2 IEEE Future directions Committee Scope
The mission of the IEEE Future Directions Committee is to anticipate and determine the direction of existing, new and emerging technologies, and related issues, and to spearhead their investigation and development by IEEE. The emphasis is on new, emerging technical areas either not adequately covered by existing IEEE Societies/Councils (S/C), or which overlap the fields of interest of the existing S/C's. 3/27/2017

3 FDC 2012 Roster Voting Members Staff J Roberto Boisson de Marca
Chair, 2008 TA Vice-President, Pont. Catholic Univ., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Ning Xi Past Pres IEEE Nanotechnology Council, Dept Elect & Comp Engrg, Michigan State Univ Thomas M Coughlin VP of Operations and Planning, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society William T Hayes Vice Pres/Past Pres IEEE Broadcast Technology Society James D Isaak Retired (Industry) Past President, IEEE Computer Society Alan C Rotz Past Pres IEEE Power & Energy Society, Retired from PPL Electric Utilities Peter W Staecker AMP-M/A-COM, retired, IEEE President-Elect Heinrich J Stuttgen Vice Pres of Research, NEC Europe, Heidelberg, Germany Elie K Track Pres IEEE Council on Superconductivity, Sr Partner Hypres, Inc Staff William R Tonti Director, Future Directions Bichlien Hoang Senior Program Director, Future Directions 3/27/2017

4 Industry Advisory Committee (appointed)
Heinrich Stuttgen, NEC Europe Yrjö Neuvo, Former Nokia CTO, Finland Hugh Bradlow, CTO, Telstra, Australia Jeff Voas, NIST, USA Paul Farrar, Vice President, IBM, USA Hideo Kuwahara, Pres. IEEE Photonics Society, Fujitsu, Japan 3/27/2017

5 FDC Emerging Activities
Working Groups for 2012 (so far) Smart Grid (Chair: Wanda Reder) Transportation Electrification (Chair: Russ Lefevre) Cloud Computing (Chair: Steve Diamond) Green ICT (Chair: Jaafar Elmirghani, Univ. of Leeds) The first three groups have already received NIC funding Life Sciences (separate initiative, supported by FD staff) 3/27/2017

6 FDC Emerging Activities (2)
3/27/2017 FDC Emerging Activities (2) Other Potential Topics: Enhancing the Performance of multicore computer systems (High Performance Computing) Disaster Mitigation and Relief Information Society (human centric) Internet of Things (IoT)

7 Gaining brand recognition
7 IEEE Smart Grid A cross-disciplinary initiative for all IEEE Smart Grid-related activities Gaining brand recognition Connects technical and business communities to IEEE experts and resources - globally Drives additional revenues and membership Promotes collaboration Education Publications & Transactions Conferences Standards Technical Experts

8 IEEE Smart Grid Ecosystem
8 IEEE Smart Grid Ecosystem Provides sharp focus and comprehensive coverage Significantly larger than the sum of its parts Smart Grid Product/Service Ecosystem Web Portal Content Update E-Commerce Engine “Opt-In” Group Search Engine Optimization Newsletter Editorial Support Staff Support Article Pipeline Smart Grid World Forum 2010 – Brussels 2011 – China 2012 – Switzerland Marketing Brand Logo Collateral Brochures Inserts Conference Support Competitive Positioning Communications, Public Relations Press Releases Interviews Placed By-lines Supported Media Events Social Media IEEE Smart Grid LinkedIn Group IEEE SG Twitter site YouTube Wikipedia Direct NIC Funding Publications Transactions on Smart Grid On Sustainable Energy Journal of Photovoltaics Articles 8,500+ in Xplore SG- Specific Conferences ISGT SmartGrid Comm Smart Measurements for Future Grids Conferences with Smart Grid Content IEEE PES T&D IEEE Power Line Communications Applied Measurements for Power Systems Standards IEEE 2030 IEEE IEEE 1701, 1702 IEEE 1901 90+ additional SG-related Continuing Education Smart grid for MGA Metro Area Workshops Smart grid boot camp Related

9 Cloud Computing – 2012 Plan Cu-65LP / 65nm Highlights Challenges
Milestone Complete Last Status Lead Comments Expand volunteer/staff team 02/10/12 NA 1/30 Grise Diamond to send invite to all Society and Council Presidents and Division Directors Finalize overall Marketing, Branding, Communications plan 03/01/12 Creation of official logo, branding, press release CCI Testbed Administrative Structure 05/01/12 Grise/ Nielsen Formalize CCI Testbed Administrative Structure with participation Ts&Cs document. Web Portal Launch 06/01/12 Deploy dedicated web portal by 04/01 with full launch 06/01 AP Cloud Conference 09/01/12 Co-sponsor with IBM India, others Transactions on Cloud Computing 12/01/12 Phase 1 review at TAB Meeting 02/16, Phase 2 due June, coordinate across societies & OUs Cloud Testbed Creation Beta functional Educational online modules 02/01/13 Creation of continuing, professional education modules through eLearning Standards development of P2301 & P2302 12/31/13 Working meetings ongoing Highlights Board of Directors approved NIC’s recommendation of $500K Proceeding with project across multiple tracks: Conferences, Education, Pubs, Standards, Testbed Challenges Re-assessing overall project plans against approved funding - $1.8M needed in year 1 3/27/2017

10 FDC Conferences Smart Grid World Forum
3/27/2017 FDC Conferences IEEE Custom Industry Seminars (“2” in 2011 Completed) Motion approved in TAB for a proof of concept trial. Smart Grid World Forum 2010 (Brussels), 2011 (Beijing) 2012 , December 5-7 (Geneva) Technology Time Machine (TTM): a Symposium on technologies beyond 2020. TTM 2011 Hong Kong TTM 2012 Dresden, Germany (23-25 May, 2012) 3/27/2017

11 Custom Industry Seminars
3/27/2017 Custom Industry Seminars Format One-day IEEE conference at client location with 6 topics In-person attendance and webcast Process Client selects initial list of topics Iterative discussion (client and IEEE) to agree on final list IEEE identifies speakers (who must be IEEE members) for topics selected IEEE sends abstracts and speakers’ bios to client for approval Client and IEEE finalize agenda Long (4-6 month) process with a few surprises along the way Customer handles local arrangements, IEEE handles speakers’ logistics Net surplus returned to s/c’s as a function of their respective society memberships. 3/27/2017

12 NTC Aug 9, 2011 @ Boeing Seal Beach, CA
3/27/2017 NTC Aug 9, Boeing Seal Beach, CA L to R –P. Sobel (IEEE), P.Staecker (IEEE), A. Ribeiro (S), F. Ghorrami (S), S. Rengarajan (S), H. Hihara(S) K. Gifford (S), S. Keene (S), Tom Russell (Boeing), B. Hoang (IEEE)

13 SGWF 2011 - Outstanding Event!
400 Attendees Invited Speakers Only Targeted to Executives Program jointly developed by IEEE and SGCC Two Plenary and Six Technical Sessions: Smart Transmission including UHV Smart Dispatching and Generation EV Charging/Discharging and Swapping Smart Distribution and DG Generation Demand Side Management Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 3/27/2017

14 SGWF 2011 China

15 The IEEE Technology Time Machine: (IEEE TTM) June 1-3 Hong Kong

16 The IEEE Technology Time Machine 2012
World Class Committee and Speakers 5/23-25, Dresden Germany 3/27/2017

17 TTM 2012 Dresden, May 23 -25 2012
Video link:   3/27/2017

18 Concluding Remarks We need participation of volunteers and leaders from Region 9 We need visions into the future We need collaboration 3/27/2017

19 Thanks very much!! Muchas Gracias!! Muito Obrigado!! ……………………………………………

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