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Congratulations, Youre an IEEE Member ! New Member Orientation Denise Maestri Member Development Member Market Program Manager

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1 Congratulations, Youre an IEEE Member ! New Member Orientation Denise Maestri Member Development Member Market Program Manager

2 Formal Presentation* ( ~ 30 minutes ) Welcome to IEEE Getting Connected / Participation Student Competitions and Scholarships Benefits Member Discounts *This presentation is available for download at Open Q&A ( ~ 30 minutes ) Slide 2 New Member Orientation Todays Orientation …

3 Slide 3 Welcome to IEEE

4 About IEEE … Mission IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Slide 4 New Member Orientation IEEE Membership Engineers, scientists and allied professionals whose technical interests are rooted in electrical and computer sciences, engineering and related disciplines 400,000+ members globally: 300,000 professionals, 100,000 students 160+ countries Private sector, academia, government Society Memberships Niche membership organizations within IEEE (38 of them) that represents specific technical or professional interests About 50% of IEEE members also belong to a Society Nearly all of IEEE conferences, publications, and standards development are sponsored and managed by IEEEs technical Societies Societies support technical chapters that collaborate with your local IEEE Section

5 Slide 5 New Member Orientation Welcome package arrives containing greeting letter, membership card, and benefits brochure 3-5 weeks depending on location Online Application Paper Application IEEE Service Rep processes application and payment 3-7 days from receiving application Welcome package arrives containing greeting letter, membership card, and membership brochure. Auto- generated IEEE Account printed in separate mailing. 3-5 weeks depending on location confirmation to member that application and payment received. Access to benefits and services begins Print publications begin arriving Membership Activation at a Glance … Immediate access to Benefits and Services

6 Slide 6 Getting Connected New Member Orientation

7 Membership Begins with Connecting … IEEE Account myIEEE myAccount memberNet Slide 7 New Member Orientation

8 Slide 8 New Member Orientation – Getting Connected Why do you need this? Key to online access ! Enables your access to myIEEE, myAccount, and other IEEE resources Available to IEEE members and IEEE society members, customers and visitors. Access to services varies based on membership and subscription status. IEEE Account

9 Slide 9 Why? Saves you time to find resources IEEE information personalized to your technical, demographic, and geographic interests To do… Visit and log-in using your IEEE Familiarize yourself with myIEEEs navigation and features Customize your myDesktop with a selection of any myIEEE modules/gadgets Locate link to myAccount in navigation header area myIEEE is a one-stop, personalized web portal providing IEEE members with convenient access to IEEEs web based member benefits and account information. myIEEE minutes New Member Orientation – Getting Connected

10 Slide 10 myIEEE (cont.) New Member Orientation – Getting Connected Member Greeting Drop-Down Menu Your member number Your Section w/ link to its website Rolodex icon links to officers & address

11 myDesktop Customizable selection of any myIEEE modules/gadgets Layout selection, 2 or 3 columns, with drag-and-drop gadget placement RSS tools to import feeds from IEEE or other content sources Choice of several technology-based themes for the interface myIEEE 1.8 – Product PrimerSlide 11 myIEEE (cont.) Select Customize to begin personalizing your myDesktop page.

12 Slide 12 Why? Helps personalize and automate your member experience, e.g., myIEEE, memberNet Maintains your account history with IEEE To do… From myIEEE, review menu options under myAccount 1 st priority Select Technical Interest Profile. Complete your technical interest profile Review other account information for accuracy and completeness Manages your IEEE account information, and the primary venue for purchasing IEEE products and services. myAccount minutes New Member Orientation – Getting Connected

13 Slide 13 Why? Exclusive online directory of all IEEE members Enables you to find other members with similar interests, and makes you visible to the IEEE member community Improved messaging capabilities to facilitate member-to-member communications, while insuring member privacy To do… Log into myIEEE with you IEEE Account, from Locate memberNet module, and select Opt-in Preferences Check-mark the profile information (which has been automatically imported) that you want to share with other members, and save your preferences memberNet is an online search and networking tool that allows members to connect with technical and engineering experts worldwide, personalized to each member. memberNet / Opt-in Preferences 3-5 minutes New Member Orientation – Getting Connected If your member account information is incomplete, e.g. technical interest profile, configure / update via myAccount

14 Slide 14 Summary Flow Chart … New Member Orientation – Getting Connected IEEE Account myIEEE myAccount Review account info for accuracy, e.g., address Configure technical interest profile (very important) Identify your local Section and officers (cursor over your name) Locate myAccount link in navigation header. memberNet Create your memberNet profile, select and save opt-in preferences Your key to online access

15 … and is Enriched through Participation Learn Contribute Influence Slide 15 New Member Orientation

16 Learn … Slide 16 New Member Orientation – Participation Stay informed, take action Benefits Bulletin –E-newsletter delivered monthly –Announcements about new/updated benefits –Interactive polls, hyperlinked benefit listing –Winners of the random, IEEE t-shirt drawing The Institute –The alumni newspaper chronicling the events, activities, and accomplishments of IEEE and its members –Four (4) print, and eight (8) online editions –An alert notification newsletter, published twice a month, highlights articles in the online edition Section / Society Newsletters –Announcements about the people, activities, and events specific to a geographic area or technical interest group

17 Authoring –Over 140 periodicals let you choose the best forum for your work –Exposure in top-rated journals –Disciplined methodology for peer review – Speaking –Over 800 conferences let you choose the best forum for your work –Distinguished lecturer network for local events –Valuable peer networks – Judging –Opportunity to help make IEEE competitions successful and insightful for students and young professionals – Contribute … Slide 17 Share insight, help others New Member Orientation – Participation

18 Influence… Slide 18 Exercise leadership, drive change New Member Orientation – Participation Developing –Technical standards –Curriculum for high-school, teacher in-service training – Leading & Organizing –Section, Chapter, Student branch events and activities –Existing or new conference tracks, competitions Promoting –Local and/or technical events and activities –Membership development Voting –Selecting the IEEE leadership locally, technically, and globally –

19 Slide 19 Student Competitions And Scholarships New Member Orientation

20 IEEEXtreme is a global challenge in which teams of IEEE Student members compete in a 24-hour time span against each other to solve a set of programming problems. It provides Student branches with an opportunity to collaborate to solve real-world problems It increases activities that appeal to computer, programming and information technology fans in IEEE Grand Prize: All expense-paid trip to an IEEE conference of choice, anywhere around the world! More info: Questions: NOTE 5,000 reg, 63 countries, 1,600

21 Presidents Change the World Recognizes students or teams of students who develop unique solutions to real-world problems using engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to benefit their community or humanity Grand Prize: US $10,000 towards your project Are you working on a project with a team of students that will change the world or a corner of it? Then you or your team can enter More info: Questions:

22 Slide 22 Member Benefits New Member Orientation

23 IEEE Helps You Grow in These Key Areas: Knowledge: Access to the latest and best research –News, television programs & educational resources needed to expand your expertise & stay current with the latest technology trends Profession: Advance toward your career goals –IEEE programs help increase your skills, earn scholarships, give and receive professional mentoring: IEEE Job Site & Career Alert alerts, IEEE eLearning Library Community: Part of the worlds largest community –Technology professionals – a network of communication and learning that is unrivaled in the industry Professional conferences, educational seminars and local events New Member Orientation

24 IEEE Member Benefits & Discounts Knowledge –IEEE Potentials, Whats New for Students, IEEE eLearning Library*, IEEE Society publications*,IEEE Spectrum Magazine,, IEEE Xplore Digital Library (> 3 million documents) Profession –Consultants Database, IEEE Job Site & Career Alert alerts, IEEE eLearning Library, IEEE continuing education programs* Community –IEEE memberNet, myIEEE, IEEE Sections and Technical Chapters Other –Insurance Services*, Todays Engineer e-zine, Professional conferences, educational seminars and local events *Requires an additional fee, but IEEE members receive exclusive discounts New Member Orientation

25 Slide 25 The premier online collection of short courses and conference workshops eLearning New Member Orientation

26 IEEE Member Benefit Coming Soon End of 2 nd quarter-IEEE is preparing to launch In addition, members will also have access to Google Calendar, Contacts, Drive, and other Google Apps products. As of 15 May: will not be able to make changes to existing IEEE address, or create a new one, for a period of up to eight weeks. –A unique address (e.g., –A 25-gigabyte inbox or forwarding –99.9 percent up time guaranteed by Google –Advertisement-free Gmail –Storage of files in the cloud for easy sharing and access from anywhere via Google Drive More information: New Member Orientation

27 Student Member Benefits Undergraduate and graduate student members reap the same benefits as professional members –Discounts on many technical resources –Reduced registration fees for conferences –Student discounts Society memberships Software Publications New Member Orientation

28 Student Member Benefits IEEE Student branch IEEE Competitions Achievement recognition Student Professional Awareness Conferences Other –Award programs, scholarships and grants, and many special offers from IEEE partners Note: students must be enrolled in at least 50% of a normal, full-time course of study in an IEEE designated field New Member Orientation

29 Popular Student Benefits Microsoft Software LabVIEW Student Install Option Potentials Magazine IEEE Xplore Digitial Library – over 2 million documents! Conferences-registration discounts Subscription Catalog Discounts Scholarship Opportunities Career Alerts New Member Orientation

30 Slide 30 Member Discounts New Member Orientation

31 IEEE Member Discounts IEEE offers member-only pricing on insurance, travel-services, home/office services and technology products. IEEE Sponsored Group Insurance Plans IEEE Sponsored Discount Programs IEEE Products and Services NOTE: Availability varies by country New Member Orientation

32 IEEE Member Discounts Update Just Launched in : –International - Term Life Insurance (64 countries) –Rosetta Stone ®TOTALe ® discount (global) –IEEE Vacation Center (multiple countries) Coming in 2013: –International – Personal Accident and Disability Insurance (81 countries) New Member Orientation

33 Member Benefit Coming Soon: MentorCentre Why join the IEEE MentorCentre? Who can be an IEEE Mentor? Who can be an IEEE Mentee? NOTE: Available to GSM membership grade and higher New Member Orientation

34 Mentees: New Member Orientation

35 Mentors: New Member Orientation

36 Member Benefit Coming Soon: OptimalResume ® What is it?: –Not just a resume tool, but provides: Resume, CV, letter templates Work portfolio Skills inventory Mock interview module NOTE: Available to GSM membership grade and higher New Member Orientation

37 General Membership Incentives MGM Program IEEE Day - $25 off for new, higher grade members who join during the week of IEEE Day (first week in October) New Member Orientation

38 Slide 38 In Summary … New Member Orientation

39 New Member Assistance … IEEE Support Center –Available 24 hours / 5 days a week (Sunday, 4:30pm ET through Friday, 4:30pm ET) – (USA and Canada) (Worldwide) IEEE Section Volunteer Leadership –Contact rolodex accessible from myIEEE Slide 39 New Member Orientation

40 Why You Should Stay With IEEE Dues are discounted for your first year You get help finding a job IEEE Xplore digital library is at your fingertips Continuing education, at a discount Discounts on books and conferences IEEE is fun, too ! New Member Orientation

41 Slide 41 New Member Orientation … Renewal at a Glance JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC October - Renewal for following membership year opens (several e- mails and print invoice) Members who joined between 16 August and 31 December wont receive a renewal notice until the following October March - Deactivation of service to un-renewed members January - Membership renewal becomes past due

42 Frequently Asked Questions … Slide 42 New Member Orientation – FAQs Why hasnt my new member welcome package arrived ? Allow 3-5 weeks from the day you joined. Varies by country, and /or venue of joining, e.g., print application, at a conference. If not received by 5 weeks, contact IEEE Contact Center. Where can I find my member number ? Log into myIEEE with your IEEE Account. Cursor over your name, and a drop-down window will appear that displays your member number. How can I access my IEEE account username and password? Visit This resource page guides you step-by-step on how to ascertain the password information you need. If you need additional assistance, initiate a request for assistance to the IEEE Contact Center, at Where can I access my IEEE payment receipts? Log into myIEEE. Cursor over the link in the header of myIEEE called myAccount. From the drop-down window, select My Orders,. Upon entry, find and print your receipt. How do I change my mailing address? Log into myIEEE. Cursor over the link in the header of myIEEE called myAccount. From the drop-down window, select Address Profile,. What is included in my membership? The most complete list of member benefits can be found at The list will distinguish benefits that come with your membership at no additional cost, as well as add-on products and services. Society benefits How do I gain access to the IEEE Job Site? Log into myIEEE. Select the tab, Profession Desktop. Navigation to the IEEE Job Site will be presented in the left navigation bar. To what do I have access in IEEE Xplore? All IEEE members can search and review the 3 million + records and abstracts, and can download articles from IEEE Spectrum and. IEEE Potentials magazines. The ability to download other articles is dependent upon your add-on services, e.g., add-on membership to IEEEs technical societies, and/or being an add-on subscriber to the IEEE Member Digital Library.

43 Thank you! Conclusion of Formal Presentation* Slide 43 New Member Orientation to send a specific inquiry to the IEEE Contact Center go to: * Remember…this presentation is available for download at

44 Q & A Session (welcome to stay, or leave) Slide 44 New Member Orientation

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