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Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Coverage Subjects include: agricultural biotechnology, air quality, aquatic pollution, bacteriology, ecology,

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1 Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management Coverage Subjects include: agricultural biotechnology, air quality, aquatic pollution, bacteriology, ecology, energy resources, environmental biotechnology, environmental engineering, environmental impact statements (U.S.), hazardous waste, industrial hygiene, microbiology, pollution: land, air, water, noise, solid waste, radioactive, risk assessment, safety science, toxicology & toxic emissions, water pollution, waste management and water resource issues Abstracts and citations from over 10,000 serials including scientific journals, conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books and government publications. Some of these journal titles and full-text articles are available from OARE.

2 Environmental Science and Pollution Management (CSA) From the browse databases list, open the Environmental Science and Pollution Management database.

3 This is the Basic Search (default) page of CSA. Enter pesticides AND coral reefs in the Search box and click on the magnifying glass. Note the check box to limit the search to Peer reviewed articles.

4 In the Narrow results by option, the results are displayed – Scholarly Journals (92), Books (16), Conference Papers and Proceedings (5) and Reports (3).

5 Note the Narrow results by column option with multiple limits including document type, subject and publication date.

6 By clicking on preview, the citation (author, title, source, etc.), abstract and other information are displayed. Note that the search terms are highlighted.

7 Another option is the Citation/Abstract option that is displayed in the next slide.

8 Using a Environmental Science and Pollution Management list of citations, there may be access the full-text articles from the OARE Journals collection A-Z list.

9 Check the boxes to save citations for use in the Save, Print and Email options.

10 The various options are listed on the search results page.

11 These are the instructions to Create My Research account – for the Save to My Research option.

12 5 items have been selected to put in Save to My Research. 1 st - Create a new folder.

13 Displayed is the Email option with 5 items selected. Note the Content, Bibliography and Include options.

14 Now displayed is the Print option with similar choices.

15 Now displayed is the Export/Save drop down menu.

16 This is the RTF (works with Microsoft Word) Export Save option. It also has similar fields as the Email and Print choices.

17 Displayed is the Advanced Search page. Similarly to the other databases, this is a tool to create a more precise or limited search. Note the Limit to, Publication date and Source type options.

18 Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management also has a Create alert option; again similar to other databases.

19 Exercises Complete exercises # 21 - 23 in the accompanying OARE Short Course Exercises (Word) document

20 Training Material The OARE Training page has detailed information that can be used for training courses and further learning. Access to the Training Materials also is available from the Contents pages horizontal bar.

21 There are links to PDF documents PowerPoint presentations that are an in-depth discussion of many of OAREs features.

22 Note that the Basic Training Packages contains modules on using the OARE website and searching for articles in two of the databases.

23 The IMARK project has a number of courses on the effective management of agricultural information (but would apply to other disciplines). Material is available online or via CD-ROM.

24 INASP has developed a series of courses on the use of electronic resources in low-income countries.

25 AuthorAID is an invaluable resource for publishing including a library with 150+ documents and a mentor service.

26 Authorship Skills Web-bibliography Contains annotated links to 35+ WWW based/ full-text information on how to: Conduct ethical research Write a scientific paper Write a structured abstract Prepare manuscripts for submission Write footnotes and bibliographies Avoid plagiarism skills/en/index.html skills/en/index.html This web-bibliography has annotated links to 35+ scientific publishing related Internet sites.

27 Appendix : Access Problems and Solutions for Full-text Articles Via OARE, the Journal of Forest Research has been opened.

28 When attempting to open a full-text article, the publisher (Springer) has requested a fee to purchase the article..

29 Possible Problems Access problems can be caused by: 1)failure to properly LOGIN with the institution's User Name/Password 2) technical problems at the Publisher's website 3) Problems with local systems (configuration of user institutions firewall, configuration of browser) or 4) The publisher has not authorized access – more often for Group B countries

30 The Logged in from: … message confirms that you have completed the login. You also can confirm login by viewing the url (web address) at the top of the page that will read:

31 In OARE, the Journal of Forest Research is in the J section of the Journals collection A-Z list. We have confirmed that you should have access to this journal.

32 This is a sample email – to send to:

33 Screen Captures To create screen captures: – display the screen you want (from the Internet) – click on the print screen key – open the paint program and paste the image (control/v) – edit the image (use the select icon to limit content) – copy again (control/c) and paste in document or slide Note: you can skip the paint program step and paste the screen capture directly into the document.

34 You have completed all the components of the OARE Short Course updated 2013 07

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