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S UPPORTING T EACHER D EVELOPMENT IN STEM ~ F LORIDA W EST C OAST Oliver Bailey – Lingnell Outstanding Educator Award - 2009.

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1 S UPPORTING T EACHER D EVELOPMENT IN STEM ~ F LORIDA W EST C OAST Oliver Bailey – Lingnell Outstanding Educator Award - 2009

2 E ULER L INE D RAWINGS A F B C D E Euler Line Drawings: Object is to redraw without retracing

3 S.T.E.M. Science Technology Engineering Mathematics A.S.M.E. Student Design Competition … knowledge and skills needed by future researchers, educators, and technologists; students pursuing postsecondary education in other disciplines; and individuals directly entering the technological workforce. NSF Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education



6 Table 2. A sample of STEM initiatives in Florida o Florida Department of Education Office of Mathematics and Science http://www.fldoestem.org o FCR-STEM http://www.fcrstem.org o Florida PROMiSE http://www.flpromise.org o The PRISM Project http://www.theprismproject.org o FSU Teach http://www.fsu-teach.fsu.edu o UF Teach o Florida SUMS o Space Florida http://www.spaceflorida.gov o Enterprise Florida http://www.eflorida.comWorkforce Florida, Inc. http://www.workforceflorida.comFlorida Chamber Foundation http://www.flchamber.comhttp://www.eflorida.comhttp://www.workforceflorida.com o Coalition for Science Literacy at USF

7 STEM – Websites of Interest (has free online surveys for all students) http://istf.ucf.edu (also a new project for SECME)

8 Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Medicine Manufacturing 8

9 S.T.E.M. O PPORTUNITIES - I NFORMAL YES-SECME Science Fair Science Bowl Math MovesU Math Counts Mighty Mu Mu Alpha Theta Robofest Future Cities F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Robofest Electrathon B.E.S.T. Robotics Rover Robotics JrFLL 7 FLL Robotics VEX Robotics Envirothon FETC TEAMS/JETS Competition Science Olympiad International Science Fair Hydrogen Car/Solar Car Competition NSBEJr. Pre-Collegiate Program

10 Y OUTH E NGINEERING S OCIETY - SECME Saturday morning enrichment program middle & secondary students SPC – no fee September – May Active parent organization Math competitions (NSBE) (FEF Math Brain Bowl) SECME Student Engineering Design Competitions Mousetrap Car ISTEF web page design VEX Robotics Poster, Essay, Water bottle rocket Scholarships, fieldtrips, Networking

11 S CIENCE F AIR County Science Fair State Science Fair International Science & Engineering Fair

12 M ATH M OVES U Making Math Exciting Middle school students Teacher resources Student activities Weekly math contests (Do Math 2 Win) Grants (24 students 2 Coachman Fundamental MS) Scholarships (B. Simons – Sr. St. Pete H.)

13 M ATHCOUNTS Middle Math competition Math Club Resources (free) Raytheon hosts local event Seminole Middle School – winning team Competition next year at Seminole MS

14 M IGHTY M U & M ATH M ANIA Mighty Mu – Middle School Math Math Mania – Elementary & Middle Pinellas Competitions Mighty Mu – Math Honor Society Palm Harbor UHS – hosts Mighty Mu (Dec) Pinellas Park High- hosts Math Mania – Feb Team competitions

15 M U A LPHA T HETA - High school Honor Society Math competitions Individual & Team State & Nationals


17 R OBOFEST Local, National Competition Elementary-Middle-High RoboFest Competition Robofest Competition is expanding The Robofest is a competition of autonomous robots - that encourages students to have fun while learning principles of computer science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Also, it is affordable! You can use any robotics kit NXT, RCX, and other materials. Ticket Info: $10 Website:

18 F UTURE C ITIES Middle School Competition Civil Engineering Research 7 th & 8 th Graders SimCity 4 Deluxe software Local Competition at Thurgood Marshall FMS

19 E NDLESS P OSSIBILITIES ! National Engineering Week USF Engineering EXPO JETS Hydrogen Car Competition Electrathon Envirothon Solarbotics NSBE Jr. Rover


21 21 SPC - FEF Regional Math Competition

22 22 Student Design Competition at SPC- Seminole Campus

23 23 UCF Tour & FRC Robotics Competition – Orlando, FL

24 24 Water Bottle Rocket Contest

25 25 YES Students Working on Solar Cars Students, Parents, Volunteers & Staff Working Together

26 26 THANKS to Our Volunteers, Sponsors & Supporters

27 27 Professor Emeritus, University of South Florida, Department of Electrical Engineering Founder and Director Rudolph E. Henning, Eng.ScD., P.E.


29 A F B C D E

30 A F B C D E

31 A F B C D E

32 A F B C D E

33 A F B C D E

34 A F B C D E

35 A F B C D E

36 A F B C D E

37 A F B C D E

38 A F B C D E

39 A F B C D E

40 A F B C D E

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