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1 Larry Woolf General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation (President/Chair) General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc (RSG) (Scientist/Engineering Manager)

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1 1 Larry Woolf General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation (President/Chair) General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc (RSG) (Scientist/Engineering Manager) April 10, 2013 An opportunity for GA employees to improve K-12 science education: GASSSS Program (GA Scientists Supporting Science for Students)

2 Agenda Brief history GA education outreach General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation (GASEF) GASSSS Program Goals Application Process Participants Presentations Matchmaker 2

3 General Atomics Education Outreach - A Brief History Education outreach initiated by Anne Blue and Pat Winter in 1992 Education modules developed in conjunction with SD MS and HS teachers Materials Science Atomic energy Fusion Radioactivity Biotechnology 3

4 General Atomics Education Outreach - A Brief History Other modules Color Chromatics Physics/Materials Science of Light Bulb Line of Resistance using Graphite Pencil Physics, Math, and Engineering of Safe Driving Posters, educational materials, developed Presentations to middle and high school teachers GA Education Conferences 4

5 Some GASEF Educational materials 5

6 Poster guest appearance on the Big Bang Theory 6

7 General Atomics Education Outreach - A Brief History Non-profit GA Sciences Education Foundation (GASEF) started in 1995 Support GA outreach efforts Fund regional science non-profits GA Scientists Supporting Science for Students - GASSSS program started in 2010 Extensive Fusion Education Outreach Program 7

8 GASEF home page – 8

9 GASEF home page – GASSSS Program 9

10 GASSSS Addresses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Needs Expose students to scientists and engineers Attract students into Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) careers Create community of interaction between teachers and scientists Provide real life examples Demonstrate scientific and engineering processes Improve content knowledge of teachers Provide a mechanism for GA employees to help their communities 10

11 GASSSS Program 11 Open to all GA employees 2 aspects: Activity and associated material purchase GA employee activity determined by the employee interacting with the teacher (off hours) Assist teacher, Teach a lesson, Talk about career, Assist in training Other GASEF will reimburse STEM material purchases Up to $250 for a single classroom Up to $500 for multiple classrooms/school/district

12 GASSSS Application Form – fill out before activity 12 Name: Date: GA email: GA company/group/division: School or Non-profit name and location Teacher name and email address: Description of proposed use of funding: Maximum funding level requested ($250 (class) or $500 (school or region)): Activity that you will be assisting in classroom:

13 GASSSS Application Form – fill out after activity 13 Description of how funds were used by the teacher or non-profit (provide copy of receipts): Reimbursement check should be made out to: Date of activity: Can the above information be made public? (Yes/No)

14 GASEF home page – GASSSS Application Form 14

15 15

16 GASSSS Participants 16

17 GASSSS Participants 17

18 GASSSS Participants 18

19 GASEF home page – GASSSS Presentations 19

20 GASSSS Presentations  Education Outreach Presentations Instructions for GASSSS Presentations Leblanc Engineers for Sustainable World 4-17- 12 presentation Wilkens Radiation Shielding 12/15/11 presentation Wilkinson 2012 DIY Microphone Workshop Deshler 3/4/13 Presentation to Ada Harris Cardiff Elementary School 20

21 What if you want to help but don’t have any connections? GASSSS Matchmaker Program 21

22 GASEF home page – GASSSS Matchmaker 22

23 GASSSS Matchmaker (more on web site) 23 GA Employees Willing to Participate in GASSSS Educators Wanting a GA Employee NameExpertise Name/Grade/School / email Activities/ Materials of Interest Amy Engineer Mechanical engineer willing to discuss engineering careers, machinery, nuclear energy, energy, atoms, radioactivity Joe Teacher, 6 th grade science, San Diego middle school, Want a scientist to talk about their career and/or do a demonstration about forces in real machines Andrew LeBlanc Computer Scientist willing to discuss computer science careers, STEM, STEM outreach, DIII-D, nuclear fusion, hands on physics experiments, computer science experiments, science literacy, history of science Achi Mishra, Junior at Torrey Pines High School, AchiMishra@team36 We would love to have mentors for our FRC Robotics team. We need business mentors so we can be successful in raising money for our team as well as engineering mentors so we can successfully build a robot.

24 You can support the GASSSS program via United Way form or directly 24 Directly support the GASEF at: United Way form

25 Summary 25 How to locate the site Search for General Atomics science education foundation On internal home page in bottom blue stripe GASSSS application is short GASSSS Matchmaker program Your contribution can make a difference! Home About News Legal Contact GA Sciences Education Foundation

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