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Southern New Jersey THE ROBOT CHALLENGE. 2 WHO ARE WE? Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to.

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1 Southern New Jersey THE ROBOT CHALLENGE

2 2 WHO ARE WE? Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists. We are part of IEEE which is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. 375,000 members in 160 countries. 324 sections in 10 geographic regions worldwide. We belong to the Southern New Jersey Section (SNJ) Southern New Jersey

3 3 A team competition among High School students challenging their imagination and developing their skills by creating and designing a working robot. A non-profit project that was initiated by IEEE as a means of encouraging students to become engineers. Baltimore IEEE has been sponsoring a competition in their area for 13 years. The Baltimore web-site: WHAT IS THE ROBOT CHALLENGE? Southern New Jersey

4 4 Kits are usually obtained through the Southern New Jersey IEEE section. The robot kit costs approximately $60 (incredible knowledge benefits for about $15 per student) The kit includes the manual and the parts needed to build the robot, except for the body covering. Extra manuals for teachers are available WIE will provide 1 free kit to the first 4 schools that sign up for the competition! Southern New Jersey WHERE DO WE GET THE ROBOT KITS?

5 5 Southern New Jersey AND THE CHALLENGE IS.… To build a robot capable of walking 6 feet along a path with a minor obstacle Teams must: Build a Robot using the plans provided with the kit. Keep a detailed log throughout the construction. Prepare a Written Report about the experience, including schedule, problems, and solutions. Compete with teams from other schools. Make an Oral Presentation to judges.

6 6 Southern New Jersey The race to the Finish Line SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: teamwork working with tools writing creativity and design organization electrical theory THE FUN IS ALL ABOUT.…

7 7 Southern New Jersey FOR THE TEACHERS: a way to get kids involved… Weve pre-designed an experiment that you can use to teach the principles of science. Meet teaching standards for problem solving, writing skills, math, and science. FOR THE STUDENTS: youll find out… The hands-on activity gets you out of your chairs Its fun to learn what its like to be an engineer Being an engineer is creative and cool! The real fun is competing against other teams! THE FUN IS ALL ABOUT.…

8 8 TEAMS Southern New Jersey A minimum of 4 students per team Each team will receive a Manual and kit Work on the project during class time, or after school as a voluntary activity Typically the project takes between 2 to 4 months based on 3 hours a week of work Students are encouraged to solve problems by themselves

9 9 Southern New Jersey GETTING STARTED The kit contains everything to build the Robot The motto needs to be measure twice, cut once!

10 10 Southern New Jersey TOOLS Required but not provided wood saw jig saw electric drill needle-nose pliers vise screw drivers wire stripper sharp knife batteries tools and materials to create a robot body covering that does not interfere with mechanical operation sand paper (wood & metal) 25 watt soldering iron safety goggles Optional: rotary cutting tool for cutting the threaded rods bench drill press is helpful for aligning holes miter box

11 11 Southern New Jersey THE 2-LEG ROBOT KIT

12 12 THE 2-LEG ROBOT PARTS Southern New Jersey

13 13 Southern New Jersey THE SKELETON

14 14 Southern New Jersey THE BODY COVERING

15 15 Southern New Jersey THE CONTROL

16 16 The Basic Students Manual contains all the information needed to build the Robot: Provides technical diagrams Written instructions for building the robot Information on preparing the written report Information on getting ready for the Robot Challenge event STUDENT MANUAL Southern New Jersey

17 17 Contains sketches of what the basic robot will look like when built Contains information on how to make the body covering TEACHER MANUAL Southern New Jersey

18 18 Southern New Jersey TEAMWORK Students work together as a team Mistakes by one affect the others Each leg of the Robot is operated by a different member of team Team cooperation is key

19 19 Southern New Jersey OBJECTIVE Bring the robot competition to Southern New Jersey high schools. Generate interest in engineering among young adults. Challenge the students creativity and skill through STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Help students connect science with their own lives.

20 20 SNJ WIE WIE website: IEEE website: Robot Challenge website (Baltimore, MD): Southern Jersey WIE Chair: Heather Tomasello 609-909-9374 Southern Jersey IEEE Computer Society Chair: Dana Whicker CONTACT INFORMATION Southern New Jersey

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