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Conference Finance: Two Views Ed Lampo Nuclear & Plasma Sciences POCO Prague, 2009.

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1 Conference Finance: Two Views Ed Lampo Nuclear & Plasma Sciences POCO Prague, 2009

2 Conference Finance: Two Views ( Conference Treasurer vs. Conference Reporting) Conference Treasurer Function Conference Finance Department Guidance Expectations Timeline Submission Process Periodic Reports Tools Two Views – One Goal

3 Conference Treasurer Function Prepare Budget Handle Pre-Conference Expenses Deal with Onsite Expense & Income Post-Conference Reconciliation of Finances Close Conference with HQ

4 Conference Finance Department Guidance Bank Accounts Insurance & Bonding Budget Cash Flow Income Expense Auditing Records Cash Handling Financial Reports Conference Closing Final Report IRS Reporting (1099-Forms)

5 Expectations Treasurer Money as needed Successful Meeting Quick & Easy Some $s Leftover Retain History Finance Department Accountability Successful Meeting Timely Closing Adequate Return Document History

6 Timeline Preparations for On-Going Conference Site Selection (3 to 5 years out) Negotiating Contracts (3 - 5 years) Contracts Review & Approval by HQ (3 – 5 years) Budget Preparation (2 - 4 years) Budget Submission (2 years out), at same time: Setup Bank Account(s) File Insurance, Copyright, etc, Forms Arranging Sponsors & Grants (2 - 3 years) Coordinate Registration Finances (~1 year out)

7 Submission Process Go to Financial Reporting Workbook Located via: At 5 th bullet under heading Finance Follow Workbooks simple procedure: Complete tab Budget Checklist (tab #2) Complete tab Budget Worksheet (tab #3) (Note: do not manually enter any data elsewhere) Next complete Conference Information Schedule web form, as located at: With the Conference Record Number obtained above, complete the IEEE Financial Web Form at: Each person as needed should complete a "Principles of Business Conduct Compliance Certificate and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement" web form Open IEEE Concentration Bank Account, for form go to: Wait for banking materials and budget approval; provide any additional requested data Contact your Societys Finance Chair/Treasurer at any time with questions

8 Periodic Reports Updating Budget Revise after Registration begins (6 months before conference) Possibly do interim Budget at start of conference Do preliminary report immediately after conference, then Close all Bank Accounts Arrange for Audit Complete necessary Tax information Submit Closing by 6-months after conference Review with Society and HQ shortly after above Final should be completed prior to 1-year after conference

9 Tools On-Line Budgeting Tool NPS is developing software to assist Conference Treasurers. The tool will allow online Budget access. It is fully compatible with IEEE Financial Reporting Workbook. Write Access is restricted, (Read-Only for limited others). Tool compares current Budget to another as chosen. Development is nearing completion (after 2-years & $100K). After testing, Tool will be available to all IEEE Societies.

10 Two Views – One Goal Conferences and IEEE Conference Finance Department are working together. This cooperation achieves successful and compliant conferences; one mutual goal.

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