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Conference Organizer Basics: IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) 16 July 2009 Prague, Czech Republic Quick Start for Conference Organizers.

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1 Conference Organizer Basics: IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) 16 July 2009 Prague, Czech Republic Quick Start for Conference Organizers

2 Purpose Provide a high overview of organizing a conference from start to finish Share best practices and recommendations

3 Panel Speakers Vita Feuerstein, CMPConference Contracting Jean BaeConference Business Services Elsie Cabrera, CMPMeeting & Conference Mgmt. Kevin UherekConference Finance Kathy BurkeConference Publications

4 Organizing an IEEE Conference



7 PHASE 1 - Start

8 Policy 10.1.2 Sponsorship Sponsorship relates to the responsibilities and accountabilities of an organizational unit (OU) with respect to financial, technical, publicity, and administrative aspects of a conference. For a conference to be considered an IEEE conference, it must be sponsored by at least one IEEE OU.

9 PHASE 1 - Start Determine type of sponsorship Sole sponsorship 100% Financial Co-sponsorship Less than 100% Financial Technical co-sponsorship/Technical cooperation 0% Financial involvement

10 PHASE 1 - Start Apply for sponsorship from IEEE organizational units (OUs) Societies, Councils and Technical Communities Geographic Activities (Regions/Sections/Chapters)

11 Societies, Councils and Technical Communities


13 Geographic Activities (Regions/Sections/Chapters)


15 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Set forth the relationship and obligations of all involved parties in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), if applicable*

16 PHASE 1 – START Appoint General Chair and Conference Committee Contact the local IEEE Section Complete and submit IEEE Conference Information Schedule, Committee List and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

17 IEEE Conference Information Schedule


19 Submitted Information Schedule Registers your conference with the IEEE Assigned a conference record number Initiates insurance, budget and publishing processes Updates/changes can be e-mailed to Sponsorship confirmation with IEEE OUs

20 IEEE Conference Search Allows potential attendees to search and find more information about your conference. Listing validates your conference as an IEEE conference.

21 Browse Call for Papers Deadlines Search tool allows potential authors to browse paper deadlines for upcoming conferences

22 Questions on PHASE 1?

23 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference


25 Templates of Contracts & Legal Documents Contact Conference Management Company and enter into contract negotiations Select Site and enter into contract negotiations

26 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Review IEEE insurance coverage and determine if additional coverage is required Review tax information to ensure Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and international compliance – VAT (value added tax) and GST (goods and services tax) Develop communications plan, marketing materials and conference website

27 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Send Request for Proposal (RFP) to exhibit decorators and develop exhibitor prospectus Reach out to Educational Institutions, Corporations, Government and Industry for support Work with the IEEE Development Office to apply for grants, they provide assistance with editing/drafting grant proposals, obtaining necessary IEEE approvals and etc.

28 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Identify Paper Management System Determine Technical Program and Establish abstract/paper deadlines Establish and promote Call For Papers (CFP) and exhibit prospectus Update Conference Website with CFP

29 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Establish process for Visa assistance requests, post passport and visa reference information on your website and work with Registration to vet attendee requests Review and reconfirm hotel, meeting space and room block Continue to communicate with previous years conference committee to discuss best practices

30 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Submit conference budget using online web form Submit written approvals from all IEEE financial sponsoring OUs to

31 Principles of Business Conduct and Conflict of Interest (POBC/COI) General Chair and Finance Chair/Treasurer must complete and submit POBC/COI Note: Select Conference-Finance from drop down box

32 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Submit updated committee list, if applicable Establish conference bank account for receipt and disbursement of conference funds -Concentration Banking -Local Bank in Conference Name -University Ledger Account etc. Request and obtain loan from IEEE sponsoring organizational unit (OU), if needed

33 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Submit Pre-Conference forecast Secure W-8 and/or W-9 forms for tax compliance Submit 1099/1042 schedule of payment forms Submit annual report on foreign bank accounts to IEEE Tax Department

34 IEEE Conference Publication Form Required for post-conference distribution (including IEEE Xplore), to obtain Letter of Acquisition (LOA) which includes the IEEE Catalog Number, ISBN and ISSN numbers if applicable

35 IEEE PDF eXpress (Complimentary tool) Register for PDF eXpress which allows your authors to convert application formats to IEEE Xplore-compatible files

36 Electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) Register for Electronic IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) if proceedings are acquired by the IEEE

37 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Create website/link for paper submissions Make sure to clearly publicize: -Paper submission criteria and instructions -Publication schedule and deadlines -Copyright Agreement -Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -Contact information

38 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Create Registration form and establish registration collection that is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant Request IEEE membership verification CD to confirm valid IEEE Members Plan social activities and tour program Send out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for ground transportation

39 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Launch Registration Site Complete paper review process, finalize technical program and notify speakers Create and publish Advanced program Solicit bids from printers and/or CD manufacturers based on accepted papers

40 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Organize and prepare for production of conference publications per Letter of Acquisition (LOA) Order attendee giveaways, speaker gifts and/or other conference gift items Determine preliminary exhibitor space assignments, if applicable Request weekly reports from hotel(s) regarding rooms

41 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Review room block with hotel(s) against attendance and contract(s) Complete and print final program, advertising/publicity and registration reminders Develop and finalize volunteer job functions or onsite needs Deadline for early registration (predetermined date)

42 PHASE 2 – Pre-Conference Send preliminary specifications to conference site (i.e. set up, catering, audio visual, signage) Review and verify shipping dates to ensure conference materials will be delivered to venue (allow sufficient amount of time for Customs or carrier delays) Update/submit Pre-Conference forecast

43 Questions on PHASE 2?

44 PHASE 3 - Conference


46 PHASE 3 – Conference Confirm onsite logistics with venue/hotel Set-up registration area, exhibit space, information booth and office area

47 PHASE 3 - Conference Onsite Registration Monitor Budget Monitor daily activities Hold Post Conference Wrap Up Meeting with committee, venue/hotel and other vendors

48 PHASE 3 - Conference Recognize and thank all that contributed to the success of the conference including presenters, local arrangements committee, attendees and etc. Encourage attendees to provide conference feedback by completing comment cards and/or surveys

49 Questions on PHASE 3?

50 PHASE 4 – Post-Conference


52 PHASE 4 – Post Conference Submit conference content (Xplore compliant files) per Letter of Acquisition (LOA) within a month after conference end date Committee members submit a report, including lessons learned and final statistics to sponsoring IEEE OU Registration clean up (process refunds, issue receipts, balance dues)

53 PHASE 4 – Post Conference Process outstanding bills Submit Post-Conference forecast If applicable, follow grant agencies conference requirements for closing (i.e. submit technical report, proceedings, attendee list or expense report, varies with agencies) Repay all loans

54 PHASE 4 – Post Conference Distribute surplus Close conference bank account and submit proof of account closure -Concentration Banking Destroy Check form - Local Bank Account Last statement showing zero balance -University ledger account Letter stating account is closed

55 PHASE 4 – Post Conference Prepare and submit all audit material to independent auditor [for revenue/expense greater than $100K and total IEEE financial percentage greater than 50%] Submit Final Financial report with Certification of Accuracy (also include copy of audit report if applicable) Send letters of appreciation and information for next years conference to vendors, sponsors and exhibitors

56 PHASE 4 – Post Conference With next years committee: -Continue to share best practices and lessons learned -Review feedback and survey results Establish social networking sites or online communities which will allow the conference discussion to continue into the following year

57 Questions on PHASE 4?

58 Need Help? Conference Business Services Jean Bae Phone: +1 732 562 3878 Conference Contracting Vita Feuerstein, CMP Phone: +1 732 562 6826 IEEE Meeting & Conference Management Elsie Cabrera, CMP Phone: +1 732 981 3428 Conference Finance Kevin Uherek Phone: +1 732 562 3878 Conference Publications Kathy M. Burke Phone: +1 732 562 5418

59 Breakout Sessions and Workshops Friday, 17 July 3:15 pm Saturday, 18 July 10:45 am & 1:30 pm Planning Your Event Communicating Your Conference Conference Finances Conference Contracts & MoUs Conference Proceedings Technical Program & Paper Quality VAT Compliance and Service Using Technology to Extend Your Conference

60 Thursday 16 July 15:00 – 17:00 Town Hall Strategic Discussions 18:30 – 20:00 Evening Welcome Reception Friday 17 July 08:30 – 09:00 Welcome Coffee 09:00 - Opening Session

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