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North America Country Partner Meeting Vancouver, BC NAFSA Conference 30 th May 2011.

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1 North America Country Partner Meeting Vancouver, BC NAFSA Conference 30 th May 2011

2 AGENDA 1. Welcome 2. US Employer Research – Ipsos 3. Breakout groups Break 4. North America update 5. Education Consortia UK – update and year ahead 6. Partnership Update

3 Your Team Washington, DC Richard Everitt Mary Catherine Scarborough Kate Norman Alison Corbett Catherine Marston New York Malsert Chapman Canada (Montreal) Sarah Dawbarn Kate Norman

4 UK – US Joint Statement The Prime Minister and President welcomed the forthcoming meeting of the UK-US Higher Education Policy Forum. They also encouraged further strengthening of institutional higher education links including international internships and other modes of mutual mobility for students and faculty members- between the US and UK and in cooperation with other global partners-to better equip American and British students with the skills needed to succeed in and bolster the global economy.

5 21/30 University of Nottingham Glasgow Caledonian University Liverpool John Moores University University of Essex City University London Newcastle University Cardiff University, Welsh School of Architecture University of Manchester University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design University of East Anglia Queens University Belfast University of Hertfordshire Kings College London University of the West of England University of Sussex University of Exeter London Metropolitan University University of Leeds Queens University Belfast Warwick University University of Strathclyde

6 NAFSA Conference: Expo Hall, Sessions, Networking events > 8,000 attendees > 80 nations > 90 UK institutions > 150 representatives from UK institutions 18 British Council team members: London, Manchester, D.C., N.Y.C, Montreal, Ottawa, Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, KL 2 UKBA Staff: Charlotte Thomas (London), Nick Matthews (NYC)

7 Expo Hall Education UK Pavilion 1617 – 19 UK institutions: The Arts University College Bournemouth Birkbeck, University of London University for the Creative Arts Durham University University of East Anglia Edge Hill University University of Gloucestershire University of Greenwich University of Kent Kingston University University of Northampton Nottingham Trent University Oxford Brookes University University of Portsmouth University of Reading Roehampton University Royal Holloway, University of London St Marys University College, London Networking Teas: 2pm Tuesday – Canada 3pm Wednesday – USA 4pm Thursday – Global Info Booth: British Council staff Map of hall with your locations UKBA – Charlotte and Nick TV loop Institution Contact Location in Expo Hall

8 Research Findings:

9 Research Further Research into Employability: Ask returning students about their employability experience on their return to the US job market Does the length of programme affect the employability factor? Contact students about their success or lack of success – their experience and their feelings What makes UK degrees more/ less attractive for Americans How long did it take to get their first job? Does it facilitate faster promotion Does the UK degree benefit over the long term of a career – sample alumni at different stages in their career Employers thoughts on credential evaluation agencies Run this in Canada - Priority industries for skill gaps

10 Research Professional degree tracking law, engineering, medicine Accreditation, associations Changes in demographics Non- white female populations – create affinity Can we make this connection at the CC level? Thoughts on SA summer schools What kind of programmes What will they pay What credit transfer Social programme How to compete with the US faculty led and island programmes

11 Research Staff mobility Funding for academic staff – outside current funding models What drives staff mobility Does staff mobility facilitate partnerships Teaching/ research collaborations

12 North America Update Statistics – Malsert Chapman Conferences – Alison Corbett Communications – Mary Catherine Scarborough

13 USA State of the Market: US Students Studying Abroad New Open Doors Data: November 2010 260,327 US students studying abroad throughout the world in 2008/09 – decline of.08% 12.7% of these went to the UK – the number one destination. 31,342 American students studied abroad in the UK for academic credit in 2008/09 Early indications across US institutions show that reporting next year will reflect a rebound

14 US Study Abroad – 07/08 – 08/09 UK Top destination Decreased 6% YoY Italy, Spain, France decreased as well Italy – 10.8% decrease China only nation in top 5 not in Europe Mexico 26.3% decrease (swine flu) South American destinations mostly increased (affordable) Published in November annually US HE institutions submit data to IIE - ONLY covers students receiving credit when they return from studying abroad Includes students on Island Programmes (not enrolled in your institution)

15 HESA: US students in the UK YoY increase Other undergraduate = study abroad Other undergraduate does not include any of your summer programmes

16 Females > Males Ratio appears similar across almost all studies outside the USA Cambridge is the rare example – based on more PGR than other levels of study

17 US Top subjects Combined is a symptom of American liberal arts Traditionally Americans tend to study soft sciences outside the US instead of within STEM fields Difficult for Americans to practice law or medicine in the US with a foreign qualification

18 Top 30 UK institutions for receiving Americans What matters to Americans: Name brand Location Marketing to Americans and programmes specifically for them (not just international students generally) Partnership agreements Rapid Communication

19 HESA: Canadian Students in the UK YoY decrease by 340 students Other undergraduate = study abroad Other undergraduate does not include any of your summer programmes

20 Subjects Canadians study Top subjects: Law Social Studies Business Medical subjects Canadians can use law and medicine when they return through conversion made at the provincial level

21 Conference in 2011/12 USA: 2011 NACAC: National Association of College Admissions Counsellors 22-24 September – New Orleans, LA CIEE: Work Travel Study 16 – 19 November – New Orleans, LA 2012 WIEC: Washington International Education Conference 23 – 24 January – Washington, DC Session Proposals due: 1 Nov AIEA: Association of International Education Administrators 19 – 22 February – Washington, DC Session Proposals due 15 Aug The Forum on Education Abroad 21 – 23 March – Denver, CO Session Proposals due: TBD NAGAP: National Association of Graduate Admissions Processionals 25 – 28 April – Austin, TX Session Proposals due: 1 August AACC: American Association of Community Colleges 21 – 24 April – Orlando, FL Session Proposals Due: 1 September NAFSA: Association of International Administrators 27 May – 1 June – Houston, TX Session Proposals due: 1 August Canada: 2011 ACCC: Association of Canadian Community Colleges 5-7 June - Edmonton, Alberta Recruit in Canada/Study & Go Abroad Fall Fairs 29 Sept – 5 Oct - Ottawa/Toronto/Vancouver/Calgary CBIE: Canadian Bureau for International Education Conference 20-23 Nov – Ottawa, Ontario 2012 Recruit in Canada/Study & Go Abroad Spring Fairs 1-4 March - Vancouver/Montreal/Toronto CICE: Canada International Conference on Education 22-26 April – Toronto, Ontario Session Proposals due: 15 October International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development 8-12 July - Edmonton, Alberta Session Proposals due: 30 Sept

22 US Associations for HE institutions in 2011/12 2011 24-26 October – Boston, MA AASCU: Association of American State Colleges and Universities 13 – 15 November – San Francisco, CA APLU: American Public Land Grant Universities 2012 25 – 28 January – Washington, DC AAC&U: Association of American Colleges & Universities Proposals due: 15 Aug 2011 10 – 13 March – Los Angeles, CA ACE: American Council on Education

23 Communicating with the North America Team Webinars Monthly: Newcomers to the market Hot Topics Webinars will be archived on the CP Portal Skype Contact: Email to schedule a Surveys Updating web content Polling for feedback

24 Country Partner Portal / @EdUKNewsTeamUSA British Council USA Education UK Team EdUKNewsTeamUSA British Council USA Education

25 Portal Content: - News - The Team - Upcoming Events - Archive - Newsletter - Presentations - Research - Blog - Twitter Feed Interactive: - Post comments - Take surveys - Guest blog

26 Federal Aid Federal Aid and Student Loans – Administrative rules by the DoE Amendments were made to the regulatory language regarding the auditing process for Foreign Schools adding administrative compliance costs to institutions These rules go into affect on the 1 st of July 2011 > $10M = Annual US GAAP Audit Process $10M < $3M = every three years (actually two out of three years) Incentive Compensation Regulatory Language in §668.14(b)(22)(i) p. 66875 Section 668.14(b)(22) does not prohibit institutions from providing any commission, bonus, or incentive payment to students who are referrals. Therefore, an individual who is referred to an institution should be able to receive whatever scholarship money or tuition assistance that he or she may otherwise be eligible to receive without violating the HEA. The HEA does not prohibit advertising and marketing activities by a third party, as long as payment to the third party is based on those who click and is not based in any part, directly or indirectly, on the number of individuals who enrol or are awarded financial aid; therefore, the regulatory language would not prohibit such click-through payments.

27 see §668.14(b)(22)(iii)(B)(1) 3 rd Party as a pathway/ referral Fee based on Student Searching/ Click through University $ $ Fee Based on student enrolment 3 rd Party as a pathway/ referral

28 Education Consortia UK Update from the ECUK Group – Jessica Guiver

29 Moving forward - update on the new Partnership offer

30 Thank you NORTH AMERICA TEAM: Washington, DC Richard Everitt, Deputy Director USA Mary Catherine Scarborough, Education Marketing Advisor Alison Corbett Kate Norman New York Malsert Chapman Montreal Sarah Dawbarn Liane Fraser

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