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Launching OPEN DAYS 2007 13 December 2006 Scotland House.

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1 Launching OPEN DAYS December 2006 Scotland House

2 Agenda 1) Welcome by Stephen Fox (Director of the Scotland House) 2) Introduction by Gerhard Stahl (Committee of the Regions) and Graham Meadows (European Commission, Regional Policy DG) 3) OPEN DAYS 2007 presented by Laurent Thieule, Wolfgang Petzold and Jan Blaha 4) Other events in ) OPEN DAYS 2006 film presented by Charles White

3 The 2007 Title and Themes Making it happen: Regions deliver growth and jobs 1)Attracting investors: Regions and cities show how it works 2)Proximity matters: Clusters and regional development 3)Spending it wisely: Public-private partnerships and financial engineering 4)Crossing borders: Cooperation and exchange of best practice supporting growth and jobs 5)Efficient delivery: How the new programmes are implemented

4 Organisers European Week of Regions and Cities organised jointly by Committee of the Regions European Commission - DG Regional Policy partner regions/cities Wider partnership with: The Portuguese Presidency, European Parliament, banks, enterprises, non-government and international organisations

5 Shape of the event Monday 8 October Thursday 11 October Tuesday 9 October Wednesday 10 October Workshops/seminars in regional offices Investors' Cafe Workshops/seminars in regional offices Investors' Cafe Workshops/seminars in regional offices Investors' Cafe 14:30-16:30 Closing Session 19:00 – 21:00 Opening of the Investors ' Cafe 16:00-18:00 Opening Session OPEN DAYS going local (local events in home regions/cities) 19:00 - Official reception 1-7 & October

6 Main objectives to present the programmes and delivery systems for Structural Funds ; to create awareness for investment possibilities among stakeholders and to reach out to the media; to contribute to capacity-building+exchange on best practice; to involve players through local events Objectives for 2007: to achieve a good quality in communcation and networking to involve about 100 partner regions and cities to attract participants from EU regions and cities to impact on media, in particular those from regions to organise events in regions and cities all over Europe

7 Establishing a conglomerate … 1 Conglomerates should consist of a minimum 5 partners Conglomerates should include partners representing a minimum of 3 different countries The lead office should be located in Brussels At least one venue should be able to accommodate a minimum of 90 people Each region/city can apply to join only one conglomerate 90

8 Organisation/coordination Each conglomerate should be represented by - 1 contact person from the lead office - 2 deputies from different partner offices in Brussels The 3 representatives should attend preparatory meetings with the CoR and DG REGIO The 3 representatives are responsible for managing all tasks related to the preparation of the event within the conglomerate

9 Proposal of events Brussels events Workshop/seminar to be organised by conglomerate DG REGIO workshop to be hosted by conglomerate (optional) Workshop/seminar to be organised by conglomerate OPEN DAYS going local: Decentralised events in home regions and cities Debate with politicians Discussions with students Interviews with European personalities TV reports Special EU editions in regional newspapers Exhibitions Games & activities for children

10 Investors´ Café Transport Education Research & Development Sustainable Energy Health DG Private companies Financial partner(s) Regions & cities DG Private companies Financial partner(s) Regions & cities DG Private companies Financial partner(s) Regions & cities DG Private companies Financial partner(s) Regions & cities DG Private companies Financial partner(s) Regions & cities

11 Planning Deadline for applications 14 February :00 Programme of workshops to be finalised 30 April 2007 Registration on-line 1 July 2007

12 CoR events in January Erasmus Network – 20th anniversary 30 Jan – 01 February Energy week (EUSEW) 31 Jan – 01 February Social Housing and the Structural Funds 12–14 February CoR Plenary Session with Vice-President Barrot 14 February Territorial dialogue 7-8 March Regions for Economic change (Spring Summit) March CoR Extraordinary Plenary Session (Rome) 20 April Extraordinary Bureau meeting (Würtzburg) 2-3 May Conference–debate on European values (Münster) 5 May Open Doors Day 9 May Europe Day 05 – 07June Plenary Session – Forum on Plan D 22 June ECOS – Demographic Change (Potsdam) 08 – 11 October OPEN DAYS 27 November Plenary Session – Forum on the Blue Planet November Structured Dialogue with President Barroso

13 DG REGIO events in JanuaryConference on demographic challenges 7-8 March"Fostering competitiveness through innovative technologies, products and healthy communities, 1st annual Regions for Economic Change conference: (together with Provence- Alpes-Côte dAzur and the Committee of the Regions) May « Bridging the Broadband Gap »(together with DGs AGRI+INFSO) June4th Cohesion Forum Nov.« Telling the Story »: Communicating the Structural Funds

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