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May 2010 Brazil Partnership. British Council Brazil change (2009) British Council Brazil: 4 large offices Education UK Team in São Paulo and Rio Need.

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1 May 2010 Brazil Partnership

2 British Council Brazil change (2009) British Council Brazil: 4 large offices Education UK Team in São Paulo and Rio Need to optimise platform/programme ratio A smaller Rio office (projects delivery team) Strategy comes from São Paulo Less duplication = more rational spending Education UK Team in SP only Rio is still a critical part in local EdUK strategy

3 Education Promotion Team São Paulo Office: Rodrigo Gaspar Education Promotion Manager Daniela MadureiraEducation Promotion Officer - UK Amanda DominguesEducation Promotion Officer - Brazil Main goal: increase the number of Brazilian students in the UK

4 Our point of view

5 Political Seen in Latin America as role model for democratic continuity President Lula remains popular – 2010 election Economic Brazil: 8th largest economy in the world (largest in Latin America) world bank Global crunch: last country to get in, first to get out Economic growth projected 5% in 2010 Social Population: 195 m (6th in the world) Population of 15-34 year olds: 62 m EdUK target (age + income) 13 m

6 A plugged-in country 70 mi usersInternet users: 70 mi users - up at least 25% every year 85% of Class A + B1 = average age 26 No. 2 worldwide users of virtual communities (Orkut : #1; Twitter #2) 5th global ranking: 180 million mobile users Top country in the world in hours per user

7 Whats in sight ? 2014 Brazil World Cup: São Paulo will open, Rio will close 2016 Olympics Rio: first city in Latin America 2007 PanAmerican Games successful

8 Worlds biggest challenges -Climate change -Food provision -Environment preservation Brazil and the global challenges Brazil -biggest and longest-standing bioethanol programmes in the world -expertise in knowledge-intensive natural resource extraction -agricultural research institution: a network of over 40 labs and 2,000 scientists, receives over 10% of science budget - among the most advanced in the world -Amazon rainforest: 15% of worlds fresh water and global biodiversity reference

9 Brasil Partnership visits - last 12 months

10 BRAZIL PARTNERSHIP Evolution - Number of partners restructuring the operation

11 Brazil Partnership breakdown 27 members - 22 HE institutions - 3 Independent Colleges (1 promoting HE, 1 English, 1 Prep) - 1 FE College - 1 Associate member - Going beyond 25 Expressed interest in 2010: * University of Manchester * University of Bristol * Bournemouth University

12 Some services to all partners - Market Briefing (how to get into the market?) - Presentation set-up - Electronic media – Database - CRM – newsletters - Market Intelligence (different levels) - Contact with local institutions and agents - Discounts at ads, mailings etc - Live Chats and other online services Country Partners - sample exclusive services - Brazil Partnership Website - Premium Marketing Intelligence + Ad Hoc research - Admission Support - Nine newsletters per year with opportunities and updates (only country) - Branding and exposure in promotional leaflets - Exclusive leaflet in our Country Partners Folder - Social Media

13 Quality Focus Segmented database Recent presentation highlights: Kings College - Over 130 enrolled 63 attendees University of the Arts London - Over 200 enrolled 132 attendees London Metropolitan University - Over 160 enrolled 49 attendees - Be briefed about the market - Identify and choose cities - Venue: (£75 in BC premises) - Equipment (£60) - Free website promotion - Segment and send e-news (at cost) - Newspaper ad ? (discount) - BC confirmation calls (£35) - Alumni ? - Live Chat ? (£ 60) - Contact details for follow-up Support and advice throughout process Set up your presentation

14 Database: 29,000 students who have interacted with Education UK voluntarely Filter options: Region Age Current Level Desired Level Gender Alumni? Subject Area Brazil exclusive CRM database

15 Newsletters: Example: Westminster Visit Newsletter Builder

16 Set up your presentation: new thing! - Secretly tested during last presentations in Brazil - Goldsmiths, University of the Arts, York, Kings College Social Media promotion - free pilot We register ourselves on Orkut (Brazils Facebook) Map out social communities related to the event in two dimensions - Generic groups - Specific interest Contact group moderators requesting permission to send forum message Send event invitation to bulletin board (more realistic at this point) We also have an EdUK Brasil community at Orkut...but that is going slower Facebook and Twitter activity

17 Social Media - Orkut, Facebook & Twitter Orkut (Brazils Facebook) - 51 million users in Brazil (against 2 million in Facebook) - 55% age 16-25 + 14% age 26-30 Masters & PhDsEngineering studentsFGV MBA class Branding BrasilStudying AbroadResearch in Comms - Monitoring other communities in search for feedback Twitter - Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. - 120 million users (6 million new ones every month) - Brazilians # 2 nationality after Americans (9% of total users) - 50 million tweets per day, 600 per second

18 Social Media promotion - Twitter EdUk Brasil profile: 450 followers receiving updates

19 Country Partners Portfolio photo text did you know? areas contact quote logo

20 Country Partners Satisfaction Survey 2009 How was the quality of the EUKP services during individual visits to Brazil ? How was the customer care youve received from the BC in the set up and during the visit ?

21 Satisfaction Survey 2009 Being a country partner

22 Brazil Differentials and Advantages BC Team – Customer Care "Probably the best BC we've worked with" (University of Warwick) The BC operation is currently our best asset (London Metropolitan University) "Team is excellent and professional in both cities" (University of Westminster) BC Brazil is certainly one of the most helpful offices I work with (University of Glamorgan) Some of the most responsive and proactive supports from all BCs (Goldsmiths) Excellent and helpful as ever. Any issues dealt with immediately. (Queen Mary) Very strong introduction. Much better than other Partners meetings (City University) London Week was fantastic, well worth the time and money invested (Kings College) (Relatively) Happy partners

23 Brazil Differentials and Advantages How do you rate the Brazilian market compared to other countries? How do you rate the work BC Brazil does and your general feelings about being a part of Brazil Partnership ?

24 Student Markets

25 Independent Schools - Very small niche - No stats available (just LAC) Further Education - Also just a niche - There is no FE in Brazil - Career based is not valued - Qualification validation - It doesnt make sense for our students English - Colleges: English and Prep

26 FE students - evolution What exactly are these students in FE institutions ? Are they really FE students ? Difficult to explain without breakdown

27 English students - evolution 17,000 students Top 5 sending countries

28 Higher Education - evolution 1,580 students steady growth restructuring the operation * 32% growth in 4 years * Last 3 growths: largest ever


30 $$$$$$$$$ Brazilian institutions are great English Language can be a killer Lack of links between universities UK Fees Regime X Brazilian Scholarships Market Share / Cultural Influence UK universities: Brazil not a priority Some level of cannibalism (English) Undergraduate: it doesnt make much sense... Why dont we have more HE students ?

31 * updated with help from BCs central market intelligence unit

32 Competitors Strengths: USA: Cultural influence and more investment from universities Portugal: Language and Work/Government Agreements Germany & France: Tuition (or lack of), Links to local universities Spain: Some language, but declining influence Italy: Country Brazilians admire the most, in general terms Canada & Australia: Lots of investment, growth so far modest in HE Latin America: Except Cuba, all neighbours are declining HE Market Share in Brazil - Analysis Share variation in the last 3 years: USA: - 3%Portugal: 0% Germany: 0%France: +1% UK: +1% Spain and Italy: 0%

33 Gender: Male: 47% Female: 53% Higher Education HESA 08/09 Age and Level

34 Which areas do they study ? Student Profile – HESA 08/09

35 HESA 08/09 Brazil: Self-funded: 65% BR Govnmnt: 3% Mexico: Self-funded: 43% MX Govnmt: 20%

36 Research in Brazil Brazils share of world output is growing increasingly rapidly Volume of publications compared to 1981=100 Source: Global Research Report Brazil Evidence and Thompson Reuters 1981: 2,000 papers2009: 30,000 papers (2,12% of worlds production) Passes Russia and Holland to become 13th globally (NSI); UK is 5th This growth pushes Latin America and exceeds by far the G7

37 How can we increase the number of government-funded students? FAPESP and Research Councils UK - 2009 alone: £480 million spent with Brazilian students abroad - There is a LOT of money in FAPESP, and they are more open than Brasilia - Oct 2009: groundbreaking agreement set up between FAPESP and the UK - Brazilian and UK researchers to apply for funding through a single application - Peer review process - All fields of Science - Institutions such as Kings College are already doing separate deals for exchange of researchers AND PG students

38 - new and

39 Website – Brazil-only content we hopefully will add - Scholarship Specials: For Brazilians only - Experience UK Now: Local content (videos/text) - Equivalence charts and validations: Connecting the 2 systems - Visa and Work information: Local information - Thematic Areas Tips: Why cant you study Law at UG? Why is the MBA different? - British Council tips: Choosing an institution, rankings etc

40 Webcast live broadcast through the internet ex. University of teh Arts Live Chats +

41 Leaflets: where information meets promotion Leaflets with relevant information about British education and listing courses offered by UK universities

42 - Our exhibition: October 2010: São Paulo & Rio - University Presentations in SP and Rio (Brasilia and Recife starting) - ExpoBelta 2010 -Expo Estude no Exterior ( FPP Media ) – twice in 2010 - New PG-Only ExpoEstude - MBA Tours - University Fairs (FAAP, Mackenzie, UFF...) - BandPro (Best secondary school of Brazil: Colégio Bandeirantes ) Events

43 Brazil Exhibition São Paulo – 16 & 17 October Rio de Janeiro – 19 October No formal name yet (Universities UK ??) Target institutions: Higher Education products (or prep) Same venues that were successful on London Week That means limited number of exhibitors (17 in SP, 14 in Rio) Presentations will have a different model Costing already submitted. Price around £1,000 per city Recruitment opens this May

44 Other important audiences

45 British Consulate Completely new relationship with us 2 days training for agents (around 50) British Council Information staff also trained Material in English and Portuguese Education UK website part of the process again * Student Express Scheme (visa in 2 days) All country partners agents are in Visa – new points based system and impact Little negative impact measured so far in HE Big problem for the market: Beginners English

46 Agents & ELT Education Promotion in Brazil 2009

47 Brazil Agents – much ahead on the game globally Training and Certification not as important Strategic partnership with BELTA (and ExpoBelta) Belta: best agents association in the world, many prizes Support of Agents Workshop in English UKs annual event Open Days with British Consulate (Jan/2010) Student Express Scheme Agents & ELT Main problem and challenge: develop HE niche English sells very easy Fees and Commissions HE: Difficult Product to sell versus Larger amounts 72% of agents sales are English 17% Work & Travel 1% Higher Education

48 Brazilian institutions Difficulties Brazilian Public Universities (free) Spotted elitism from both sides Different business model for students mobility no fees, just exchange lack of programs in English to receive British lack of interest by British students to come to Brazil Competition advancing fast France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain......and even the US

49 Encouraging sings - Kings College + USP: groundbreaking partnership - Northampton + FAAP: 1st Double Degrees (Business) - Manchester + FGV: joint online MBA - Royal Holloway visited by UNISINOS students - Guildford College + SENAC: discussing partnership - UEL + SENAC: discussing partnership - UAL + FAAP: undergraduate students - Worcester + USP: futsal joint program for students and coaches

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