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Food Processing, Agribusiness & Dairy

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1 Food Processing, Agribusiness & Dairy
3rd International Summit Cum Exhibition September 14, 2011 Arunabha Pradhan Chief, Business Operations & Development National Research Development Corporation New Delhi, India

2 A Technology Commercialization Company
NRDC – A Brief Introduction Incorporated in 1953; as a Section 25 Company Specialize in Technology Transfer, IP Portfolio Management and Project Consultancy Catalyze conversion of lab-scale R&D into marketable technologies Offer support for technology upgradation Offer effective linkages with R & D Institutions (Public & Private) Industry Customers Nationally & Internationally A Technology Commercialization Company

3 Expertise Techno Commercial evaluation Basic engineering design package IP portfolio Management Task force for Royalty Collection Partnerships Strong R&D linkages Wide industry clientele Partner with funding agencie & NGOs Flexible Business models for upcoming entrepreneurs Achievements Licensed technologies to over 4600 entrepreneurs Estd. turnkey projects in South East Asian & African countries IP licensing / Joint IP development / IP integration NRDC- Core Strength Five and a Half decades of experience in Management and Transfer of Technology Reservoir of large number of technologies catering to almost all sectors of industry Strength in understanding the complexity of commercialisation of lab- scale technology Hand holding with entrepreneurs for successful absorption of technology Established network with other countries for promotion of technologies

4 NRDC- Making a Difference
NRDC is evolving mechanism from a Licensing Model to an Innovation Model based business leading to: Developing pro-active eco-system of innovation and knowledge transfer Developing digital knowledge base Honing physical network of linkages and alliances Developing early stage linkages between the Research Institute and Industry through the Knowledge Management System Supporting search alliance with market intelligence, direction for research and development and, if necessary, external funding

5 Network: Research Institutes and Universities*
* Partial List Only

6 Network: Customers & Partners*
* Partial List Only

7 Export of Technologies Socio-economic Development Programme
NRDC Business Model Evaluation Export of Technologies IP Assistance Market Intelligence Techno-Commercial Support Prize Award Support for Export of Products, Angel Funding NRDC Value Addition* Scouting of Technology Source of Technology Entrepreneur Inspiring Inventors / Innovators Development and Dissemination of Technology * Value Addition: Evaluation, Basic Engineering Design Package, Scale-up, Validation/Authentication, IP Protection, Market Survey, Feasibilty Report, KMS, Project Report, Publicity, etc. Feedback Socio-economic Development Programme

8 Technology Transfer

9 Technology Offered - New Dairy Products (Selected)

10 Probiotics Artificial Sweeteners Micro Nutrients Traditional Dairy
Products Fiber Fortification Fat Replacers Mineral Probiotics Vitamin Micro Nutrients Artificial Sweeteners 10

11 Arjuna Herbal Ghee A functional ghee along with extract of Arjuna (Arjuna terminalia) endowed with a number of therapeutic attributes including regulation of blood pressure and protection and improvement of heart health. Traditional ayurvedic/ medicated ghee preparations are generally poor in terms of quality (astringent taste) and are costly. Newly developed product has the following unique features Cow cream processed into herbal ghee. Extraction of herb by modified clarification- extraction process. Less energy requirement. Process amenable to adoption for large- scale production. 11

12 Low Cholesterol Ghee Relished by consumers because of its delicate flavour and palatability. Ghee contains percent cholesterol, a substance considered to promote atherosclerosis (heart disease). Process has been developed for preparation of ghee with reduced level of cholesterol; 80% reduction in cholesterol has been achieved. Product meets standards as laid down by PFA and AGMARK rules for ghee. The Process developed requires little extra equipment and processing facilities. Costs only slightly more in comparison to conventional ghee. 12

13 Diabetic Rasogolla Conventional Rasogolla Diabetic Rasogolla
Fat : 4 – 7% Sugar : 30 – 36% Diabetic Rasogolla Fat: 5% Zero cane sugar High intensity sweetener (Aspartame) and bulking agent (Sorbitol) Shelf-life : 12 days at 30±1°C 13

14 Long-life Shelf-stable Paneer
Paneer is a traditional milk product prepared by heat-acid coagulation of milk, removal of liquid (whey) and pressing of the resultant curd. An innovative approach i.e. in-package thermization directed at coagulation of ultrafiltered milk and texturization has been employed to develop the extended life paneer. The process results in a higher product yield, eliminates whey disposal, extends shelf-life at refrigeration temperature (more than 4 months), offers competitive cost and hygienic quality. Product is fortified with bioactive components contributing to healthfulness of the product in relation to heart diseases and osteoporosis. 14

15 Ready-to-Reconstitute Rasmalai Mix
A pleasurable eatable having a delicate blend of chewy and spongy texture of the patty, and a creamy mouthful and delectable flavour of the creamy liquid. The product developed contains dehydrated - patty and syrup portions that can be reconstituted within 4-5 min in boiling water before the cooling and serving. Distinguishing Features Great consumer convenience: Shelf stable for 6 months at ambient temperature. Export potential, safety and quality. Considerable potential for adaptation by organized dairy industry. 15

16 Ready-to-Reconstitute Kheer Mix
Traditional preparation requires a long cooking time; it is an energy intensive process and the product has a short shelf-life (2-3 days) under refrigeration. The product is a dry mix comprising ready-to-rehydrate rice particles in powdered milk/cream fraction that can be rehydrated by dispersing in boiling water and cooking for 4 to 5 min Great scope for wide-scale marketing or this dry formulation offering considerable consumer convenience coupled with time-saving. 16

17 Dietetic Burfi Chemical Composition (%) Moisture Fat Protein Lactose
Fat replacer (WPC) High intensity sweetener (Sucralose) Bulking agent (Sorbitol & Maltodextrin) 50% fat reduction 100% cane sugar free 32% calorie reduction Burfi Dietetic Burfi Moisture Fat Protein Lactose Sucrose Ash Calories(Kcal) 15.39 20.43 15.18 15.92 30.79 2.75 431 30.60 10.22 14.24 13.30 2.20 294 Chemical Composition (%) Shelf-life : 2 weeks at 30°C (vacuum packaged) 17

18 Milk Whey Processing Whey Acid/Rennet Heating
Cheese/Paneer/Chhana/Casein Concentrated Whey Beverage Whey Concentration Ultrafiltration UF-retentate Whey Permeate Dried Whey Powder Whey Protein Concentrate Thirst Quenching Beverage Dry Beverage mix Protein-enriched Beverage Whey Processing

19 Whey Mango Beverage Whey mango beverage is developed by using mango pulp, sugar, acid and whey together with certain minor ingredients, and then thermally processing to make it shelf-stable at room temperature: keeps well for not less than 3 months. Cost-effective processing technique suitable for entrepreneurs and industrial adoption. Delicious beverage with added nutrients like whey proteins, lactose, minerals, carotene and vitamins

20 Low Calories Flavoured Milk
Caloies value (calories/100ml)of flavoured milk Type of milk Traditional product Developed product % calories reduction TM 90.48 62.80 30.59 DTM 76.58 48.94 36.09 SFM 62.56 35.32 43.54 Complete replacement of cane sugar by adding high intensity sweetener Shelf-life (with Nisin): 9days under refrigeration Sensory Acceptance : Highly acceptable

21 Paneer pickles BP SVP Rs. 17.60 Shelf-life -1month Rs. 26.15 -4month
SSSP SOBP Rs Consumer Acceptance : Very good Respondents: 100

22 Technology Offered - Agro Processing (Selected)

23 Development and Nutritional Evaluation of Iron &  carotene Rich Powder & Products
Green Leafy Vegetables Selected Spinach. Amaranthus. Cauliflower leaves. Bengalgram leaves. Mint leaves. Corriander leaves. In addition carrot also selected. Products developed from fresh and dried leaves contain appreciable amount of iron and -carotene even after a storage period of one month. Products including namakpara, kurmura, biscuit , cake etc. can fulfill ¼ to ¾ of RDA of -carotene and iron in children

24 Nutritional composition of products prepared from dried green leaves (%, dry matter basis).
Protein (%)  carotene* (mg) Ascorbic acid* (mg) Iron A. Bengal gram leaves Ladoo 14.84 1.85 12.13 13.61 Burfi 14.45 12.43 13.95 Sweet & salty Biscuit 7.98 1.78 11.68 9.54 Atta Biscuit 8.65 1.79 11.73 14.46 B.Cauliflower leaves Ladoo 12.69 1.48 5.72 11.29 Burfi 13.11 6.02 11.62 CD(P<0.05) 1.12* 0.12* 1.21* 1.65* *Values are % on fresh matter basis.

25 Probiotic Foods A probiotic is often referred to as a live microbial food supplement that beneficially affects the host by improving its intestinal microbial balance Probiotic food can be defined as "Food containing live micro-organisms believed to actively enhance health by improving the balance of micro-flora in the gut".  The use of probiotics is now being considered for its many probable health advantages that include: Increase in resistance to infectious diseases of the intestinal tract cancer suppression Decrease in serum cholesterol levels Alleviation of lactose intolerance symptoms Improved digestion, and Stimulation of gastrointestinal immunity among others.

26 Technology developed for four different food compositions
RWGT: (Rice flour + Whey + Sprouted green gram paste + Tomato Paste) RCGT: (Rice flour + Coprecipitate + Sprouted green gram paste + Tomato Paste) BWGT: (Barley flour + Whey + Sprouted green gram paste + Tomato Paste) BCGT: (Barley flour + Coprecipitate + Sprouted green gram paste + Tomato Paste) The above mixtures are fermented both by single culture fermentation and sequential culture fermentation with appropriate Probiotics at suitable conditions.

27 Value Added Agro-products
Food products Fruit Juice Powders Mushroom Soup Powder Freeze Dried Chicken Pulav Fruit Bars Sorghum Flakes / Snacks Composite Breakfast Meal Instant Carrot Halwa mix Spiced Potato Chapaties Carrot Essence/ Carrot Puree Fruit & Vegetable Products canned fruits & vegetables Canned fruit juices / pulps / paste/ puree Ketchup / Sauce Pickles / Chutneys / Jams / jelly IQF Dehydrated / Freeze dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms Deep Fat fried & vacuum fried fruits & vegetable chips Spices: Spice oleoresins/ Oil Spice Powders: Garlic powder Mustard powder Tamarind powder, etc. Spice extracts Edible Oils, fats & Oilseeds: Margarine Peanut Butter Oilseed protein isolates Filtered or refined Cooking oil Beverages from soy & groundnuts Roasted / fried snacks from oilseeds Oil cakes for cattlefeed Miscellaneous: Beverages: Alcoholic & non-alcoholic Nuts & Dried Nuts Meat & meat products Egg & poultry products Fish & other sea-food Sugar & Cocoa based Confections: High boiled sweets Toffee Lollipops Chewing Gum Chocolates Coated Confections Milk & Milk- based Products: Pasteurized milk Ghee Butter Milk powders Cheese Cereals, Pulses & Legumes Bakery Products Snacks Confectionery Flours

28 Mango Products

29 Thank you

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