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Dairy Cattle.

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1 Dairy Cattle

2 Important Terms Butterfat- fat of milk, solid part of milk before being processed Veal- meat from young calves- most come from dairy calves Dry Period- 60 days before calving, stop milking and allow to rebuild body condition Cull- remove from herd due to lack of production

3 What do we get from dairy cattle?
Milk Cheese Yougurt Ice cream Meat Leather Curds Whey

4 History Columbus first brought to US in 1492
Early 1600s in the colonies- few cows per family Late 1800s became important industry in agriculture Today # of cows is on the downfall but the amount of milk production is on the increase

5 Important Facts 580 lbs of milk and milk products consumed per person per year On average a cow produces around 17,500 lbs of milk a year 1st 36 hours calves must be fed milk from their mother and then milk or milk replacer for four weeks Milk cows 2-3X a day About mins. to milk with a machine Milk comes out at 100 F

6 Feedstuffs Corn Hay Soybeans/Soybean meal
Silage- green forage matter stored in a silo and partially fermented

7 Milking Terminology Bulk tank- refrigerated, stainless steel storage tank located at the dairy, designed to hold milk as soon as it leaves the cow. The milk is cooled immediately in the bulk tank, usually to degrees F. The milk is then collected by a bulk tank truck and shipped to a processing plant. Casein-The dominant protein (80 %) in cow’s milk, is vital to cheese making, and has a variety of uses in manufacturing as well. Curd-The clumps of protein and other milk components that are formed during the cheese making process. Curds are pressed into blocks or barrels for proper aging and curing of the cheese

8 Milking Terminology Whey-The watery part of milk that separates from the curds during the cheese-making process. The composition of whey varies considerably, depending on the milk source and the manufacturing process involved. Pasteurization- a simple, effective method to kill harmful pathogens through heat treatment without affecting the taste or nutritional value of milk. Colostrum-The first milk given by a dairy cow following birth that is rich in fat and protein and has immunity elements. Colostrum is given to newborn calves in the first 36 hours of life.

9 Milking Terminology Parlor- place where cows are brought in to be milked Butterfat- fat in milk Milk replacers- dry dairy or vegetable products that are mixed w/warm water and fed to young calves in place of milk Milk- white or yellowish liquid secreted by the mammary glands of animals for the purpose of feeding young

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