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Renton Rotary Youth Exchange.

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1 Renton Rotary Youth Exchange

2 Welcome About your speakers today: Name
Club/Profession/Years in Rotary Personal Exchange Program Experience

3 What is Rotary? Rotary International is a Service Club working at local and international levels in free countries. 1.2 Million members in 32,000 clubs worldwide Local Projects: RotaCare Clinic, Rotary Salvation Army Food Bank, Coats for Kids, Dictionaries for 3rd Graders, Scholarships International Projects: Polio Plus, Clean Water, Humanitarian Aid, Youth Exchange, Peace Scholars

4 Rotary Youth Exchange The First Rotary Youth Exchange was in 1927
8,000 students participate every year Approximately 80 Countries worldwide There are Three Ways to Join the Fun: Full Year Program Summer Program Host Family for visiting students

5 Benefits of Youth Exchange
Youth Exchange allows students to Meet people from other countries and experience their culture firsthand Gain a better understanding of the basic needs we all share and the diversity that makes each culture unique

6 Full Year Exchange Program
Spend a full school year abroad Attend high school for duration of exchange Must be age 15 ½ - 17 at time of departure Seniors are NOT eligible – No “Gap Year” Live with one or more host families Attend Rotary meetings/events of host club Make friendships that last a lifetime Returning students attribute their experience as “The best year of my life!”

7 Full Year Program Cost Fixed price for program is $5, – includes roundtrip airfare, travel insurance, VISA documents Emergency Fund of $ – must be replenished if used during exchange Spending Money – gifts for host clubs and families Passport – order one now if you don’t have one Room and board are provided by hosts – makes Rotary program affordable Most countries provide student with modest monthly allowance Total Average Cost: $5, $6,000.00

8 Full Year Exchange Notes
Credits may or may not be transferrable – talk to your counselor Application process is competitive: Foreign language a plus Above average grades Aware of current affairs, politics, history Good ambassador for school, community, country Active in school, community – sports, volunteerism Agree to abide by rules Your parents agree to host or help find a host family

9 Summer Exchange Program
Family to Family exchange – your family must agree to host student Spend 3-6 Weeks abroad with exchange partner’s family Your family hosts your exchange partner for 3-6 weeks Must be age 15 ½ - 18 at time of departure Seniors ARE eligible Attend Rotary meetings/events of host club if invited

10 Summer Program Cost Price of roundtrip airfare approximately $1,500.00
Travel Insurance Policy is $150.00 Application fee is $100.00 Spending money Passport, VISA’s, travel documents Room and board is provided by host country Approximate cost $1, $2,000.00

11 Summer Program Notes Application Process is competitive:
Foreign language a plus Above average grades Aware of current affairs, politics, history Good ambassador for school, community, country Student must be active in school and community – sports, volunteerism Comfortable away from family for extended time Responsible and mature Agree to abide by rules Parents or relatives must host your exchange partner

12 Countries Applicant can submit top 3 choices but destination is not always guaranteed Full Year: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, India, Thailand, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan Summer: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Poland, Norway, Great Britain

13 More Countries Other countries may be possible if they have Rotary districts with an approved Youth Exchange program and allow students to exchange during August – July timeframe. Most Southern Hemisphere countries are not possible for our district to exchange with because their summer vacation occurs during our school year. This includes Australia, New Zealand, India, Thailand, Africa and S. America.

14 Application Process Application Timeline is available on our website
Reserve an interview time Submit substantially completed application Attend club level interview with both parents in November Successful students attend district level interview with both parents in December Students accepted into program will be notified of ther destinations in March or April Travel arrangements are made April – May Summer exchanges take place Late June – August Full Year exchanges depart mid August

15 Become a Host Family Promote Peace and Understanding without travelling! Host an inbound student for 3-4 months of their exchange Learn about a new culture and gain a brother or sister Student becomes a member of your family Host family is expected to provide room and board, transportation to school, incidental expenses Rotary does not provide a stipend to host families All adults living in the home must pass a background check

16 Meet an Exchange Student
Today you have the opportunity to hear from a current or former Rotary Youth Exchange student who will share their experiences with you. Name Home Country School

17 Questions Interested in Rotary Youth Exchange?
Have a question for your presenter? Go ahead and raise your hand! THANK YOU!

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