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Writing the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Retrieved from

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1 Writing the Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Retrieved from

2 How to Argue? Let Elle Wood Show You! Retrieved from

3 THESIS STATEMENT The thesis statement  states your position on the topic  sets up the structure for the paper. Retrieved from

4 PREPARING YOUR ARGUMENTS  Look at the three main reasons for your opinion.  What objections would others have to each of your reasons?  Write these down under each of your reasons. Now you have three arguments and three counter-arguments. Retrieved from

5 ANSWERING COUNTER- ARGUMENTS Write your answers down under the counter-arguments. Now you have the raw material for each paragraph of the argumentative essay. Retrieved from

6 COUNTER- ARGUMENTS  Every controversial issue has two sides.  Once you can support your position with research, you need to explore what others think. Retrieved from

7 Practice Making a Thesis Statement Solar power panels and electricity or hybrid cars ought to be used to effectively replace fossil fuels. Retrieved from

8 INTRODUCTION Think of the introduction as having a funnel shape: General statement (hook) Specific information Thesis Retrieved from

9 Example of Intro Paragraph More people die on driving on Greek roads in a single year than all the U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq since the fighting began. The road conditions and the mentality that leads to this unnecessary and avoidable loss of life should be changed. Fact to support position and a good hook. The authors position or Thesis Statement. Retrieved from

10 SUPPORT THE THESIS Support your thesis with three reasons.  Write down each of the three main reasons that support your belief on a separate piece of paper.  These are your arguments. Retrieved from

11 BUILDING BODY PARAGRAPHS  Topic sentence gives the reason that supports your positions. Use transition signals!  Concluding sentence sums up and make a transition to the main idea of the next paragraph. Retrieved from

12 Counter Arguments - Rebuttals Now, address those arguments in a paragraph explaining why your position is a better one. Research what people opposed to your point of view believe. Write down three counter- arguments to your position.

13 Concluding Paragraph Indicate in the conclusion that you have shown the thesis statement to be true. Has a powerful ending often relating to the introduction. Do not include any new information in a conclusion. If you have not mentioned something yet in the paper, it is now too late.

14 Reflecting on Your Paper Are you happy with what you have written? Have you made a convincing case for your position? Is it clear that research supports your position? Have you shown that you understand the objections to your position?

15 Reflecting on Your Paper Have you shown that you understand the objections to your position? Is it clear that your position still outweighs the possible objections?

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