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Argumentative Essay.

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1 Argumentative Essay

2 Sequence Choose a topic for your essay.
Choose a topic for your essay. After choosing a topic, complete the prewriting exercise on the topic. Write a thesis statement and an outline for the body paragraphs using the given format. Write a rough draft of your essay. Type a final draft of your essay.

3 Counterarguments Arguments

4 THESIS STATEMENT The thesis statement of an argumentative essay must include the following: the topic the writer’s opinion about the topic a course of action the reason the course of action is necessary

5 PRACTICE In each pair of sentences, decide which sentence is not an effective thesis statement for an argumentative essay and explain why. Then identify the elements that make the other sentence an effective thesis statement.

6 a) Private gun ownership should be legal because it increases the safety of individual citizens.
b) Private gun ownership is a hot topic of debate among Americans.

7 Recent technological innovations have made battery-operated cars more fuel efficient.
Governments should increase buyers’ motivation to purchase battery-operated cars because of their fuel efficiency.

8 Following a traditional Greek diet can help you lose weight and build health.
Greeks eat a lot of olives and olive oil, which are high in “good fat.”

An argumentative essay is like an imaginary dialogue between a reader and the writer. The writer uses arguments to try to convince the reader to think something or to take a certain action. The writer has to imagine how the reader will argue against his or her arguments and answer those objections.

10 INTRODUCTION IDEAS Remember that you should begin an essay with something that catches your reader’s interest – a hook. Write a brief story related to the topic Write a brief history of the topic Address the opposing view of the topic Use facts, data, or statistics related to the topic Appeal to emotions. Address a common stereotype that you might challenge in your essay Refer to a song, a common saying, or proverb that relates to your topic

11 BODY PARAGRAPHS For the body paragraphs, the writer expresses a reader’s likely response (a counterargument) to the argument that will follow. Then the writer presents the argument and its support. By addressing a reader’s likely response first, the writer strengthens his position.

12 BODY PARAGRAPHS You can introduce the counterargument and argument with phrases such as the following: Counterargument Argument Some people believe . . . While it is true that , Although many people claim that , However, it must also be recognized that . . . it can also be argued that . . . one can also argue that . . .

13 The organization of such a body paragraph looks like this:

14 TYPES OF SUPPORT Writers use different types of support to argue or prove their points. Expert opinion: The writer tells another person’s opinion. The other person should know a lot about the topic or have some personal experience that is relevant. Examples: The writer describes an instance of something to illustrate the point. Analogy: The writer compares the situation to another similar situation. Facts and statistics: The writer uses true statements or numbers to prove the idea. Often this information comes from other sources, such as books, newspapers, or Web sites. Reason: The writer uses reasoning or logic to argue the point. Emotion: The writer makes an emotional appeal to the reader.

15 CONCLUDING IDEAS final thoughts predictions final reflections
a call to action

16 OUTLINE Thesis _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________  Body paragraph 1 Counterargument ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Argument ___________________________________________________ Body paragraph 2 Body paragraph 3 ____________________________________________________________

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