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Revising Introductions and Body Paragraphs

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1 Revising Introductions and Body Paragraphs
Coombs 9/17

2 Do Now – 5 Min Write a simple sentence describing what is happening in this scene:


4 Level 2 Introduction Have you ever been asked if it is better to have a good out look on life? that it will give you higher chance of success? Well I have and i think I have come to a conclusion.

5 Level 3 Introduction Some schools have a program that allows students to graduate early. My school personally has this program. I thought about taking this program, but I did not because I wanted to graduate school with my class that I have been with all through middle and high school. This program also requires that you take summer classes and I don't like the fact of having school during the summer. This is a good program for the students that do want to go into the work force early or for students that want to make some extra money and graduate early.

6 Persuasive Writing Writer takes a position: Tries to Convince Reader:
For or against an issue Tries to Convince Reader: Believe or Do Something

7 THESIS STATEMENT The thesis statement
states your position on the topic sets up the structure for the paper.

8 Thesis and Forecast A thesis statement is always one sentence that states your assertion (belief) about a topic. A thesis statement usually includes a forecast (brief preview of your arguments). (I believe) ____________________ because of argument 1, argument 2, and argument 3. Introduce the thesis statement model. Have students practice writing thesis statements with the “I believe” stem until they become proficient. Some students may only need to be shown the example once—others may have to write four or five essays using the stem until they get the idea. I refer to the “I believe” stem as the “training wheels” for thesis statements. Once students are confident in their ability to write thesis statements, they can get rid of the “training wheels.” Show students the correlation between the planner and the thesis statement and forecast.

9 Baseline Prompt Many people feel that American society is too competitive. Does competition lead to better products and results, or does it lead to a focus on winning at all costs? Is fierce competition a good idea or bad idea? Take a position on the issue. Support your response with reasons and examples.

10 SUPPORT THE THESIS Support your thesis with three reasons.
Write down each of the three main reasons that support your belief on a separate piece of paper. These are your arguments.

11 Writing Introductions – 3 Steps
1. Write a general introductory statement. This may be the quote or opening lines of the prompt but should not be a question. 2. Next narrow the scope of your paper to the specific topic you will write about. This is where you explain the debate. Since all of our prompts are persuasive, they all include a debate. Provide background needed to understand the scope of the debate. 3. Include a thesis that states your position and the three areas you will discuss in your paper.

12 Model 1. Money makes the world go round. 2. Many people believe that material wealth is the ultimate goal in life, and that money is more valuable than anything else in the world. Others argue that wealth is temporary and that money cannot buy happiness. While having money may make you feel good for a short period of time, happiness cannot be bought. 3. The basic truth that money cannot buy lasting happiness can be seen in history, literature, and popular culture.

13 Let’s Try In life there are many choices. One choice students have to make is whether or not to volunteer while in school. Some people feel volunteer hours should be required of high school students. Others believe requiring volunteering is not actually volunteering. I believe that students should be required to volunteer because it teaches time management and involves students in their communities outside of school.

14 General statement (hook)
INTRODUCTION Think of the introduction as having a funnel shape: General statement (hook) Specific information Thesis

15 Example of Intro Paragraph
More people die driving on Greek roads in a single year than all the U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq since the fighting began. The road conditions and the mentality that leads to this unnecessary and avoidable loss of life should be changed. Fact to support position and a good hook. The authors position or Thesis Statement.

16 On Your Own Using your notes on introductions and the examples we viewed: Re-Write Your Essay Introduction



The first topic sentence of the first paragraph will be the first reason that supports your position. You may even wish to begin the sentence with the word first to focus the reader’s attention on its importance.

20 FIRST BODY PARAGRAPH Write a topic sentence and three details that support the reason you believe what you believe. Repeat the process until you have three paragraphs with three different reasons and three details to support that reason.

21 Body Paragraph 1 (“First,”) Topic Sentence (“For instance,”) Example
Explain Example with specific details Concluding Sentence/ Transition

22 BUILDING PARAGRAPHS The final sentence in each paragraph should sum up and make a transition to the main idea of the next paragraph.

23 Counter Arguments - Rebuttals
Research what people opposed to your point of view believe. Write down three counter- arguments to your position. Now, address those arguments in a paragraph explaining why your position is a better one.

24 On Your Own Re-Write Your Body Paragraphs Using What We Practiced Today Using Say It, Show It, Prove it Example: First – Argument 1 Next – Argument 2 Lastly – Argument 3

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