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Building a Smart SEO Budget. SEO Budgets..or SEO on a Budget?

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1 Building a Smart SEO Budget

2 SEO Budgets..or SEO on a Budget?

3 How much should your SEO budget be? What goes into SEO budgeting? Explaining our SEO Process How to reduce the budget Results and ROI of SEO

4 Dammit, Just tell me how much SEO costs!


6 Alexandra Tanasa Digital PR Earned Media Content marketing..Powered by coffee SEO Journalism

7 Digital strategy done right has SEO results.

8 EVERGREEN RESULTS Investment in Organic Traffic

9 “Do small businesses have a chance at competing in search?” Any action is better than no action.

10 Expensive SEO offers Really cheap SEO offers



13 Anything you do online can and will be used against you.

14 6 Factors that affect what you’ll pay for SEO 1.Niche &Competition 2.Size of the website: number of pages and page types 3.Offline locations 4.Geographic boundaries – local, national, international 5.Previous SEO work done: Existing penalties 6.Available Resources

15 Pricing Models: One-Time Project or Ongoing Relationship? Monthly retainer Indefinite Needs: “My website needs to sell more birthday party accessories” Project based Temporary needs: “My website has received a manual penalty..” “I’m launching my new ecommerce website. I need somebody to manage 301 redirects.” By-the-hour consulting Specialized needs: “I’m building an ecommerce platform and need consulting.”

16 If you don’t understand what the agency is doing month by month, then you will get frustrated when the invoice arrives.

17 Explaining our SEO Process

18 Month 1: Technical Work Research & Analysis Planning

19 Technical Website Audit Keyword Analysis - uncover areas of profitability Landing Page Analysis Competitors Analysis Content Analysis - inventory of your marketing assets Editorial Calendar to support the buying cycle Setting in Reports and KPIs Detailed:

20 Month 2-6: Implementing Creative work Adjusting the strategy

21 Detailed: Building a targeted media list Creating content Targeted promotion for content Digital PR Local SEO

22 Setting up your Google Places / Google+ Local Page Creating and claiming listings Referencing the business from local sources Reviews acquisition strategy LOCAL SEO

23 Local is an important feature

24 Organic Traffic (Google Analytics) Visits Transactions Revenue Keywords (Webmaster Tools) KWs Sending Traffic KWs in Top10 KWs in Top3 KWs in Top1 SEO Budget Measurement

25 SEO budget.. Or SEO on a budget? “Can't I just do this SEO thing on my own?” “So many services.This looks like Upselling!”


27 How to reduce the budget Create your own high quality content using the agency’s guidelines Use all your resources Find an agency that can scale activities (reporting)

28 No money at all for an agency? You’ll need : Talent Creativity Relationships Assets TIME & SWEAT

29 Total costs: Consulting and implementing fees to digital agency Web development work to optimize site Producing new content Internal time managing SEO/ROI Analysis Total gains: Increased visits from search Sales generated from increased visits Revenue from those sales + Outside Branding Value


31 Takeaways Keep it Going. Digital marketing doesn’t have a finish line.

32 @MrsAlexandra Check out other SEO presentations by Vertify Multumesc! Q&A

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