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Nordbib, Copenhagen 12 th June, 2012 Andrew Dorward.

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1 Nordbib, Copenhagen 12 th June, 2012 Andrew Dorward

2 2 What is RepNet ? a socio-technical infrastructure supporting deposit, curation & exposure of Open Access research literature. Whats its aim ? The aim is to increase the cost effectiveness of repositories of such literature. How will it do this? offering a sustained and well-used suite of services for repositories UK RepositoryNet+ (RepNet)

3 3 Web Site/Production Environment

4 4 Wave One Service components selected Contracts drawn up with service providers Wave 2 components identified for selection Launch of service at OR12 – July 10 th Functional areas covered by platform include: Aggregation, search Benchmarking, statistics, reporting Registry of Repositories Deposit tools Enhancing metadata Curation and preservation Where were at (June 2012)

5 5 Roadmap with functional areas

6 6 Timelines DateMilestone Description 31st March 2012Initial Production Environment operational 31 st May 2012Subset of Wave 1 components in the Initial Production Environment (IRUS, SHERPA ROMEO, JULIET, RepUK). 9 th July 2012RepNet launch at OR2012 Conference 30 th September 2012Wave 2 components chosen 31 st October 2012Phase 2 Production Environment ready 31 st January 2013Wave 2 components in Phase 2 Production Environment (includes hosting of SHERPA ROMEO and JULIET 31 st March 2013Project finishes.

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