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POLYFAB AUSTRALIA Industrial, Horticultural and Agricultural Fabrics

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1 POLYFAB AUSTRALIA Industrial, Horticultural and Agricultural Fabrics
Smart Solutions in Environmental Control

2 Company Profile Established in 1992
Head Office located in Moorabbin, Melbourne Located close to freight routes Long term relationships with leading manufacturing factories that ensures innovative and quality products Market and customer focused

3 Product Range Extra Heavy Knitted Shadecloth Mono Filament Shadecloth
Comshade FR Comshade PolyFX Mono Filament Shadecloth Light (50-56%) Medium (64-70%) Heavy (74-80%) Horticover Solarshield Polyfabric

4 Extra Heavy Coverage Factor
Comshade Extra Heavy Coverage Factor An innovative commercial shadecloth for large tension membrane architectural sails and shade structures Very good strength to weight ratio High UV protection 10 year UV warranty supported by CIBA specialty products

5 Extra Heavy Coverage Factor
Comshade Extra Heavy Coverage Factor Five new colours: Yellow, Black, Bronze, Silver and Claret Original colour range: Sandstone, Porcelain, Blue Gum, Aquamarine and Midnight Green Available in 3.80 m and now in an extra wide 6 m width

6 New Name - Same Great Fabric
PolyFX New Name - Same Great Fabric PolyFX has been designed for modular shade and sail structures (commercial and consumer projects) High UV protection factors 14 colours including five new colours: Yellow, silver, black, claret and bronze

7 New Name - Same Great Fabric
PolyFX New Name - Same Great Fabric 3.8 m wide Less joins Less chance of thread failure at joins Reduced fabrication costs Easy to work with Better looking shadesale to the end customer Very competitively priced

8 FR Comshade Flame Retardant Shadecloth
Because all it takes is one bright spark!

9 FR Comshade An innovative flame retardant knitted shade cloth for shade sails and shade structures found in high volume people areas such shopping centres, tourist attractions, parks, restaurants and schools Its flame retardant properties make it the logical choice in public areas subject to stringent building/safety regulations

10 FR Comshade Uses the very latest in new generation flame retardant additives that are compatible with the UV stabilizers 95% and over UV protection Five great fashion colours: Sandstone, Porcelain, Blue Gum, Aquamarine and Midnight Green 3.8 m wide

11 “A World First!” FR Comshade AS 1530.2.1993 USA Standards
California Fire Marshall Approval: Title 19, Section 1237 We can prove our claim! AS Flammability index: 2 Range Spread of flame: 1 Range Heat factor: 1 Range 0 - upwards USA Standards Title 19: Section 1237 ASTME 84 Class 1 Rating NFPA Test Methods 1 and 2

12 Premium Knitted Monofilament Shadecloth
Designed for the protection of valuable crops, plants, machinery and equipment against excessive heat, UV, wind, rain, hail and dust. Made from the very best high density polyethylene resins and CIBA specialty products and UV stabilisers to ensure that the shadecloth maintains its strength and flexibility under the harsh Australia sun 10 year warranty against UV breakdown

13 Premium Knitted Monofilament Shadecloth
Range of constructions (light, medium and heavy) Range of widths and roll lengths (1.83, 3.66 & 6.1 m widths x 50 m up to 500 m lengths) Range of colours: White, black, green and sandstone

14 Premium Knitted Monofilament Shadecloth
Other applications include privacy screens around golf and tennis clubs, schools and building construction sites (for scaffold and environmental protection)

15 Horticover Removable and reusable protection cover - Easy to install and remove for next season Dramatically reduces temperature within the igloo/tunnel house, placing less strain on plants and reducing watering Protect your plants from damaging UV whilst still utilising available growth light Avoids applying and removing messy white paint to polycovers Protection against damaging hail, heavy rain and wind

16 Horticover Provides additional insulation for heated tunnel/igloo houses Helps reduce UV degradation of the poly cover Flat tape construction is less abrasive on the poly house film

17 Solarshield Quality reinforced hot house fabric suitable for large commercial and horticultural growers and domestic/consumer home gardeners Suitable for waterproofing pergolas and entertaining areas Heavily UV stabilized with a five year UV warranty

18 Solarshield Transparent HDPE with woven scrim
85% light transmission (natural) 50% light transmission (white) Available sizes are: 1.83 m and 2.7 m x 50, 100 or 1,000 linear metre rolls

19 Polyfabric 240™ High quality woven polyethylene fabric
Reinforced fabric suitable for hay stack and grain covers, trailer and machinery covers, tent and caravan flooring UV stabilized in scrim and coating Wide fabric roll widths and 3.10 m Available in a range of colours

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