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Team Kratos Wrestling Club Parents Meeting: 2008 – 2009 Season October 27 th,2008.

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1 Team Kratos Wrestling Club Parents Meeting: 2008 – 2009 Season October 27 th,2008

2 Page 2 Kra-tos: (kra tos), n Possession of great strength and power [Greek: Κρατος ]

3 Page 3 History Lesson  Greek wrestling or Ancient Greek wrestling-- Pale (πάλη) was the most popular organized sport in Ancient Greece.  A point was scored when one player touched the ground with his back, tapped out due to a submission-hold or was forced out of the wrestling-area. Three points had to be scored to win the match.  As a sport, wrestling is one of the oldest. Cited (probably circa 1500 BC) description of wrestling appears in the Old Testament book of Genesis 32:22-32. The passage depicts the patriarch Jacob wrestling with the Angel, for which Jacob was subsequently renamed Israel.  Wrestling was featured as a sport since the eighteenth Olympiad in 704 BC.  The word Kratos was used to describe one form of the ancient sport  Pankration (Greek: Παγκράτιο(ν), Pagkratio(n), : [paŋ.'kra.ti.o(n)]) is a martial arts sport introduced to the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling.  The term comes from the Ancient Greek παγκράτιον, literally meaning "all powers" and that from π ᾶ ν (pan) "all" + κράτος (kratos) "strength" or "power"

4 Page 4 Our vision is to provide a “Best in Class” youth program to the Hudson community Program Vision: A “Best in Class” youth developmental program which serves as an integrated component within the broader Hudson Wrestling program Statement of Purpose: Provide youth with an opportunity to: a)learn basic wrestling skills through a structured learning process, b)increase one’s self-confidence, agility, coordination and strength, c)work hard, d)have fun

5 Page 5 Our youth program is one component of a broader wrestling focus within the Hudson community 1Q072Q073Q07 4Q06 JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSep Oct Nov Dec High School Interscholastic Wrestling Season Middle School Interscholastic Wrestling Season Youth (6 th grade & under) Middle School (7 th to 8 th grade) High School (9 th to 12 th grade) Kratos Introductory and Novice Program = Hudson School Program = Kratos Wrestling Club Programs Self Guided Conditioning / Open Mats / Summer Camps Pre-Season Training = Self Guided Summer Wrestling Camps Kratos Tournament Team

6 Page 6 Three consecutive years of sustained improvement across several dimensions (2005 – 2007)  Last year  40 Participants  Competed in Firestone District of the Ohio Youth Wrestling League  Avg Win Pct at Firestone was 0.470. (Up from 0.320 in the previous season)  17 Participants competed in Firestone All Star Tournament of which 82% medaled:  Five first place finishes (up from 2 in previous yr)  Five second place finishes (up from 1 in previous yr)  Four third place finishes (same as previous yr) = 2006/7 = 2005/6 = 2007/8

7 Page 7 Several other noteworthy accomplishments were achieved during the 2007/8 season  Three Kratos wrestlers qualified for OAC Grade School State Wrestling Championships (first time ever we had qualifiers)  Three Kratos wrestlers ranked in Ohio Top 20 for their respective age groups/weight classes  Kratos wrestlers competed in 27 open tournaments across the state 1 st Place 2 nd Place 3 rd Place 4 th Place 18131810 Podium Finishes

8 Page 8 2008/9 Youth Wrestling Program Format  Compete in Firestone District (Cowboy Division) of the Ohio Youth Wrestling Association  OYWA consists of 17 divisions (3,000 wrestlers) across Northeast and Central Ohio  Cowboy Division teams include: Wadsworth, Walsh, Springfield, Garfield, Rootstown, Green, Portage Lakes  Team Kratos fields both a Varsity squad and an All Star Team  Varsity Squad  Compete in Sunday dual matches  Weight classes defined by OYWA  Westle off to earn Varsity roster spots will occur on Thursdays  Compete in OYWA District Tournaments  All Star Team  All wrestlers not on Varsity squad are eligible to compete in th e Compete on Sundays in the All Star matches where they are paired against other “All Stars” of similar weight and age  Compete in the end of season “All Star” Tournament  Enter as team in local area Novice tournaments

9 Page 9 Overview of Firestone Matches on Sundays  Arrive approx 1 hour before wrestle start time (start time ~ 1:00pm)  Kids arrive in singlet, t-shirt/shorts (carry wrestling shoes, water bottle, towel in bag)  Assemble in lobby area and proceed to weigh-ins  Parents not involved with coaching proceed to spectator viewing area (look for Team Kratos cheering section  Team warmups (20 mins)  Varsity Match begin  All-stars proceed to bull pen/staging area  All-star pairings distributed and wrestlers proceed to assigned mat  Matches begin  Wrestling Completed ~ 2:30pm Firestone District Consists of 4 Divisions

10 Page 10 2008/9 Program Objectives  85% attendance in practices  75% attendance at Firestone matches  Varsity wins 50% of dual matches  4 Varsity wrestlers qualify for OYWA States  5 wrestlers qualify for OAC Grade School State Championships  66% of wrestlers compete in 2 or more open tournaments  66% of kids attend summer wrestling camp

11 Page 11 Three Messages Parents Wrestlers Coaches Positive Reinforcement (Win or Lose) Life Skills Work Hard, but have fun along the way Measurement of Success Balanced Environment Reward System

12 Page 12 2007/8 Coaching Staff Program Coordinator: Doug Williams Volunteer Youth Coaching Staff 1.Arnie Owsley 2.Brian McCue 3.Dan Szoch 4.David Ferrell 5.Joe Caniglia 6.Scott Slater 7.Student Assistants 8.Others??

13 Page 13 Other Items Visit our team website: Special Events  Team Recognition at Hudson Explorer’s 1 st home match in Dec.  Optional group attendance at Walsh Ironman Wrestling Tournament in December  End of Season Party Optional Practices over Christmas Snow days Wrestler Hygiene End of Year Participation Awards. Earned as a result of   Attending 85% of the scheduled practices, and  Competing in 3 out of the 5 Firestone matches, and  Competing in either the All Star Tournament or Varsity Districts Tournament Opportunities to Volunteer

14 Page 14 2008/9 Team Kratos Wrestling Club Sponsors New to the 2008/9 program, Team Kratos has recruited several commercial sponsors to help the club cover the cost of marketing. 2008/9 Sponsors are:

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