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Mona Shores Youth Basketball

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1 Mona Shores Youth Basketball
Developing an annual championship contender

2 Championship Vision Need to restructure winter junior league
Create a development focused season for elementary & junior high kids Create a Youth Basketball Organization Fund programs Empower coaches Create a communication mechanism for MSYBB Supplemental BB links Middle School A & B Teams Attend a board meeting and ASK! Other alternatives?

3 Nov/Dec Opportunities
Elementary Pre-Christmas Junior High Pre-Christmas Junior League (Mornings) Start Date November-December 1st-2nd Skills Clinic 3rd-4th Junior League 5th-6th Junior League 6th *** optional to join Hoop City Both Boys and Girls times 5-6th Hoop City League Hosted at MSHS 7-8th Hoop City League

4 January / February Opportunities
Elementary Post Christmas 7-8th grade Post Christmas 3-4th form teams Hoop City 5-6th form teams Hoop City Teams can be all stars or invited players etc. More competitive league for the next step in competition Pre-season open gyms Conditioning Groups of 4… by MHSAA rules Season begins Late January March--Post-season encourage AAU tryout for elite players

5 Summer Opportunities Elementary Junior High
Continue Winter Teams in the summer with AYBT Tournaments Choose tournaments by team needs Continue to build off what was done in the season through AYBT summer opportunities MHSAA determines 15 “contact dates” Encourage player development camp attendance

6 We need you! Coach a team Help develop the MSYBB organization
We to train/ recruit quality coaches! Help develop the MSYBB organization Develop funding partners Revenue streams Go to a board meeting Talk to others Volunteer for YBB concessions

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