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Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Implementation of Leonardo da Vinci Programme in Bulgaria.

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1 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Implementation of Leonardo da Vinci Programme in Bulgaria

2 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 What is Leonardo da Vinci Programme? Background Leonardo da Vinci programme is a seamless continuation of Community action undertaken since the 1980s in the vocational training field; Leonardo da Vinci – Second Phase – 2000 – 2006; The new integrated programme – LLL approach;

3 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Objectives 1. – Initial vocational training: to improve initial vocational training and its quality at all levels, for instance, by developing working life contact or apprenticeship training in order to promote employability; 2. – Continuing vocational training: to improve the quality of and access to continuing vocational training with the aim of increasing adaptability to technological and organizational changes; 3. – Competitiveness, entrepreneurship, training institution-enterprise co- operation: to strengthen the role of vocational training in developing competitiveness and entrepreneurship in order to create new employment opportunities. Particular attention will be paid to co- operation between training institutions and enterprises;

4 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Eligible organizations establishments or training organisations, including universities, which, in accordance with national laws and/or practices, design or undertake vocational training, further vocational training, refresher vocational training or retraining, irrespective of what they may be called in the different countries; research centres and organisations responsible for vocational training surveys and analyses; undertakings, particularly SMEs, and the craft trade sector, or private or public firms, including businesses active in the vocational training field; professional organisations, including chambers of commerce etc; the social partners; local and regional bodies and organisations; non-profit associations, voluntary organisations and non- governmental organisations (NGOs);

5 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Historical overview preparatory measures contract signed in 1995; preparatory measures started in April 1998; three additional contracts signed with ETF in 1998: to send 30 potential promoters on conferences, meetings and contact seminars; to set up a NRCVG; to create national network of regional offices; LdV & BNO HRDC on 1.7.1999;

6 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 BG participation in Leonardo da Vinci II association decision No 3/02.08.2000; institutions responsible for political implementation – Ministry of Labour and social work and Ministry of Education and Science; Human Resource Development Centre - Independent juristically body;

7 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Partnership and Participation Main Principles and Obligations partnership; participation; transparency; publicity; decentralised management of comunity grants; Management of the Programme on national level Steering Committee at national level – Two deputy Ministers from Ministry of Educationa and Science and two from Ministry of Labour and Social Work; relation between COM and NALeonardo da Vicni – Operational Agreements; programming/ implementation;

8 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Partnership and Participation Definition of the partnerships: community, national, regional and local authorities and other competent bodies including NGOs, environmental sector, minority representative organizations etc.; active involvement of partners in all stages of programming and implementation of programmes and projects; cooperation in the frame of Project Cycle Management;

9 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Commission of the European Union: determines eligible requirements and indicative financial allocations; establishes procedures and guidance; adopts (modifies) programme only at the level of strategic priorities; monitoring at strategic level; Partnership and Relations between COM and NALeonardo da Vicni

10 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Managing activities of NA Leonardo da Vinci prepares work plans (programming); prepares operating reports; promotes the Programme; consultancy activities; evaluates and selects projects, prepares evaluation reports; evaluates final projects reports; prepares annual and final financial and interim progress reports; ensures compliance with EU regulations; ensures the implementation of adequate and accurate financial management and control systems etc. monitors project implementations;

11 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Our results HOW and WHY? NA - Independent Body; no conflict of interest; respect for administrative rules; adequate resources and background; adequate financial guarantees; detailed Information Strategy; assurances on management, procedures and systems; respect for Project Cycle Management;

12 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Programming Preparation Financing Evaluation AppraisalImplementation Project Cycle managem ent

13 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Project/ Strategy Operational Agreements EU – Vocational Training policy Guidlines Strategic Documents Call for Proposal/ Tender Legal Framework Programming

14 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Year 2000 2001 2002 Projects Procedure А Procedure В/C Procedure А Procedure В Procedure А Procedure В Number of submitted projects 97 90 pre proposals/ 25 full proposals 80 65 pre proposals/ 24 full proposals 70 53 pre proposals/ 25 full proposals Number of beneficiaries 657 - 626-674- Number of approved projects 367344329 Planned budget (Euro) 1 218 0001 263 0001 252 4821 350 7921 340 3851 452 654 Contracted budget (euro) 1 218 0002 574 7841 252 4821 415 4361 340 3852 205 966 Returnability (%) 100 %178,43 %100 %102 %100 %126 %

15 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Year2003 2004 2005 Projects per measures Procedure A Procedure B Procedure A Procedure B Procedure A Procedure B Submitted projects 1244716850144 59 pre proposals/ 18 full proposals Number of approved projects 4195599 Number of beneficiaries 795-984-- Planned budgets (Euro) 1 376 3241 417 6921 613 6851 564 1501 778 0001 196 800 Contracted budgets 1 376 3242 202 4381 613 6851 916 8632 001 873 Returnability (%) 100 %128 %100 %123 %167 %

16 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Economic Sectors Number of beneficiaries 2000 – 2002 ICT281 Tourism and catering218 Public administration191 Agriculture179 Economic and Finance148 Health and Social Activities129 Electronic and electricity123 Construction119

17 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Target countries – Procedure A Target countriesNumber of beneficiaries Year 2000 – 2002 Germany654 France323 Spain222 Italy211 UK148 Greece122 Austria101 Portugal59 Belgium37

18 Bucharest, 5-6 May 2005 Target Languages – Procedure A Target languagesNumber of beneficiaries who have used the respect languages during the placement Year 2000 – 2002 German748 English547 French354 Spanish85 Italian68 Greek59 Portuguese47

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