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Lesson 59 Gene Combo.

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1 Lesson 59 Gene Combo

2 Key Vocabulary Allele Gene Dominant model DNA Mutation Fertilization
Inherit Probability Random Recessive









11 25% for each a, b, c, and d or because you have only 2 options it could be said that 50% or ½ of the time you would get heads and 50% or ½ the time you would get tails. Either answer is acceptable.

12 2 Look at the ratios produced by the mode. Compare the
different groups’ results with the total results. Because of the randomness that exist, the results of each pair of students may not be exactly the same. However, the larger the group, the closer the results should be to the predicted 3:1 ratio. Hypothesis C, based on the equal genetic contribution by each parent and the concept of a single dominant gene overwhelming a single recessive gene.

13 An advantage is that the coin tosses are random, just as the genes are randomly passed on to the next generation. A disadvantage is that it is not a good model for those traits that are determined by more than one gene or partially determined by environmental factors. • All members of a species have the same number of genes. • An organism’s genes come from its parents • Some traits are dominant over others.


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