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U3A Computing Beginners Class Leader – Brian Moore Week 7 of 10 weeks. Mondays 4:15 to 5:45 pm.

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1 U3A Computing Beginners Class Leader – Brian Moore Week 7 of 10 weeks. Mondays 4:15 to 5:45 pm

2 Windows 7 Demo Looks like Vista, Colourful start button. Lots of small changes + New features. Concept of “Pin” icons. On any Icon RH click, Pin to Taskbar. Hover over and it shows all the running versions of EG Internet Explorer. But does take more room. Its possible to have traditional Quick Launch. Jump lists. Libraries, Contains My Documents as we know it + as default – Public documents. Runs Internet Explorer 8. The address bar is now also the Search bar. Gives more space. ActiveX filter.

3 Snap. To instantly compare windows side-by-side Peek. Click just to the right of the clock to see the Desktop. Shake. LH click at the top middle of a window and shake the mouse! It minimises everything else. Gadgets. On Desktop, RH click, Gadgets, Drag one out. But if you have multiple users they move around. Advanced. Are allowed only one Public Folder. Use this link to make Windows 7 act as a file server. US/w7itpronetworking/thread/d8f2c7 US/w7itpronetworking/thread/d8f2c7

4 Web sites on Windows 7 he_Transition_from_XP_to_the_Windows_7_Interf ace.html he_Transition_from_XP_to_the_Windows_7_Interf ace.html GB/windows7/products/features GB/windows7/products/features

5 Email Safety If you have used Email for a while you will no doubt encounter malicious emails in your inbox. It is important to be able to recognise them. They are steadily getting more and more convincing all the time. The main problems are Links to dubious web sites and dubious Attachments. Banks keep reminding users that they will never send an Email asking for personal details or to log on to verify something.

6 An Example of a Malicious Email.

7 How to check a dubious email First, if its like the previous slide, delete it. If you are not sure, I often Google a part of it which is unlikely to be customised for you. Be sure to put “ “ around the phrase so Google searches for the exact whole phrase. IE= “Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 5-7 days in order to process it” If its malicious, somebody else in the world will have seen it and will warn about it. Try it. Look at the results. Only open the first one from

8 Web sites can spread Viruses Web sites can be taken over by Malware hackers so that if you enter them your computer will be infected, unless- All Anti Virus programs now check for this. AVG has link scanner and for Google searches will show a green tick if OK. Even so they may be behind in finding a problem so its best to avoid obvious dubious sites eg sites offering free music/software.

9 Internet Safety. E-mail Tips There are plenty of sites with safety tips. safety-tips-email.htm States= Get two email accounts, one for business and one for personal use. Only give out your personal address to family and friends to help reduce unwanted emails and safety-tips-email.htm I have made a Glossary of computer terms. It is available for download on the CMPB, Course material page of http://www.creweandnantwich- and in s:\u3a\u3a – Monday group\Glossary.dochttp://www.creweandnantwich-

10 Practical on Hotmail Browse to It will redirect to the Windows Live sign in screen. Login to with password= u3a1234. Go to SkyDrive, Documents, My Documents You should have the safe version of the malicious email mentioned earlier in your inbox. Double click on it will open in Hotmails on line version of word. Its OK to click on “Proceed to refund” Then Sign Create your own account by click on Sign up. The minimum required is Name Username & Password.

11 Edit your Profile as much as you like. Add a photo to the profile eg s:\u3a\u3a – Monday Group\wk7\OpenDay at STM.jpg The Contacts works. Add an email address eg who you are by. Create a new email, click on the TO: to get your contacts list. Put something in and send it. Click on SkyDrive to Store documents & Photos. You Can directly create Office documents here without the Office program installed. SkyDrive makes the viewing better. Profile, Add a friend, again who you are by. The request email will get diverted to your junk email! Drag back to your inbox to allow its link to work.

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