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Deborah Wiles – Love, Ruby Lavender Little Read 2011.

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1 Deborah Wiles – Love, Ruby Lavender Little Read 2011

2 The Little Read The Little Read is an elementary education community-wide reading initiative of L-R Universitys Visiting Writers Series In Their Own Words. Visiting Writers SeriesVisiting Writers Series It is designed to provide quality literature for classroom use and to involve in meaningful ways parents and other community members in the educational process.

3 Deborah Wiles Born in Mobile, Alabama in 1953 Her dad was an air force pilot and was on the Presidents service for Air Force One Moved from Alabama to Mississippi to Hawaii to D.C. Worked on this book for 5 years & even went back to school in 1996 to become a better writer! She likes to write books about strong women because thats what shes had to be…her mom and dad died early, she got divorced, her dog died, she was in school…it was a really rough time! When she writes…she always makes time for BIC! (Butt in Chair) Writers have to work! She keeps a notebook…she writes EVERYTHING DOWN! She may never use it…but its there if she needs it!

4 Her Office at Home

5 More about Deborah Wiles She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband who is a jazz piano player. Her house is painted purple and red! She has 4 children who are all grown now. She enjoys playing the banjo, gardening, photography, singing and cooking. She has 2 cats She has written 6 books

6 Love, Ruby Lavender This book is the first part of a trilogy…Aurora County All-Stars, and Each Little Bird That Sings are the next two books. It started out as a picture book...but there were too many questions so she turned it into a novel. It is a personal narrative – a story based on her own life.


8 Egg Scale - 20-24 ounces best! Egg Calendar and Chart!


10 Egg Drop Day!

11 Deborah Wiles Personal Connections with Book (Secrets I Learned!) Her favorite color is lavender (its the color of the office where she writes) Her mother had a pink kitchen Deborahs sister was born in Hawaii and her dad flew her grandmother over to visit…sound familiar? Some of her characters are based on her family members…wonder who?? Ill tell you one. Her grandmother was named Eula!

12 The REAL Miss Eula!

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