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IRA Part 3 By: Danielle DeRamus.

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1 IRA Part 3 By: Danielle DeRamus

2 Wintergirls By: Laurie Halse Anderson Genre: General Fiction “You’re not dead, but you’re not alive. You’re a wintergirl….”

3 The plot in this story is this girl name Lia has a best friend or used to be best friend that has died. Well Lia has some of her own problems that her parents and step-parents don’t need. She is basically going through a regular teenage life with just some different problems.

4 This book is based on senior, high school, teenage girl life
This book is based on senior, high school, teenage girl life. The struggles that they deal with on the daily bases do to their weight and looks and things like that. This book is real, it makes you look at life different and not judge people for some of the things that they do. They could just have problems.

5 Conflicts in my novel. Lia’s friend Cassie has died. Lia is anorexic and refuses to eat. Lia sees Cassie and thinks she is trying to kill her. Lia has been in the hospital and in a rehabilitation house. Lia has a little step-sister that looks up to her, but she doesn’t know her problem

6 Characters Lia- Direct Characterization. The narrator is her. She is telling us exactly what she thinks and why she thinks it. The story is coming directly from her. Cassie- Indirect Characterization. The narrator is Lia. The only thing we hear about Cassie is coming from Lia. So it is what Lia thinks about Cassie. Not what Cassie is thinking.

7 Jennifer(step-mother)- Direct Characterization
Jennifer(step-mother)- Direct Characterization. Lia is telling us about what her step mom is saying and what she does. Professor Overbrook(Lia’s dad)- Indirect Characterization. The narrator does not have a good relationship with her father, so we don’t really have a good idea of what he thinks about all of this. Dr. Parker(therapist)- Direct characterization. We know how she feels about Lia’s situation. Lia tells us what happens in her office and in the visits.

8 Dr. Marrigan (her mother)- She kind of has both indirect and direct characterization. Lia talks about what she says and we know how she feels, but she also isn’t in good connections with her mother and we don’t know completely how she feels about everything. Emma( step-sister)- Indirect characterization. She is close to her step- sister but we aren’t sure how Emma feels about everything.

9 Literary Devices Cliffhanger- The narrator brings us back to stories of when she was younger with Cassie. With them stories it brings us to other problems that Lia faces that she doesn’t fix until the end. First Person Narration- The story is coming from Lia the main person in the story. It’s first person point of view. Flashback- Lia tells us stories from when her and Cassie were younger and before the moment she was in.

10 In this book I liked how the author taught me that I shouldn’t judge someone before I even know the person. I dislike how this book ended. I wish there was a second book so I could see how she ended up. I like how this book was so real. It didn’t sugar coat anything. It was straight forth and it was amazing.

11 Anyone who is unhappy with their looks or feels that they aren’t the right weight. Or anybody who feels that they have the right to pick on people because of the way they look. I advise you to read this book and realize that it’s not right to make fun of anyone. And if you are unhappy just try to change the way you think about yourself. Think about what is on the inside of you. Like your heart for example and not just if you are pretty enough, or if you meet a certain persons standards. Because that person isn’t always going to be around to judge you. Read this book and realize that life is more than just what you look like or how much you weigh. It’s how you live life and if you make a difference.


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