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All the Lovely Bad Ones By: Mary Downing Hahn

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1 All the Lovely Bad Ones By: Mary Downing Hahn
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Copyright: 2008 By Mary Downing Hahn Genre: Ghost Fiction Report By: Jordan Kennedy

2 My author’s name is Mary Downing Hahn
My author’s name is Mary Downing Hahn. She was born on December 9, 1937 at Washington, D.C, U.S.A. She is the daughter of Kenneth Ernest Downing and Anna Elisabeth Downing. Anna’s maiden name was Sherwood. Kenneth’s job was an automobile mechanic and Anna’s job was a teacher. Kenneth and Anna got divorced in Mary Downing Hahn grew up in College Park, Maryland, at the end of Guilford road. She had many kids her age live on her block. She was usually outside playing games with her friends, such as; “Kick the Can”, “Mother, May I” and going on hunts in forbidden territories. Mary was known as the class artist in elementary school. She loved to read and draw, but she hated to write reports. Even thought she hated to write reports, she loved to write stories. In Junior High School she developed an interest in more complex stories, like ones about how people felt, what people thought, and what people said. Mary now lives in Columbia, Maryland. Mary has two daughters named Katherine and Laurel. She is married to Jared Hahn. When Mary was in college she wrote poetry and short stories. She wanted to send “The New Yorker” some of her work, but she was not brave enough. Then when she was 41, she wrote her first novel. That’s when she became serious about writing. Mary Downing Hahn has a lot of awards, too many to name! Mary Downing Hahn

3 Interest Level and Reading Level: The interest level would be 4th5th–6th graders and the reading level is 4.5

4 Theme: The main theme of All the Lovely Bad Ones is that Corey and Travis (the two main characters) always found trouble, even though they were not bad kids. Their parents did not know what to do with them over the summer, so they sent them to their Grandmothers. Corey and Travis were fooling around at their Grandmothers, so they got in trouble. They woke up the dead. This time they had to find their own way out of trouble by solving what they had done.

5 Overview: The overview of All the Lovely Bad Ones is that two kids from New York, Corey and Travis, went to visit there Grandmother’s inn in Vermont, because of how much trouble they got into at home. But, in Vermont, they got into even more trouble than they usually did. They were fooling around pretending to be ghosts, but what they didn’t know was that they had awoken the dead. Now, Corey and Travis had to find a way to fix what they had done. They were scared at first and did not know what to do until they met three nice ghosts: Seth, Caleb, and Ira. The ghosts helped them find a way to put the ghosts back to sleep. They just had to do three tasks and then the ghost would go to sleep. But, the leader of the ghosts, Miss. Ada, thinks Corey and Travis should suffer. After Corey and Travis completed their three tasks all the ghosts went back to sleep and everything was back to usual.

6 Problem and Solution: The problem and solution in All the Lovely Bad Ones is that Corey and Travis wake up some ghosts and have no idea what to do until they meet three nice ghosts: Seth, Caleb, and Ira. The ghosts tell Corey and Travis to solve three difficult tasks to put asleep the mean ghost, Miss Ada. Then, when Corey and Travis completed the three tasks all the ghosts were at peace.

7 Setting and Point of View: the setting of All the Lovely Bad Ones is in Vermont at Corey and Travis’s Grandmother’s Fox Hill Inn, which is Haunted and a grassy yard behind the inn. The inn used to be a poor house where people worked to pay off their debt. It was not a fun place back then. The point of view in All the Lovely Bad Ones is Travis, as the first person.

8 Characters: The main characters in All the Lovely Bad Ones are Travis, the grandson and the person who is telling the story. Corey, she is the granddaughter and Travis’s sister. Grandmother, is the owner if the inn at Vermont and the grandmother of Travis and Corey. The three nice ghosts, Caleb, Seth, and Ira, they helped Corey and Travis put the ghosts asleep. Miss. Ada is the leader of all the ghosts that are buried at the inn. She was the owner of the poor house where the ghosts died.

9 Discussion Questions:
Why did Corey and Travis go to their Grandmother’s Inn for the summer? What kind of trouble did they get because of the first prank they played? Where the ghost and real children really bad? How did the ghosts become ghosts? Do most of the people who live in Vermont believe in ghosts? If so, why? What did most of the ghosts want? Why did Miss. Ada give a cold, dark feeling to everyone? What did the ghosts want from Corey and Travis? What do you think would have happened if Corey and Travis left without giving the lovely bad ones what they wanted? Would you have done what they did for the ghosts? Do you think Corey and Travis learned a lesson from their adventure?

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