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Childhood Obesity Matthew Gullace

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1 Childhood Obesity Matthew Gullace
A Guide to Understanding Childhood Obesity for Parents of school age children.

2 Childhood Obesity America is becoming more overweight.
Childhood obesity is becoming a major health epidemic.

3 Definition of Childhood Obesity
Excessive accumulation of body fat. Natural energy reserve stored in fatty tissue exceeds healthy limits. Body fat usually means body weight.

4 Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculated using body weight height².
BMI Classifications: BMI Below Underweight BMI Normal BMI Overweight BMI 30 and up Obese

5 BMI Chart Whats your BMI? CLICK HERE

6 Background Information About Childhood Obesity
Since 1970, the % of overweight children in the USA has doubled. Today: 10% of 2 to 5 year olds are overweight. 15% of 6 to 19 year olds are overweight. 33% of children are at risk of becoming overweight.

7 Prevalence of Overweight Children
Prevalence rate of overweight children is increasing. 2 to 5 year olds have a 14% rate. 6 to 11 years old have a 19% rate. 12 to 19 years old have a 17% rate.

8 Reasons For Childhood Obesity
Diet Insufficient physical activity Watching television Sitting on the computer Genetics

9 Food Choices Thousands feast on junk food & soda daily.
Eat ice cream, potato chips, and chocolate as their breakfast. 33% of children start off their morning with soft/energy drinks. Over half of children skip breakfast daily. Skipping breakfast Overeating later in day Weight Gain

10 A Hidden Cause of Childhood Obesity
Sodium is major cause of childhood obesity. Cutting back on salt = great way to cut calories. Salty snacks lead to calorie filled sodas. 80% of salt comes from processed food. Fast food is filled with sodium.

11 Affects Childhood Obesity
Many often suffer from Depression and Anxiety. Bullied at school Made fun of at school Low self-esteem

12 Habits Associated with Childhood Obesity
Obese children are likely to: Smoke cigarettes Drink alcohol Be inactive Low Self-Esteem contributes to all of these unhealthy habits.

13 Health Problems and Diseases
Obese children are at risk for: High blood pressure High Cholesterol Abnormal Blood Lipid Levels Type II Diabetes Low Bone Density Liver and gall bladder issues Irregular menstrual cycles in females

14 High Cholesterol & Abnormal Blood Lipid Levels
Overweight children can acquire high cholesterol. In Summary: High Density Lipoproteins (“Good Cholesterol”) good for a child’s diet Low Density Lipoproteins (“Bad Cholesterol”) not good for a child’s

15 Type II Diabetes Extremely common disease in young people.
Was most common in adults. Type II Diabetes is known as the “disease of this generation”.

16 Symptoms of Type II Diabetes

17 Low Bone Density Being overweight causes bone & joint problems.
Inactivity contributes to these problems. Lack of stress on bones = decrease in bone density. Increase stress through exercise.

18 Bone Density Test Obese children should receive bone density tests.
Bone Density Tests are scored and classified as such:

19 Childhood Obesity Prevention
Schools must provide healthy food & drinks. Parents must pack healthy lunches & snacks. Avoid soda and other sugary drinks. Avoid trans fats. Make simple diet changes (wheat > white bread) USE THE FOOD PYRAMID!!!

20 Exercise is a new addition to the food pyramid
Food Pyramid (New) The New and Improved Food Pyramid: Exercise is a new addition to the food pyramid

21 Childhood Obesity Prevention Ctd.
Mandatory Physical Education classes. Fight for more weight training & cardiovascular exercise in PE. Encourage children to join health clubs. Exercise with your kids.

22 Just keep running, it benefits your health!
Conclusion Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic! No short-term cure for childhood obesity! Fighting this disease requires long-term commitment! Commitment to good nutrition and physical activity! Just keep running, it benefits your health!

23 My Personal Statement to You
As a future Health and Physical Education teacher, my goal is to devote my life to helping children live a healthy lifestyle and continue the fight against childhood obesity. I hope all of you help me in this fight! Thank you for your time!

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