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Unit 5 Grammar (2).

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1 Unit 5 Grammar (2)

2 Revision 现在进行时 ( The Present Continuous Tense) 1. 现在进行时态表示现在(说话瞬间)正在进行或发生的动作。如 The students are listening to the teacher. He is watching TV now.

3 现在进行时态还可以表示当前一段时间内的活动或现阶段正发生的事情。如:
We are working on a farm these days . I am writing a book this month.

4 现在进行时 (The Present Continuous Tense)
2. 现在进行时由 be (am/is/are)+doing 构成的。 肯定式结构: 主语+be+doing+其他. 否定式结构: 主语+be+not+doing+其他. 一般疑问句式结构: Be+主语+doing+其他? 特殊疑问句式结构: 疑问词+be+主语+doing?

5 Try Complete the sentences.
They ___________ (read) books in the reading room now. Look, Li Lei ___________ (play) football on the playground. Listen, who _________ (sing) in the next room? --- What are you doing? --- I ___________ (chat) with my friend on the Internet. ___ Mary and Lily _________ (look) for some birthday cards now? It’s eleven o’clock. We __________ (have) an English class. The writer __________(write) a book these days. Amy ________________ ( not draw). She is listening to CDs. are reading is playing is singing am chatting Are looking are having is writing is not drawing

6 Part C Talk about the pictures
What are they doing? Kitty and sandy _______ ice cream. is looking Simon _________at some football cards. are eating

7 Millie ________for her new shoes. is paying
Daniel _________ computer games. is playing Millie ________for her new shoes. (pay = give money to…) is paying

8 I ____________ lots of shopping bags. am carrying

9 Complete the conversation:
Mrs Zhao: What you (do) now, Amy? Amy: I’m at Sunnyside Shopping Mall with my friends. Mrs Zhao: Simon (go) with you? Amy: Yes. He (look) at some football cards. Mrs Zhao: What Kitty (do)? Amy: Oh! Kitty and Sandy (eat) ice cream. Mrs Zhao: Where is Millie? Amy: She is in the shoe shop. She (pay) for her new shoes. Mrs Zhao: Daniel (play) computer games? Amy: Yes! How do you know that, Mum? Mrs Zhao: He always does so. What do you have, Amy? Amy: I (carry) lots of shopping bags. Mrs Zhao: Don’t stay out too late. Amy: OK. I’ll see you later, Mum. are doing Is going is looking is doing are eating is paying Is playing am carrying

10 Part D Correct the mistakes
look! Simon and I having a birthday party. There are many friends at our party. Millie and Kitty is sitting on the floor. are having are sitting They are play with Eddie. Some of my friends is singing and danceing. playing are dancing

11 is Daniel is chating with Simon about football.
Here comes Mr Wu. He are giving Simon and me some presents. Now I is standing at the table with all my friends. There is a big birthday cake on it. Now, Simon and I am each making a wish. chatting is am are

12 Ask and answer

13 Make sentences (肯,否,疑)

14 按要求变换句型: 1.The farmers are working now.(否定句) 2.The teachers are having a meeting.(对划线部分提问) 3.The boys are cleaning their room.(对划线部分提问) 4.The singer is singing some songs.(否定句) 5.I am studying English.(一般疑问句并作肯、否回答) The farmers aren’t working now. Who is having a meeting? What are the boys doing? The singer isn’t singing any songs. Are you studying English? Yes, I am. / No, I am not.

15 时态对比 Mr. Li ________ TV twice a week .
The boys _____football after school. The boys _________ football now. play are playing cooks Mother ____ dinner every day. is cooking Mother _________ dinner at the moment. Mr. Li ________ TV twice a week . watches is watching He __________ TV. 一般现在时是指动作的经常性、习惯性或是一种客观事实。 现在进行时强调某种动作或行为在此时此刻正在进行。

16 Check Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the verbs.
My father ___ (be) a farmer. Now he __________ (work) on the farm. My sister and I ____ (be) both students. We _________ (do) our homework now. Look! Who ___________ (open) the windows? ____ (be) quiet, please. Your father ___________ (sleep) in the bedroom. What time ____ classes ______ (begin) every day? She ________ (wash) her clothes on Saturday mornings. Don’t ________ (take) your pets to school. What time _____ your brother usually ______ (go) to school? Be careful! The bus _____________ (come). is is working are doing are is opening Be is sleeping do begin washes take does go is coming

17 Exercises Complete the diary : 15 December
We are on the plane.We _____ (fly) back to London. I _____(have) some presents for my family.The football cards are for my father and the shoes are for my aunt.The shoes are very pretty.They ____ (match) my aunt’s dress very well. I know my sister __ (love) Hello Kitty so these Hello Kitty T-shirts are for her. are flying have match loves am writing Now I _____ ( write) in my diary. Mum ______ (watch) a film. Many people _____ (sleep). Some people _____ ( work) on their computers.Bye Beijing.I will be back again some day. is watching are sleeping are working

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