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E-AGE 1 st International Conference Arab States Research and Education Network Internet2: A Next Generation Innovation and Service Platform for Research,

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1 E-AGE 1 st International Conference Arab States Research and Education Network Internet2: A Next Generation Innovation and Service Platform for Research, Education and Economic Development in the United States H. David Lambert President and CEO Internet2 December 12, 2011

2 Our community: Then and now 2 – 2/5/2014, © 2010 Internet2 1996 – 34 universities form the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID) and the Internet2 Project 2010 – Over 350 higher education, industry, affiliate and research and education network members

3 An Ecosystem Built on Partnerships 3 – 2/5/2014, © 2011 Internet2

4 Three themes Re-establishing Research and Education Networks as Drivers of Innovation. Globalization of Science, Research and Education and What That Implies for National R&E Networks. Adding Value to our Networks Through the Deployment of Net+ Services

5 Creating opportunity for new innovation begins with understanding what has enabled innovation in the past. The research and education community has played the seminal role in the creation of the modern Internet and the applications that have made it the transformative technology of the 20 th and 21 st century The story is on-going - not simply historical. What we do today sets the groundwork for next stages of Internet development

6 R&E and The Commercial Internet First early commercial Internet companies were spun out of R&E networks in the united States WWW and web browsers and early commercial sites created avalanche of demand for commercial Internet presence The first web browsers were created by CERN and NCSA at the University of Illinois Reality: Internet became the de facto standard because thats where the action was – created by the Research & Education community Now the Internet services market is $40B annually and Internet software and services Market is $100B annually R&E Networks have incubated the primary technologies and technology enterprises that drive the global internet.

7 The R&E Community is critical to advancement of networking and advanced applications in the US and the World We moved and continue to move the world from proprietary to open networking We led and continue to lead thinking from bandwidth scarcity to bandwidth availability – new applications do not happen without capacity for innovation The leading and game changing applications continue to start on campuses and research labs Leading new companies and entire industries have their roots on our campuses; our investments seeded the creation of the internet economy.

8 Going forward: We cant predict the future, but we can set conditions for innovation Demand follows application availability (which needs large scale operating environments to enable adoption) Commercial approaches tend to limit bandwidth use, innovation platforms need to encourage utilization Real applications tend to evolve from ubiquitous deployment in real communities, which universities have traditionally enabled. small demo pilots dont provide adequate scale and real-world conditions for applications to take off We need to create a platform for future innovation that outstrips current capabilities and enables new thinking.

9 To re-establish Internet leadership, we need to once again create a new playing field that is way out in front. Strategy 1: Invest in dramatically increasing capacity Raw capacity on optical networks is a key enabler Must deliver high speed flows at fraction of current cost Once again create massive capacity for innovation that breaks from commoditized business models Strategy 2: Open the network software stack itself to innovation Adopt Software Defined Networking and push aggressively with broad deployments Create open national operating environments that welcome disruptive technology at scale

10 10 – 2/5/2014, © 2011 Internet2 Internet2 Network 100G Infrastructure By the numbers… 50+ colocation facilities 250+ amplification racks 17,500 miles community dark fiber 8.8 Tbps of optical capacity 40+ planned SDN nodes-5 complete 100+ Gbps of IP capacity 10 Juniper T1600 routers (R&E) 7 Juniper MX960s (peering).7->1 Petabytes a day of traffic 300+ Ciena 6500 optical elements 8 International peering points 100 Global network collaborators Partners: ESnet, NOAA, NSF/GENI 35+ state and regional networks

11 GENI - Global Environment for Network Innovations -NFS funded -Virtual lab for network research at scale Phoebus – High-Performance Data Transfer -Supports Dynamic Circuit Networks like ION perfSONAR –Performance Measurement -Open performance monitoring framework -Department of Energy, Internet2, GEANT, RNP NDDI – Network Development and Deployment Initiative -Stanford University, Indiana University, Internet2 -Software Defined Networking (SDN) -OpenFlow protocol -Open Science, Scholarship and Services Exchange 11 – 2/5/20142/5/2014, © 2009 Intern et2 Network Development and Deployment Initiative

12 © 2011 Internet2 INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS AMERICAS CANARIE (Canada)CEDIA (Ecuador) CNTI (Venezuela) CR2Net (Costa Rica) CUDI (Mexico) INNOVA|RED (Argentina) REUNA (Chile) RNP [FAPESP] (Brazil) SENACYT (Panama) ASIA and PACIFIC RIM AARNet (Australia)ANF (Korea)CDAC, ERNET (India) CERNET, CSTNET, NSFCNET (China)JAIRC (Japan) JUCC (HongKong)MYREN, MDeC (Malaysia) NECTEC, UniNet (Thailand) NREN (Nepal) MIDDLE EAST ANKABUT (UAE) Israel-IUCC (Israel) MCIT [EUN, ENSTINET] (Egypt) Qatar Foundation (Qatar) KACST (Saudi Arabia) AFRICA TENET (South Africa) TERNET (Tanzania) NUC (Nigeria) EUROPE ARNES (Slovenia) BELNET (Belgium) CARNET (Croatia) CESnet (Czech Republic) DFN (Germany) FCCN (Portugal) GARR (Italy) RENATER (France) GRNET (Greece) HEAnet (Ireland) HUNGARNET (Hungary) JISC, JANET (United Kingdom) PSNC, PIONIER (Poland) RedIRIS (Spain) RESTENA (Luxemburg) RIPN (Russia) SANET (Slovakia) SURF (Netherlands) SWITCH (Switzerland) MULTI-NATIONAL AAU (Africa) APAN (Asia - Pacific) CKLN (Caribbean) CLARA (Latin America and Caribbean) DANTE (Europe) NORDUnet (Nordic Countries) TERENA (Europe) UbuntuNet Alliance (Africa) University of the West Indies (Caribbean) PERN (Pakistan) REANNZ (New Zealand) SingAREN (Singapore) TWAREN (Taiwan) VinaREN (Vietnam)

13 Internet2 Net+ Services: Building Value on the Network Identity Federation Security Services Cloud Services Collaboration Services Virtual Organization Support US-UCAN

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